2014 Preseason a bust

Well, 0 wins and 2 losses for the 2014 Preseason Blue Bombers.
Using that momentum going forward, they might win one game by the end of August.

We have a thread on training camp and preseason :roll: :roll: I know your not smart enough to figure that out but hopefully when you turn 12 you will mature enough to figure things out !

Yup, same old Bombers, same old lynch mob forum posters, just like last year.

Don't troll and maybe post something useful ? What were you trying to accomplish ? You could have easily posted on the training camp thread but you chose to troll. You have done this in the past, so if you continue to act like a idiot you will be treated like one !

You've been around long enough to know that trolling in the team forums is off limits, locked.