2014 CFL Draft

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#CFLDraft set for Tuesday, May 13. 3 days after #NFL Draft. Much easier for #CFL teams to get a sense of players with #NFL opportunities.

1 1 Laurent Duvernay-Tardif OL McGill
2 4 Pierre Lavertu OL Laval
3 3 David Foucault OL Montreal
4 2 Devon Bailey WR St. Francis Xavier
5 15 Matthias Goossen OL Simon Fraser
6 - Evan Gill DL Manitoba
7 6 Beau Landry LB Western
8 8 Andrew Lue DB Queen's
9 - Anthony Coombs RB Manitoba
10 7 Max Caron LB Concordia
11 12 Casey Chin LB Simon Fraser
12 9 Sam Sabourin LB Queen's
13 5 Adam Thibault DB Laval
14 10 Derek Wiggan DL Queen's
15 - Dylan Ainsworth DL Western

That's too close. They should do it a week after the NFL.

This is from Drew Edwards after the Combine

The Cats draft #9, #11, and #17

[b] On the radar

Here are three players who may be on the Ticats radar after the 2014 CFL combine:

  1. Matthias Goossen, offensive lineman, Simon Fraser.

Though he might not get as much attention as top prospects Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, Pierre Lavertu and David Foucault, the 6-foot-4, 300-pound Goosen pumped out 29 reps on the 225-bench press (seven better than Foucault) and handled himself well in the one-on-ones. Goosen, a B.C. native, attended the same high school as current Ticat Peter Dyakowski.

Why he makes sense for the Ticats: Though Hamilton has several young Canadian offensive linemen in development, they are something that CFL teams can’t have too many of. Plus, he may still be there when the Ticats pick at No. 9.

  1. Adam Thibault, defensive back, Laval.

Thibault, ranked No. 13 on the CFL’s top-15 list, put up phenomenal testing numbers all weekend. He had the top 40-yard dash time of 4.45 seconds as well as a personal-best 18 reps in the bench press Saturday — tops among the defensive backs, though he couldn’t go in the one-on-one drills due to an apparent hamstring injury. Queen’s Andrew Lue and Montreal’s Antoine Pruneau, two other highly touted defensive backs, could also be targets.

Why he makes sense for the Ticats: Hamilton may start two Canadian defensive backs in Craig Butler and Courtney Stephen and will need depth behind them.

  1. Alexandre Dupuis, fullback, Montreal.

At 6-foot-4, 245 pounds, Dupuis posted 25 reps in the bench press then showed off his strength and power in the one-on-one drills. Big and physical, Dupuis was a special-teams captain last season and could likely contribute as a blocking tight end as well as a fullback. The downside: he’s not athletic enough to be a pass catcher out of the backfield, something the Ticats liked to do last season.

Why he makes sense for the Ticats: The team lost fullback John Delahunt in the expansion draft and Dahrran Diedrick is 35 years old, plus Dupuis may be available in the later rounds.[/b]

That Bailey kid would look good in black and gold. He looks huge for a receiver.

With Hamilton drafting #9 and #11 if all plays out close to the rankings Hanilton may have a shot at drafting Anthony Coombs. Not many if any Canadian RB is coming out of University that can do what he can do. A hybrid who can Run the ball, catch the ball and return the ball. What gives him an extra advatage as a returner is that he is a very good punt returner. Many RBs can return Kick offs catching the ball and getting up a head of steam looking for wholes in the blocks similar when playing Running Back but a punt returner is much more difficult to catch the ball surrounded by defenders and making quick cuts and explosive speed.
Former Cats returners Thigpen and Williams got themselves to the NFL with those abilities.
Coombs would be a roster ratio buster can return, be a change RB as well as play the slot back position. All spots often taken by a DI.

Oline and safety are two spots in which they have loaded up with Canadian talent the past season.
Finding a big WR could be a place of need. Receivers usually take time to develop from University to the pro level but if they can play Teams it is a plus.

