2014 CFL Schedule - when will it be available?

Hey Canadian Football Fans, is anybody else curious as to when the schedule will be posted, or is it just me? I'm looking forward to seeing when my Cats will be playing the RedBlacks so I can plan a roadtrip to Ottawa.

Can't wait to sit my bum in my brand new seat at Tim Horton's field in 2014, so, I'll be glad when this winter is over.

GO CATS GO :rockin:

I would not expect anything till the end of April this year.

Ihoe that they do a better job of getting more if not all pre season games on at least one of the networks.
If they can't get them all then at least give teams time to produce there own broadcast like Hamilton did last year.
It is 2014 and all games, including pre season, should be broadcast and at least made available on VOD if they are just broadcast regionally.

not gonna happen.

all the games will be on TSN. whether or not Pre-Season games will be is another story although I expect probably 4.

That is what I meant for the pre season. last season was schedule of games at the last minute.
Hamiotn was the only team that Broadcast their home game locally on their own. Cable channel 14 I beleive in conjunction with Ti Cats TV.
The Riders Coaches show was broadcast by the RiderTV but was also shown on Global.
If the TSN can get which pre season games that they are Broadcasting teams like Hamilton and the Riders are two that can do their own local braodcasts

End of May, early April would be my guess.
Ticats want a couple road games and a bye early on, as does Ottawa.

Argos provided with very little dates yet again, and it could get worse once the BMO renovation is announced.

I know I'm missing stuff with other teams, drawing a blank right now though.

That is about right for this season.

Rumor is that Hamilton will play its pre season game at Guelph.

Ottawa will play two road games. SO we will see who gets the two pre seon home games. I would think Montreal at McGill would be the best option. with Ottawa playing what would be their home game at McGill vs Montreal and Montreal will play their home game. The Als usually draw well in the pre season with 20Kplus. It would also be the shortest route for any fans from ottawa to make a reasonable road trio by train or car.

It is ashame that the CFL did not get on top of this early and have Ottawa play Hamilton at a neutral site in London. Ottawa could then play as the visiting team in Montreal to give those fans the chance to make the reasonable roadtrip.
It would be much too late now for anything at a neutral site like London.

The only thing I could see as a possible for Ottawa to play in a non CFL city is if the Riders organized the whole thing for a game in Saskatoon vs Ottawa. With Ottawa's other pre season game being at Montreal close by.

I think the Argos should stick with there pre season plan to play at Varsity. Giving the season ticket holders the choice to go to the pre season game or comp them tickets to a regular season home game. May I suggest the post Labor Day game at Rogers centre on a saturday. I thik after las years Eastern Final Hamilton fans really enjoyed turning the homgame for the Argos at RC into a neutral crowd game. Add the extra comp tickets that are already paid for from the season ticket package and they could get that 40K in which they were looking for from the East final.

As for the regular season for the Argos I think they would be served well to be the team to be in TD Atlantic. The CFL takes care of all the coast and promotion for the home team and the home team also gets the revenue from the game.
Tis would eliminate at least one of those tuesday night games. Bring a bit more demand to go to Argos games with only 8 regular season games in Toronto. It would also not affect the regular TV audience from Toronto that tunes into but does not attend Argos games. Ottawa opposed to Montreal may be a better opponent with moe interest in the expansion team with the game being both on TSN and RDS. The Riders would also be a good opponent but financially Rider games top end attendance for Argos at RC.

So, you're saying they will give the teams approx. 2 weeks to schedule their travel for their first pre-season game?? Not happening.

:lol: crap, I meant end of March early April.

2015 pre seaon and regular season will have many of the teams dispclaced from their home stadiums

JUNE Womens World cup


only EDM has made pre arrangements for pre season game at Fort MC getting the opponent they want, Riders, and an agreement that this game will be on TSN

July Pan Am


The York stadium will be availble well in advance before the games and they are looking for other events before the Pan AM games start so the Argos could try a pre season game their while the temp seats are in place anf the capacity will be about 12.5K

Perfect Chance to pre arrange a game In London for the pre season
Also a chance for Saskatoon host a pre season game with 2 West teams without any other options for a pre season game really and the Riders could also keep their Regina money making pre seson game.
Both London and Saskatoon University stadiums already have expanded set ups for 12-16K

Montcton will also be unavailble for pre season games as it will be a site for World cup soccer probably not a good site anyway for pre season.

That's what I thought. Just keeping you on your toes. :lol:

Schedule is coming out shortly after Family Day. (Feb 17) or so I heard.

I'm guessing the make up of the schedule will consist of the West conference playing ea. 3 times which is 12 games per west team,then the remaining 6 against the East ??? That would mean the East would play 4 games against each team in their division.

I have heard nothing different mentioned in regards to the scheduling. Even with the new alignment and adding in Ottawa I think each team in the CFL will still play the other teams twice per year as usual. That's 16 games (8x2) right there, so that leaves two more games to play inter division which will rotate each year as before too I assume. Glad those 4 games series are over and done with!! :slight_smile:

Might they not play home and home with every team, sixteen games, plus two more against conference opponents?

I guess it depends on how much inter divisional play the league wants ? A 10 th team would make this nice and tidy .

It will be this. It's what the league did in 2005.

To speculate on the original question, since the schedule came out on March 5 last year with the Guelph delays, it would be likely that it would come out around then. That was late as it was, so it would be hard to imagine a schedule coming out later than that.

Is Chris rudge and David Braley the ones that are putting out this schedule? How hard is it to put out a schedule sooner? They have to find answers to hamilton and Ottawa right now and realease this schedule! None of this Braley/rudge incompetent work done by the cfl should be accepted by cfl fans across the country. I can't wait to have a good laugh at the great dates Chris rudge finds for the Argos this season! lol

:roll: I think most people understand the bind the Argos are in with the dates that are available in the RC because of Rogers and their Blue Jays. When the Argos get in their own stadium or BMO field, the dates will be available for more weekend games, which will allow the CFL an easier time making up the schedules. Nothing to do with David Braley or Chris Rudge.

Well said DB.