2014 Draft picks

some seemingly very wierd moves today .... lotsa slot juggling ...

a WR and a K ? I would have thought we would chase some LB's

a kicker so early was weird...i could see it if they had a void. Idda thought another DT/DL early.

I liked the '1 for 2' position trades the Riders made (with Hamilton & Winnipeg).

Gives us more picks to fill with Canadian talent than before the draft.

Smart move by Taman / Oday & Chamblin.

I also think the moves to get 4 picks instead of 2 was okay.

I think the kid we got at 11 is pretty ready to step in on special teams.

Two receivers I know nothing about..........but it is apparent this team has a lot of Cdn receivers fighting for limited roster spots. Just in case depth for Rob Bagg and likely succession planning for both Bagg/Getz. These two don't get younger unfortunately.

Kicker.......this kid was branded by far the best kicker available..........we got him. Backup for Milo as well as possible trade bait if we have too many kickers.

Kyle Paterson.......good steal in the 5th round I think.

All in all...........we got one LB. I think the consensus was we'd like to see 1-2. We got zero DL but Ainsworth can likely play LB and DE? Only one DB..........could have used a higher caliber pick to get one but you pick the best athlete available. Unfortunately we did not have 10-12 picks!!!!

Good post grubber on the selections, I was hoping Ainsworth a little while ago but didn't think he would be available. With the departure of Butler I figured the Riders would target LB's, saying that there was a lot of trade movement/talks going on which was different but interesting as well. With Dylan coming here is great news, he will be a good one when ready to play DL and his passion to sack the QB is bonus.

From a Canadian Standpoint the Riders have Both Hurl and Williams who have started at LB or playedf in a pass package in 2012. Also have 2 other LBs that are on the roster that contributed to teames. Ainsworth is also a possible hybrid between DE/LB.
The LB the Riders need is a MLB and they were not going to find a starting MLB in this draft. They are however continuing to bring in import ML B candidates. Just signing a couple today

LB Adrian Moten 6'2" 230 lbs. could perhaps be the player the Riders are looking for to compete at MLB.