2014 reciving corp specualtion

Imports starters
Taj Smith
Geroy simon

Canadian Starters

The loss of Dressler still leaves them with 2 1,000 yard recivers from last year.

Imoprt replacements currently on Roster.
Kierrie Johnson- Ever since his time at U of Houston he was always in a crowded core of receivers. Two other CFL players that have been bouncing around also from Houston Isiah Sweeney and Tyrone Carrier. ended up in BC again with a crowd with Simon and then Arland Bruce joining a corp that got even more crwded.
So he has a good amount of expereince acuiring him last season during the season was a future move. 5'8" sppedster like dressler could fit nicely and has a job that right now could be his to take.

Eron Riley has gone through the NFL ringer since leaving Duke. The Riders stuck with him so he knows the system has the talent and is of the bigger 6'3" frame

Canadian Receivers
Jordan Sisco 2010 first round pick is in a now or never season for him. they stuck with him for two years through innjuries as well. McHenry was able to fill in emergency at WR but was much more effective as the H-Back in the H-back package.

Several younger higher draft pick receivers similar to Sisco are FAs. Some are from the East and some from the west and of course some from Saskatchewan. They all will most likley end up somewhere and most have had some level of growth last year.

Aaron Hargreaves also on the Riders roster but I don't think the riders see him as a 3rd Canadian receiver to eventually take over for Bagg.

Jade Etienne is a Green Nation product who br9oke out last season only to see another Rider Nation player Rory Kohlert take his starting spot. Eteinne may be a guy with a change of scenery being his homescenerio could be very helpful.
Problem with Etienne not much of a special teams player on coverage teams

I must have missed something. When did Etienne become a Rider?

Sorry I did not make that clear I was speaking of Etienne as a possible FA coming in as well as possiblily Kholert. Kholert is most likley already to be tugged on by the REDBLACKS and Bombers

I am not convinced Geory will be a Rider. They have not extended / picked up his option. That is a 10 minute job with a clerical fee. I would think it is clear they do not intend to pay him 170K a year. That may persuade him to look elsewhere.

Kierrie Johnson seems a logical Dressler replacement.

Let's not forget that depending on how legal woes go, the Riders have stated that they will follow the cases lead. In other words, guilty means COC breach.

I would have to agree that the 170K salary is what would an issue for Riders and Simon.
he earned that money last year in the Grey Cup game itself. But like all of the veterans they brought in for leadership have accomplished their mission. Now everyone on that team has Grey cup winning expereince.
Simon can still play but is not a 170K top paid recever on the Riders. 3 other recevers had over 1,000 yards and he was not one of them.
Can you imagine if they can't come to a decision and they cut him loose.

Kierrie has been caddying for Dressler for a bit over a year now add in his experince with the Lions and on paper seems like he should be ready to go.

So much better last season having Bagg back in the lineup but they need some more depth there for sure. Right now only Sisco is under contract. Do they still have the confidence that he can be a starter and stay healthy?

Guess you had a premonition :lol:

Hey slant, let's ask him for some winning lottery numbers. . . :smiley:

Haha...ya for sure.

Hot off the presses

Drew Willy for Jade Etienne :wink:

Love what Etienne brings to the table, I remember vividly Etienne running that post route vs Montreal last season in the first game at IGF for a TD, no he's not Dressler but he's non-import depth, put him up against Sisco to try to bring the best out of him and see where this takes us, Simon needs to take a pay cut Getz will be #1 receiver for the first time in his career.

Receiver was the one position they lacked depth in last season. Acquired Kirrie Johnson last season basically to Caddie for a season in case Dressler did leave and now Etienne will bring help behind Geta and Bagg and time for Sisco to step up. Etienne broke out in a big way last season got hurt for a bot and Kholert was playing great.
They can now allow McHennry to make the full transition to H-Back packages on offense and he is a top special teams player as well.
I can't see the Riders not looking for a bit more pro experience in a back up to complament sunseri's potential. The combo of Taman and Chamblain have not sat on their hands in their first two seasons together. When they have a need the go out and addressss it ASAP.

One person that most have seemed to forgot is Geroy, I think we will see DD look for him more this season, and for a guy nearing an end to a great career, he still has great hands and can still bring it. Getz and Baggs will have to step up as will Smith. Dressler is the hole that will be had to replace! IMHO

Wow...what a stupid trade by the Bombers lol

A NI guy, just starting to step into the pime and build a name for a guy the Riders have said is not being resigned, and everyone else seems pretty much set at QB...enough so that at worst, they are waiting until FA.

hats of to Brendan Taman on this one! I mean, on top of it all, this is another local born and raised player.


He's been discussed on here a bit recently...we/some don't think he will be back, at least not under present contract.