2014 home opener

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe CH just reported that our home opener is July 26th vs the RedBlacks?

that's what they said

that's awesome.
can't wait for that one.

End of July?? is the stadium behind schedule? :cowboy:

Pre-season home game vs. Montreal scheduled for 3:00 p.m. on Sat. June 14. Just don't know where that game is scheduled to be played?

guess we'll find out for sure tomorrow when the schedule is released by the league.

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2014/02/ticats-to-open-tim-hortons-field-on-july-26-and-yes-there-is-a-labour-day-classic.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2014/ ... assic.html[/url]

[b]The Ticats will open Tim Hortons Field on Saturday, July 26 versus the Ottawa Redblacks.

The team will also play a home pre-season game at Ron Joyce Field at McMaster University. And yes, there will be a 2014 version of the Labour Day Classic – on Labour Day against the Argos.

The CFL is set to announce its full schedule at noon on Wednesday.

The team will open the season on the road in Saskatchewan before heading to Edmonton in week two. The Ticats will then enjoy the first of two bye weeks scheduled in 2014, before playing their third straight road game to begin the season.

The extended road trip is necessary as the team awaits the completion of Tim Hortons Field. The $148 million stadium is due to be completed by June 30 but it was reported in January that crews were attempting to make up for delays that had cost them two weeks.

The pre-season game at McMaster will give a first look at the 2014 edition of the team, which is coming off a 10-8 season and a trip to last year's Grey Cup. The team is also expected to hold training camp at the university facility, as they've done for the past five seasons. The pre-season game will feature no alterations to the existing configuration, which seats 6,000.

The Labour Day Classic will return after one-year absence. The game, which traditionally pits the Ticats against the arch-rival Argonauts, is a focal point of the season for many Ticat fans. With the team playing their home games in Guelph during 2013 and Argos limited by the availability of Rogers Centre, there was no Classic last season.

This year's game will be played on Mon., Sept. 1.[/b]

we won't have to wait long for Burris vs Collaros will we!
let the RedBlacks/Tiger-cats rivalry begin.

The pre-season game will feature no alterations to the existing configuration, which seats 6,000.
I think there a lot more than 6000 season seats sold. Who gets tickets to this game?

it seats 6000, i wonder how many it'll stand... :wink:

I suspect it will be something like last year where we paid for ten games but because of the Moncton game we actually only had nine in Guelph. Then tenth game became a credit in your account and could be used for a playoff game or Grey Cup ticket or put toward the following year season seats etc.

The team down the road had a similar situation last year at UofT for their preseason game , I think it was handled on a first come first served basis for those who wanted to attend . Once it was sold out, the others season seat holders had other options.

Anyways, I am sure they have a plan and we will find out soon enough.

How about credit for Ticats merchandise at 1 Jarvis Street? :smiley:

How many out there could have seen this one coming a mile away. I had a feeling way back when the finish date was being announced that there would be no way the stadium would be completed by that date. Construction delays are inevitable and to play the first regular season game here was a stretch at best. So it comes as no surprise that we are away for the first 2 reg season games, then a bye-week, then a pre-season at Mac. where it should have been at THF. Barring any more delays, we should therefore get into our new home by the middle of summer, maybe. I know, there is a little bit of sarcasm thrown in there but it peeves me off when all the powers that be tell us that everything is on time, on budget, etc. etc. and then, when it comes down to the short strokes, oops, we're delayed for a month. I guess I'm just anxious to get into the place and get that first game started and I had to get it off my chest.

But the opening date was always July!!! From Day 1 they had said with the two bye weeks they would open in late July to ensure things are on-time. Same with Ottawa.


Sat. June 14, Montreal @ Hamilton, 3pm (Ron Joyce Stadium at McMaster University)

Thu. June 19, Hamilton @ Toronto, 7pm

Regular Season

Week 1 – Sun. June 29, Hamilton @ Saskatchewan, 7pm

Week 2 – Fri. July 4, Hamilton @ Edmonton, 10pm

Week 3 – Bye Week

Week 4 – Fri. July 18, Hamilton @ Calgary, 10pm

Week 5 – Sat. July 26, Ottawa @ Hamilton, 7pm (Home opener at Tim Hortons Field)

Week 6 – Thu. July 31, Winnipeg @ Hamilton, 7pm

Week 7 – Fri. August 8, Hamilton @ BC, 10pm

Week 8 – Sat. August 16, Calgary @ Hamilton, 3pm

Week 9 – Bye Week

Week 10 – Mon. September 1, Toronto @ Hamilton, 1pm (Labour Day Classic)

Week 11 – Sun. September 7, Hamilton @ Montreal, 1pm

Week 12 – Sun. September 14, Saskatchewan @ Hamilton, 1pm

Week 13 – Sat. September 20, Edmonton @ Hamilton, 7pm

Week 14 – Sat. September 26, Hamilton @ Winnipeg, 6:30pm

Week 15 – Sat. October 4, BC @ Hamilton, 7pm

Week 16 – Fri. October 10, Hamilton @ Toronto, 7pm

Week 17 – Fri. October 17, Ottawa @ Hamilton, 7pm

Week 18 – Sat. October 25, Hamilton @ Toronto, 4pm

Week 19 – Friday October 31, Hamilton @ Ottawa, 7:30pm

Week 20 – Sat. November 8, Montreal @ Hamilton, 4pm

CFL Playoffs

Sun. November 16, East and West Division Semi-Finals, Time TBA

Sun. November 23, East and West Division Finals, Time TBA

Sun. November 30, 102nd Grey Cup in Vancouver, BC, 6pm

Luckily I'm a snowbird and am missing winter back home.

I'm told it's been brutally cold.

I'm sure weather was factored into the completion date but has there been any further delays due to the bad winter temps and heavy snow?