2014 Mock Draft

Toronto Sun

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  1. Davis Foucault OL Ottawa

  2. Pierre Lavertu OL Winnipeg

  3. Mathias Goosen OL Edmonton

  4. Devon Bailey WR Montreal

  5. DT Quinn Smith DT BC

  6. Anthony Coombs RB Toronto

  7. Evan Gill DT Calgary

  8. Kris Bastien WR Saskatchewan

  9. Terry Hart OL Hamilton

First 3 picks not a surprise. Even With Foucault attending an NFL regional combine the REDBLACKS have enough depth from the expansion draft if they need to wait a bit.

Lavertu will get a shot right away to start for Winnipeg. So far no NFL talk, the Bombers need a first round pick that will be in camp.

Montreal sees the need for a Canadian receiver that can play making the ratio mucc more flexible. Stalla will fill the role short term.

I think the Riders will go with a Safety. they lost both Canadian safeties they had, signed Hugo Lopez but could use another who can play different D packages as well as teams. Not sure if another rec besides Bailey would be worth a first round pick.

has acquired a wealth of Canadian quality and depth throught the last few drafts and other acquisitions.

Quinn Smith before Gill? either way both BC and Calgary need a Canadian DT that could contribute now on defense.

Anthony Coombs to Toronto makes sense. They need a potential returner to replace Owens soon and Milanovich often only dresse one RB with Durie as an emergency guy. Coombs could give them that back up Chamge up guy and one day potential starter.

the Riders lost two Canadian safeties so I would think they would go safety. They have Hugo Lopez a second would also help for dofferent D packages as well as teams.

Hamilton has acquired a lot of Canadian Talent and depth recently so if in doubt go with the next best Olineman.

This is a re-print of Winnipeg's Kirk Penton. Just wishful thinking on his part :wink:

Is rationale for Ottawa not taking a center makes no sense. Hage is 36 years old and has one year left on his contract and none of these guys project as first year starters.

...Doesn't matter how you cut it, Bombers are going to end up with a quality o lineman...We'd prefer Lavertu because he is a centre who would most likely start BUT Goosen or Foucalt aren't slouches either...Gill would be a nice pick for us also but he won't be on the board long before our next pic and o line is our priority.......soooooo whichever o lineman we go with, he will have an excellent place to start under the tutelage of Bob Wylie... :wink: :thup:

The great thing this year is teams will have a good sense of if their draft pick will be in camp.
Winnipeg will get a real good Ol propsectI think Foucault is the better prospect myself but nobody knows what Ottawa is thinking certainly not Penton in Winnipeg. There could also be trades. For example Montreal has draft pick Philip Blake (center) who's probably very close to the CFL, a guy like that would interest many teams.

Too bad that Gill and Coombs will be gone by the time Winnipeg picks again.

I'm kind of hoping,without a lot of confidence that somehow Coombs gets overlooked in the first 8 picks and gets drafted by the Cats,wishful thinking on my part,but you never know,I would hate the thought of the Argos selecting him,so hopefully this mock draft is way off in its predictions.The Cats at present have 8 returning Cdn OL from last year,and are deep at this position despite losing Hage to the draft and Dyakowski to injury,the team also picked up veteran Myddelton from B.C in FA. so IMO the OL isn't as much as a concern as finding a replacement for Walker behind Gable and improving our return game from last year,when we had several players shuffling in and out of the lineup all season long.

A DT would solidify ratio flexibility in the defensive line, and the Als do not hav a victory of drafting WRs.

The Riders also lost BOTH of their Canadian DTs to Ottawa. Canadian safeties grow on trees. Canadian DTs are much harder to come by.

Either way, I’d prefer that they just take the best player available rather than draft to fill a ‘need’. I can’t tell you who that player is. If I had the time to follow college ball I would love to and then perhaps I could give a qualified opinion.

