2014 CFL FAs signed to NFL contracts.

There have been been quite a few CFL free agents to be who are getting NFL interest and tryouts but many will need to wait 'till FEB 15th.

So far Michael Ola was released by Montrreal early to sign a futures contract with Miami

Inman WR Toronto also was released early by the Argos but has yet to be signed.

Korey Sheets worked out with Colts but still under contract

Weston Dressler still rumors of several teams intereted but no word on work outs

Henoc Muamba also has been worked out but Winnipeg will not release him early. An interesting case Muamba will get top $$$ in the CFL but if he does get an NFL camp invite could be released final cuts.
IMHO I think he could make an NFL roster as a special teams standout.

Alex Hall is looking for a round two in the NFL at age 28 which is a little unique. He was drafted and played a few seasons so no PR eligibility. He has been a dominat pass rusher and with the constant need for rotating DLine specialists he could end up back in the NFL for his minimum with years of NFL service.
Have not heard anything yet. With the Riders probably not going to sign him I wonder if they let him go early.

The futures contracts, which many CFL free agents sign, period has just started.

Add any updates if you have any

Source stating/confirming that Michael Ola was released by the Als?

Potential free agents can sign with NFL teams before february 15,2014 or before they become free agents.


I was unaware that a CFL free agent can sign with an NFL team prior to becoming a free agent until the start of free agency FEB 15.
I know players are allowed to work out for NFL team but may no longer sign a contract unless they are givin an early release.

The Argos have given Inman an early release so he may sign a futures contract if one is made available to him before the 2015 FA on FEB 15.

Can you please cite a rule/source that says a CFL free agent may sign with an NFL team before FEB 15th free agency period as of the 2014 free agent period.
Thank you

They can't, technically

Dressler apparently has 3 teams expressing interest, but no team has contacted the Riders for permission.

Hall supposedly hasn't had his phone ring as of yet.

Runor is Henoc Muamba has all but signed in the NFL.

In 2012 potential free agent Jovan Olafyoye signed with St Louis on february 3,2012; he was later released,due to medical situation on february 9,2012. Re-signed with BC

In 2011 potential free agent Andy Fantuz signed with Chicago Bears on february 4,2011.

In 2008 potential free agent Etienne Boulay signed with the New York Jets on January 9,2008.

Most potential CFL free agents that try the NFL have always signed before becoming free agents.


Another example.

Cameron Wake potential BC Lions free agent in 2009, signed a four year agreement with the Miami Dolphins on January 19,2009.

To my knowledge, the Argos are basically the only CFL team that release their potential free agents trying for the NFL. Kuale in 2012 and Inman in 2013.


I don't believe Cam Wake was a free agent but was in his CFL option year (and perhaps some of the other players mentioned) who could sign in the NFL as soon as the CFL season was over. Since the option tryouts are no longer available, teams must release a player to allow him to sign before his Feb. 15th free agency.

Those players that you mention were under the old option year rule where players in their option year were allowed to sign with an NFL team while in their option year or as free agents to be.

Someone can correct if I am wrong but I beleive the last few players that had signed contracts under the old option year rule were in 2012.

According to the Doplphins website Ola has been signed officially and the only way they can officially sign him is if the Als allowed him to do so.

As someone has mentioned no one can officially be signed until FEB 15th unless released early as the Argos have done but there can be an "understandinging" that they could be signed once free agency starts officially since players are allowed to work out but not sign.

Again someone correct me if I am wrong with any of my facts but this is how I understand the official and not so official rlues :smiley:

Als have a policy of allowing any player, coach or GM to walk away to the NFL at any time of their choosing… :?

Yeah, it's called the "drain our franchise dry because our GM is too busy looking for NFL jobs himself to give a crap about his own team" policy. :frowning:

Most teams do the same.

So now that is settled back to the thread.
We know know that Montreal allowed Ola out early so he can sign a futures contract with a Miami team that is in desperate need of Oline improvements.

Inman has also been released early. Has anyone in the NFL sifgned him to a futures contract yet???

Any other news of current CFL FA's signing NFL futures contracts early?

