2014 Division Set-Up

Would it make any sense for Winnipeg to stay in the east?


about as much sense as redblack

It doesn't really make much of a difference IMO, until there is a tenth team. That said, the 10th team is most likely in the East, so it makes sense to pull them into the West now.

good one :lol:

We consider ourselves a west team, doing the East a favor by filling in for Montreal and Ottawa at times for losing franchises . SK is our biggest rival now and when we were in the West we had fierce rivalary with BC and Edm. Nothing in the East compares to it !

There biggest rival is the Riders. Currently being in the east they only play each other in the Back to back weeks of the home and home Labor day series. With the addition of the 9th team there will be only two 3 game series per team and Winnipeg and SASK should both have the other as one of the teams with a 3 game series.
So the west would be best.
The only agument to keep Winnipeg in the east would be that the east will have 4 teams with one being an expansion team leaving the West with a much tougher route to the Grey and the 3 east teams having an easier path with the 4th team being an expansion. So there is an argument to keep Winnipeg in the East but it just makes more sense to be in the west keeping the crossover playoff rule in place.
What would really be intersting is if the 4th Crossover rule comes into effect the 3rd place team from that conference be given the choice to go through the east or west

The only sensible solution would be to have the West division remain the same, then Ottawa would join the East Division, leaving Winnipeg alone in the newly created Central division.

Those other small details can be worked out later. :slight_smile:

They’d make the playoffs more often.

Yeah, they could set all kinds of divisional records, not to mention the extra benefits of less travel.

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The Ottawa team has a veto about Winnipeg going back West.

Having not experienced that historic rivalry with Edmonton because I did not start to follow the CFL until 2009, I can hardly wait for its return given what I have seen already when we do play Winnipeg.

No. Slide Winnipeg back west. No Central Division!

Slide Winnipeg back west?
The old slide rule is no longer in effect.....unless you don't have a calculator.

Another T.I.C. submission.

As long as they don't hold the league hostage for 800k. They can play wherever they want :lol:

This was discussed in the Winnipeg forums and it seems most want to see them stay in the East.
One division has to have 5 teams so why not the East for a change.
Financially I'm not sure if it would work, the East teams have a big advantage, their travel costs are much lower than the Western teams. When Hamilton plays Toronto 4 times or so they don't have to worry about hotels or travel costs.
Montreal - Ottawa, it's a short bus or train ride.
Vancouver definately has the greatest expenses, they have to fly to all away games.

Yeah, that wouldn't be right to hold them ransom like that.

A league-endorsed trade, say...R.Ray for B. Pierce, would be an acceptable inducement. :slight_smile: (Every team should get a chance at him)