The Al's with the 4th pick actually have a real good shot at either Quinn Smith or Evan Gill to solidify your D-Line and help out with the ratio situation.I'm going to predict that the first 3 picks are indeed OL but the Al's with the 4th pick will choose either Smith or Gill instead of Bailey and the Lions who pick next at 5th will select the other DL. The Argos might just select Bailey in the 6th spot in this scenario,leaving the Cats a 1 in 3 shot at selecting Coombs,depending on how the Stamps and Riders pick in the 7th and 8th slots ahead of them.I can see the Riders going after Andrew Lue to help replenish some Cdn content on their "D" lost in the draft and through FA. Who the Stamps select though is a puzzler right now,as they seem strong in all areas in regards to Cdn talent and right now it's hard to tell which way they'll decide to go in the draft.Maybe a few of the Stamp fans who post in here can weigh in on this and perhaps suggest who and where the team needs an upgrade for this season in Cdn content,and who they think the Stamps will draft.

I would agree that the Als could be better off taking a DT. While doing a mock draft in my mind I was thinking Evan Gill.
They already have some young Canadian REC with potential

Kyle Graves 6'3" 220 converted to receiver
Geoff Coventry 6'2" rookie signed from Bishops was a big part of the passing attack a project
Ismael Bamba 6'1" under achiever
Damone Blackman 5'11" 2013 draft pick a good blocking receiver and also earned his way on Teams at SMU as gunner. un yet to have signed him he could actually make the roster as Teams player at some point soon. Gunner on coverage teams and a middle guy for Kick off returns with his blocking abilities.

I would agree with that but I am not sure Kris Bastein is the best player. Lue and Thibault are both t0 15 rankings and showed it at the combine also could contibute on teams right away. Also quite a few LB athletes who can play teams right away. Bastien could be there at number 18 but doubtful either of the safeties will. So they can pick the best player and fullfill a need at the same time.

I would also be very surprised if the Als used their #4 pick on a receiver. Als need to replace a number of LB that have retired and lost in expansion and free agency. Their NI component of the defensive line also needs improving. Dline at 4 Quinn Smith and LB at 13 Chin would be my picks and logical way to go based on the bodies available in the draft.

I’m confused by this. Wouldn’t they have less of an idea than they normally do? This year the CFL draft takes place only three days after completion of the NFL draft.

As opposed to before the NFL draft in years past. You are confused :wink:

They'll have a better sense than in years past by holding the CFL draft after the NFL draft. There will still be a couple of question marks though. Duvernay-Tardif, given his testing numbers and NFL interest, could be a mid to low round pick. But there will be a couple of wild cards still with Thibault and Foucault who are heading to a regional combine. They probably won't get drafted in the NFL but may show well enough to get a FA deal or an invite to a rookie camp teams hold in the weeks just after the draft. That could affect the top end of the draft a bit, though I don't see Foucault going anywhere lower than 3rd.

I don't ever remember the CFL draft being before the NFL draft. For instance, last year it was held nine days afterward. Prior to this year, the NFL draft was always held in late April, the CFL's in early May.

I dont know when they made the move but the CFL has been drafting after the NFL for awhile now.
Problem no is that both drafts are so late.
Could be good could be bad. If A Canadian Player does not get drafted or quicly singed as a rookie FA then he may quickly sign on with the his CFL team to get in camp on time.
Could be bad as if a Canadian player does not get drafted or signed to a Rookie FA quickly he may want to wait until NFL teams hold rookie mini camps to get one last look at some players which would likley cause them to miss some if not all of training camp.
Hamilton Drafted Gaydosh as he got no NFL interest. A week after the CFL draft however he goes to a NFL rookie mini camp and boom he signs a contract. Hamilton May have lost their top pick but had plenty of time to reorginze in losing a top pick and getting those players into training camp.

Has or when wiill Laverut vbe attending a NFL regionak camp? If so how has he done as both the REDBLACKS now and winnipeg looking for the best Oline prospect that could make the roster and fight for a starting job s well.

Both Lavertu and Thibault were going to the Baltimore regional combine at the end of March, so it indeed has gone by. Neither I believe was extended an invitation to the final "super" combine which was held this past weekend. I haven't been able to find any info on any results from that regional combine other than the names of a couple of players that got invited to move on to the super combine, none of which were our two CIS players in question. In this case I think no news is good news for any CFL team considering drafting either player.

Lavertue was not but Thibault and Foucault got an invitation to the Super.