This draft is deep with athletes who can step right in and play teams. The LB/DE who can become a starter one day is the key at those positions. Hamilton is also pretty loaded at prospects at those positions as well.

I really like the Dupuis kid has the size and ability to come in right away and play the TE spot. Recent knee injuries may shy some teams away in the eraly rounds but he is the best TE prospect

I like drafting kids that are geographically close to home or those that have already moved away (US college)
All things being equal players would prefer to play in front of family and friends when given a choice and early CFL free agency gives this choice.
If offered equal bux to play close to home or away what would your choice be?

I agree with the Iceman. Past management sometimes seems to have been almost willful in avoiding players from around here. The classic case was 2003. The Cats needed a Canadian receiver and Dave Stala was still available in the sixth round. Cats drafted a player they cut in camp. Alouettes took Stala.

I'm guessing you wernt around here when Greg Marshall was running things.

I hear what you are saying. I was just thinking about the draft. Even Marshall in his three years drafted only two McMaster players (Lumsden, Filice) while five Mac players were drafted by other teams.

Just a bit of useless information,but just in case you might be on a quiz show(cash cab???) :roll: Here's the question:Who did the Cats draft instead of Dave Stala in the 6th round of the 2003 draft???.....Answer: fb-Erico-Olivier Hakim :cry: the best of my recollection,he didn't even make it as far as training camp :oops: To the Cats credit though they did draft Julian Radlein and Auggie Barrenchea in the 1rst and 3rd rounds that year,not local boys but pretty good picks nonetheless.If memory serves me correct the last and probably the most successful and well known local home town talent that the Cats drafted was Rob Hitchcock and of course to a lesser extent,unfortunately due to injuries cutting short his career would be Jesse Lumsden.

Stala was listed and drafted as a kicker in the 2003 draft

Can't be sure how he was listed at the time but the draft record at


lists him as a SB.

He was listed as a kicker. It’s been mentioned many times in many places. Here’s one;

“The other aspect of versatility that Stala brings is his foot. Stala was originally drafted as a kicker, and has punted at the CFL level.”

[url=http://lametropolesports.com/2014/01/12/dave-stala-importance-non-import-receivers/]http://lametropolesports.com/2014/01/12 ... receivers/[/url]

WOW!!!! Good eye there Fender!!!! Another great trivia question,that I'm sure not to many people would answer correctly.

on your link,Stala is listed as SB,but interestingly enough on Wikipedia on the link below it lists Stala as a kicker


NFL draft starts Thurs. May 8th ends Sat. May 10th

CFL draft is on Tues. May 13th

CBA expires May 29th

CFL rookie training camp is May 30th & 31st

CFL main Training camp starts June 1st

I like Justin Dunk's TiCat picks:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/page/justin-dunks-2014-cfl-mock-draft-v10]http://www.cfl.ca/page/justin-dunks-201 ... -draft-v10[/url]

I think Lue would be a great pick but not for the reasons' mentioned. The CIS really has not or really set up to develop CBs at the pro level. We still find very few Canadian CBs that hace success at the pro level.
Austin would know better than me but Courtney Stephan tansferedd to an NCAA school to develop as a Safety player in different packages and Teams demon and that is exactly what has happened and now attempting to move him the CB this early may not work out.

Agree. I think it more likely that Butler is the safety and Stephens backs up, comes in as an extra DB etc. But either way I think they could use at least one new NI DB so I will be surprised if they don't come away with at least one of Pruneau, Thibault or Lue.

Under Dunk's scenario Bailey would be available. He might be hard to resist, even though I believe Armstrong and Aprile will work out well. But I am guessing Bailey won't be there. So in their other early pick I agree with Dunk they will choose an LB. But I am guessing not Caron but maybe Chin, Landry or Briggs. And take the chance that Dunk is wrong and that Dupuis will still be there for their pick at 17.

I think we will take the best available DB with our first pick. We need more depth behind Stephen and Butler in case of injury.