2014 Schedule

just glancing…
I don’t see indication, but the 1st pre-season game will be in Regina (RBs are still listed as home)
3 Saturday evening games through August (nice)
Don’t play Calgary until October
Play BC and Calgary 2 times
Play Bombers and Esks 3 times
don’t play Esks until week 14, but play them 3 times in 6 weeks plus a preseason game (oi)
Labour rematch stays in effect, plus play em once prior

at a glance, a couple odd things, but a decent schedule

Not a bad schedule. Wierd to not play the stamps until October :lol:

Not bad. Although I'm disappointed with the lack of Saturday afternoon games. I'll probably end up going to a Sunday game instead.

I think the Saturday night crowd won this battle this year. I like it personally as it makes it more of a night out.

when you come from Prince Albert, tis a long drive, so I would prefer sat afternoon games starting at 2pm just so I am not driving home at 2 in the morn when we arrive!

Some Rider fans have been barking for more night games and this year it appears they will be getting them.
For those who make the roadtrip for games will not fit there schedule as well and the 2:00 sta starts gives them time to get home before 3 AM.

Perhaps a helpful fix for some would be for the Riders to offer package deals which include tickets and Hotel stay for night games.

I have often wondered if it would be in the Riders best interest to invest in owning a Hotel near the stadium as part of their investments. I don’t know that much about it but a thought that crossed my mind with the Riders Community owned non Profit having the resources now to re invest $$$ into venture surrounding the the Riders.

Anyway I just love what the Riders and their community of fans and partners have been able to accomplish :thup: :thup:

Even from Saskatoon, I'd have to stay the night if I were to attend an evening game. That or like you said, drive in the middle of the night.

For you 2 hrs approx. for me 4 hrs approx. last time got home at 3 in morn!! was a Sat. game, forget any late sunday game!

Maybe I should set up a b-n-b for out of town Rider fans.

We would only be able to serve watermelon for breakfast though - got to use up that melon after the helmet gets carved.


:thup: :thup: :thup: