2014 East Final

The last one here…

We all remember Banks 2 return TDs but who remembers. …

Banks had one called back
Collaros. 199 yds passing. 0/0 1 fumble.
Grigsby. 100 plus combined yards. 2 tds
Crompton 315 yds passing 3 Tds/3 ints
SJ Green 126 yards rec. 3 tds.

Crompton… Another one TSN anointed.

I remember the Esks beat us in 2016 Eastern Semifinal, almost like they wanted it more and surprised us.

Dislike Edmonton for that reason .

Want revenge , glad for the weather , snow and below freezing temps gives us the chance to practice

for Alberta Temperatures , yes ,looking past "them " want revenge and 2019 is the 20 year itch …

We were decimated with injuries, that team didn’t stand much of a chance. IIRC we were a 7-11 team hosting a playoff game.

Defense run over by John White.

QB run over by Odell Willis…

Odell Willis, the wily, respected veteran and future Hall of Famer

I had forgotten about 2016…I can see why from this thread.

I prefer to remember the 2013 EF, when we had a come back win against the over-rated Ricky Ray Argos at the Dome. Our biggest single victory since 1999 to this day.

I think we were the first team ever to be beaten by a crossover team in ESF. Hopefully we are not the first team beaten in EF - the cats are not only playing for Hamilton - but all of Eastern Canada.
It would be the biggest disaster im GC history to have an all-west Grey Cup…like when Winnipeg used to play in the East. It would be wierd for Edmonton to represent the East when both Sask and Winnipeg are East of Edmonton!

Yup . Hall of Famer shoe in fer sure . Nothing wrong with how Odell plays the game, good clean player . Plays on the etch unlike that dirty rotten good fer nothing Simoni . ::slight_smile:

Chip Cox can give the induction speech.