Most teams -- in fact, every team but ours -- don't have their GM perpetually with one foot out the door. Most teams don't let other teams poach coaches left right and centre, even in years when we need to hang on to certain people to maintain continuity. And most teams will prohibit coaches from leaving past a certain point in the hiring season. But not Montreal. We're just a platform at this point for Popp to chase his NFL job; a nice fat paycheque and job security until he flees down south.

Popp has been a great ambasador for the league, and hand down the best gm/hc for the CIS. Foot out the door...perhaps, but he has done a pile of good for Canadian football...more than most.


Also, it is unheard of for a player not getting a release or permission to work out for an NFL team if they ask their club and are in restricted free-agency. I can't recall ever hearing of it, but it may have happened. The CFL knows that the end goal of most guys is a crack at NFL and the financial benefits that come with it, and getting a bad wrap for restricting that will hurt their chances of signing some players. I don't consider the CFL a farm league, but let's face it, it is not the end goal for most.

That success is years in the past (and TBH, I don't care what he's done for the league, I care about what he does for the Alouettes). For many years, he was the best. I agree with you there. Problem is, he hasn't been the best for at least three years now. Not even close to being the best, in fact. He's gotten complacent and lazy and is now holding our owner hostage to his NFL demands. Only wants to work on two-year contracts so he can chase NFL jobs every offseason, but won't hire a head coach not named Jim Popp to give the organization some stability in case he does walk. The hire of Hawkins was a disaster and now we're still without an OC long after every other team has gotten its ducks in a row. He's no longer the best at recruiting talent. And oh yes, he's a mediocre head coach who doesn't have the ability to effectively supervise his coordinators.

Fans of other CFL teams might not realize it, but we've got something of a crisis brewing in Montreal. Montreal sports fans don't tolerate losing unless they're paying hundreds of dollars to see a mediocre Canadiens team go through the motions. If the Als keep degenerating, attendance will drop off, and the team could be up for sale in a few years.

Calgary DB Derrious Brooks has signed a futures contract with the Saints
Coverted from a receiver to db at Western Kentucky the NFL took a pass the first time do to this but Calgary may just lose one here. Good news is Huff is alway deep everywhere and at DB is no exception and that is just from last years roster no telling who may be coming from the NFL or NCAA.
On a side note. Huff did not seem do disturbed about losing Canadian Safety Fraser to Ottawa and Fraser did not seem to heart broken either so I suspect that Huff is ready to go with Macdougal now entering his 3rd year, Berger his second, and special teams standout Hecht

Ola is the only other that appears to have singed anything official

This was the 1st time in ages the Als finished outside of 2nd, and it is largely from the fact that the east is becoming competitive for the first time in over a decade. If the Als "fans" can't handle a season or 2 of not being in first, well, good riddance...fold the team now, because it is going to happen. just 2 seasons ago they were in 1st...I don't see the issue. Are they the powerhouse they were a few seasons back...well, no, but this is a team rebuilding and STILL making the playoffs...get over it. They had perhaps the best D in the league last year and lost the #1 QB of all time...WTH do you expect from Popp? He has found what looks to be the next pivot in under a season...if you can't see that as impressive, you need to step back and re-evaluate a bit. The D is there, the O likely will be after a full training camp with Smith.

Popp has had NFL offers, but he is still there, so I am calling BS on his supposed NFL mongering. He has brought this club enough success that he deserves some tolerance, and not to do so...well, that is just wrong.

This is why the city does not have the Expos. They don't deserve another MLB team. If they were the Jays, they would be folded by now

Talent wise I agree the Argos and Hamilton have caught up with the Als very fast.
Problem with the Als last season was that Popp got cocky and brought in Trestmans polar opposite as an out of the Box new CFL coach with a huge pagent of the announcement of a complete 11 man staff with zero direction.
The first coach in Thorpe who signed before the side show was by far the succesful one and quietly the special teams coach I think did a good job with the special teams coverage wise.
the punting finally caught up with them was the biggest issue in my mind.
He still got smith in there and ready to go. The Oline is in order Sutton at RB to go with two canadians.
Raw talent in Carter paid off as well giving half a season on the PR since he has not really played in a few years.