2014 - Grey Cup Ticket Presale

Anyone have any decent luck with this?

Most of the ticket offerings that I saw were in the no alcohol section (for Ticat fans…ya right)

After hitting refresh over and over, I did manage to grab a pair in section 423, row E.

Pickings were slim.


How did you get tickets already? This is what I get on the Lions web site.

"Seats for the 102nd Grey Cup in Vancouver are currently only available to BC Lions Season Ticket Holders." "Tickets will go on sale to the general public on June 13, 2014."

I went back later on and they had the interactive seating plan available, so I picked then. Ended with Sec 416, Row RR. Kind of higher up but near centre field. It will be fun no matter what! :smiley:

Ticats SSHs have a window to purchase prior to public on sale date.

Same as Ottawa SSH, got my e-mail on Wednesday.

I much prefer the seating map for selecting tickets. Not sure why it wasn't available at 1:00pm.

That said, by looking at what's left, I think I did pretty good to get 5th row in the 400 level.

It's probably better to buy them now just in case the green hoarde invades.


exactly what i was thinking :lol: