2014 Schedule


Sat. June 14, Montreal @ Hamilton, 3pm (Ron Joyce Stadium at McMaster University)

Thu. June 19, Hamilton @ Toronto, 7pm

Regular Season

Week 1 – Sun. June 29, Hamilton @ Saskatchewan, 7pm

Week 2 – Fri. July 4, Hamilton @ Edmonton, 10pm

Week 3 – Bye Week

Week 4 – Fri. July 18, Hamilton @ Calgary, 10pm

Week 5 – Sat. July 26, Ottawa @ Hamilton, 7pm (Home opener at Tim Hortons Field)

Week 6 – Thu. July 31, Winnipeg @ Hamilton, 7pm

Week 7 – Fri. August 8, Hamilton @ BC, 10pm

Week 8 – Sat. August 16, Calgary @ Hamilton, 3pm

Week 9 – Bye Week

Week 10 – Mon. September 1, Toronto @ Hamilton, 1pm (Labour Day Classic)

Week 11 – Sun. September 7, Hamilton @ Montreal, 1pm

Week 12 – Sun. September 14, Saskatchewan @ Hamilton, 1pm

Week 13 – Sat. September 20, Edmonton @ Hamilton, 7pm

Week 14 – Sat. September 26, Hamilton @ Winnipeg, 6:30pm

Week 15 – Sat. October 4, BC @ Hamilton, 7pm

Week 16 – Fri. October 10, Hamilton @ Toronto, 7pm

Week 17 – Fri. October 17, Ottawa @ Hamilton, 7pm

Week 18 – Sat. October 25, Hamilton @ Toronto, 4pm

Week 19 – Friday October 31, Hamilton @ Ottawa, 7:30pm

Week 20 – Sat. November 8, Montreal @ Hamilton, 4pm

CFL Playoffs

Sun. November 16, East and West Division Semi-Finals, Time TBA

Sun. November 23, East and West Division Finals, Time TBA

Sun. November 30, 102nd Grey Cup in Vancouver, BC, 6pm

Let the whining begin!

Entire CFL schedule


Considering the stadium situation, I think that's a good schedule.

Weird having 2 home games within 5 days, July 26 and 31, and then only 1 more in the summer, August.

( Little peeve. I prefer a later start for Labour Day, 4 or 6 pm)

Darn it! We Ticat fans in Ottawa have to wait until the second last week of the season, Hallowe'en night, to see them here. But better than the last bunch of years without any football at all.

So, who's up for it?

I'm actually pretty happy with the home schedule. 1 Thurs game and one Fri and the others are either weekend or LD. Can't complain about that. Thrilled about the LD game too.

I only wish I could go to the OTT game on Halloween but I don't think we can make that one. Wish it was on the Sat instead.

Still dont get the Sat at 3 , they've done this before.

3:00 pm start is noon in Vancouver. It helps TSN with the TV audience out west.

The pre-season game in Toronto is scheduled for Varsity Stadium. I'm really tempted to go for the novelty of it.

First impression -- it looks pretty good for the fans, but certainly not so for the players and coaches -- 2 extra-short weeks early in the season -- each 2 days shorter than ideal -- going into EDM on July 4 and hosting WPG on July 31st. While the club had 8 one-day short weeks last season, compared to just 4 of those in this schedule, they didn't have any week shorter.

It would help even more if it was at 7:00pm.

Oh never mind, there's another game at 7 that day.

Second impression -- most other teams will face similar challenges with this schedule. WPG, TOR and OTT also each have a couple of extra-short weeks. Poor MTL and SSK each have 3. CAL and EDM just have the one where they play eachother in the traditional Monday & Friday Labour Day Week games. And, Wally gets none! For HAM, it's tough that both bad weeks come early when the playbook is thin.

There is a typing error on the date for week 14 above (and on the scratching post)

The game in Winnipeg is on Saturday September 27th. There is no Saturday the 26th!

The full league schedule is at CFL.CA

Oskee wee wee (and see you at Varsity stadium on a Thursday night in June if I don't get picked for McMaster)

I'm assuming the team will just stay out west after the Sunday evening June 29th game out in Saskatchewan with a Friday night July 4th game in Edmonton - especially since I assume things won't be ready at their THF locker room by then yet too.

Considering they start the season with three in a row on the road I'm surprised to see the season closes with two of three on the road too. Mind you check out what that means for middle almost three full months of the schedule. From July 26 - October 17 - eight of 12 games are at home with one of those four 'road' games in Toronto. So only three 'real' road trips from late July until late October.

That is a VERY favourable long stretch of schedule.

A very rare Sunday afternoon game Sunday September 14th at 1PM , that is unusual for Hamilton.

Great schedule! Only one Thursday and one Friday night game. That makes it much easier for non-Hamiltonians.

For the Oct 25 game in Skydome we should invade the Big Smoke just like the EDF 2013!

um.... why are all the playoff games (Grey Cup excluded) at 1:00pm?

i love having double header playoff weekends.

CFL Playoffs Semi-Finals

Sun Nov 16 TBD 0 TBD 0 1:00 pm
Sun Nov 16 TBD 0 TBD 0 1:00 pm
CFL Playoffs Finals

Sun Nov 23 TBD 0 TBD 0 1:00 pm
Sun Nov 23 TBD 0 TBD 0 1:00 pm

what the hell CFL?

That's got to be another typo.

Probably should be TBD, but because it's a time field, they needed to enter a valid time and 1:00 was easiest.

I think we can all safely assume that the B.C Lions will not be playing a home playoff game at 10 a.m. PT, the Stamps and Esks will not be playing at home at 11 a.m. MT, etc. Obviously there will be doubleheaders as always.

Wish there were more of these and less Saturday games in the fall.