2014 GREY CUP Awarded to Vancouver !!


TORONTO -- The Grey Cup is returning to Vancouver.

The 2014 Grey Cup will be played at B.C. Place, a league source requesting anonymity said Thursday. The announcement is expected to be made official Friday at a news conference in Vancouver.

A CFL official declined to make comment about the 2014 Grey Cup game.

It will mark the second time in four seasons that the CFL's title game will be played in Vancouver. The 2011 contest was held at B.C. Place.

In that game, the hometown B.C. Lions defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 34-23.

This year's Grey Cup game will be played Nov. 24 in Regina.

I guess Winnipeg is Broke !

Very excited to read about this earlier today. The last time we had the GC here I missed all the festivities because of my work schedule and I watched on TV. My wife and I will be attending this one, not going to pass up another opportunity to get to the big game. Be even better if the Lions make it!


I thought it would be too (other than the riders of course) but it didn't seem like there was a tonne of hoopla around town regarding the lions and after the game I witnessed almost zero jubilation outside of the stadium. Not saying there wasn't any just where I was, my group and I seemed to be the most rowdy (had nothing to do with the alcohol drank :wink:) So personally I hope that BC is not in it even if the Riders aren't.


it'll be outstanding!

"So personally I hope that BC is not in it even if the Riders aren't."...Billy_Soup

Really? Well then...


No where did I say that it wasn't outstanding, it's Grey Cup, of the 14 I've been to zero have sucked. Some however are better than others, and I liked the one in 05 more.

I was pretty intoxicated the night of the 2011 Grey Cup. Between the beers i pounded back during the game and the open bar at my wife's work Christmas party afterward I hardly knew my name haha. SO, I honestly don't recall any celebrations outside the stadium. I'm honestly not surprised because this city is pretty daft when it comes to things other than the Canucks, which I find infuriating because what have the Canucks won in the last 40 years? 3 Western final trophies, big deal. And yes, I am a Canucks fan but the team I truely bleed colours for are the BC Lions. You're in my good books for supporting the Leos if your Riders don't make it Billy. There's some good Riders fans out there afterall. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn't it be something if Ottawa made it into the big game representing the east in their first year?

So... why is it almost always in the west suddenly. Since Mtl in 2008 it has been: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, this year Regina and next year Vancouver....again. What gives ????

Because Hamilton’s stadium could no longer support it (hence why they’re getting a new one) and Winnipeg is waiting until they get theirs fully operational. The BIG question is why didn’t Montreal want to host? What’s their reason?

I don't think Montreal can bid until they know what is going to happen with the Olympic Stadium.

What is going to happen with the Big Owe? I think it will be there forever, it’s an attraction just to tour it.
It’s there forever, too much concrete and steel to ever attempt to tear it down.
They need if for for the Impact when they attract international games and games too big for Saputo. It had the largest crowd for a sporting even in Canada last year 62,000 at an Impact game against Beckham and the Galaxy. The Als use if for playoff games and there is the occasional rock concert, monster truck shows, trade shows etc

Yup...and it was supposed to be in the East this year but that fell through...that would have made it a 3/2 split over the past 5 years. It has been a 5/5 split over the past decade.

I was looking forward to Winnipeg (really!), but Vancouver will be fun. I’ve decided to start saving my spare change and then take the train to Vancouver for Grey Cup in 2014…a couple of friends are chewing on it as well.

A report was released a couple months ago that recommended putting a new retractable roof on the stadium. If that happens then the stadium would be unavailable until that work was finished.

And now the real reason for why the Bombers didn't want the 2014 GC:

The Bombers are said to be readying a bid for the 2015 or 2016 Grey Cup, contingent on the renovation to the Winnipeg Convention Centre being completed at that time. The Grey Cup bid needs a facility in which to play host to a number of events and the convention centre will soon be undergoing a $180-million-plus expansion and renovation that should be completed in early 2016.

If its ready :roll:

Rumour has it Hamilton is getting the 2016 Grey Cup, They have a beautiful large convention centre, with numerous hotels being built for the Pan Am Games, the infrastructure will be in place, the City of Hamilton will be ready for the 2016 Grey Cup, and apparently Ottawa will get the 2017 Grey Cup as it celebrates Canada’s 150th anniversary :thup:

Good for Van...and least we know the fans won't have to freeze ther butts off watching it in 2014. They just have to hope the roof doesn't leak.

I believe that Montreal and Olympic Stade will be in use for the 50th Vanier Cup which the CIS appears to want to be seperate from the Grey Cup and make it its own weekend in the city with its own brand.
CIS fans have also had rave reviews about having the game indoors over the past two seasons. SO although the Vanier cup is no where near the Grey Cup I think that the CIS is trying to build its brand to the CIS version and to have it indoors in most years Olympic will be the most available and also is pretty centered among most of the CIS team. with most of the schools being in Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes combined 21 teams compared to only 6 teams in the west covering the same amount of area.
If the Vanier Cup can sustain at least filling the lower bowl of Olympic Stade we may find it there often in the near future.

Not sure you read my post correctly, as nowhere did I say I supported the Leo's. If the Riders aren't in it, I cheer for the guys wearing stripes. Them and the beer vendors.

Just read on a BC lions fan forum that over 26,000 tickets have been sold to GC 2014 , it looks like Braley will be in for another big pay day this year ........tickets so far have been only on sale to lions SSH's , looks like they have snapped up almost half of the 54,500 seats.

I estimate that with the average price of around $225 per seat (which includes a discount for the lion SSh's) excluding club seats and private suites , that the Lions have already pulled in around $6 million in seat sales alone , plus they will get another $3 million from the province of BC......so about $9 million so far............ they still have a little more then half the stadium to sell to SSh's of other teams and then the general public (at a higher average price).

Figure in concessions, advertising etc , minus expenses, and I still see the Lions making a double digit million dollar profit.

I certainly see now why Braley says the Lions are not for sale at present and if they were the price tag would be in the 40 million dollar range.

It is sure nice to see how the GC game has advanced to a big profitable event over the last few years , good for all concerned who love this league.