2014 Roster expansion

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have announced the following transactions: ADD international offensive lineman Pierce Burton to practice roster ADD international defensive lineman Justin Cole to practice roster ADD international linebacker Diamond Ferri to practice roster ADD international quarterback Denarius McGhee to practice roster ADD international kicker Quinn Sharp to practice roster ADD international wide receiver Chris Summers to practice roster RELEASE national kicker Justin Palardy
Pierce Burton - a promising Tackle. Fulton concerns?

Justin Cole - Could this be the Rider answer at LB? I think so...if he can catch on fast enough. He has the size, and simply ran out of NFL PR eligability.

Denarius McGhee - Don't know a pile on him. Didn't see a pile overly impressive about his numbers. Worth looking at I guess.

Quinn Sharp - Honestly thought this guy would stick in the NFL. A bit surprised they are looking at an international kicker. Bartel was practicing today.

Chris Summers - Tall, fairly fast, solid hands, good worker and solid attitude. Has a great appitite to make plays. Figured he would be an NFLer personally. Met him a couple times, like the guy, wish him the best.

Well I'm not sure who most of these players are with the exception of Ferri, but would assume with release of Palardy, that Bartel is back and will be ready to go against the Als. From the kicking perspective with the signing of Quinn Sharp, it also means that the coaching staff realizes that Milo may not be the answer at all duties, and they will go international if they have to. I wonder how far he can kick the ball off the tee?

I like the Ferri pick-up. He has experience with the team and system, and will be good for special teams. Coaches will have to take him aside and make sure he stays disciplined though...... The team can't afford unnecessary penalty yards until we know the offense can move the ball on a consistent basis.

I was surprised that they would bring in another D-lineman (Justin Cole). I am not sure what type of football player he is... But that makes a lot of D-lineman on the roster when they dressed 8 of them last weeks game alone.

it is a PR spot...best player available and willing likely.

As far as Sharp...he has a pretty good leg...hence why I thought he would stick somewhere in the NFL