2014 CFL Draft

That is what I thought. With the NFL moving their draft back to may8-10 the CFL following suite to have their draft after makes sense but as was stated above gives drafted players only about 2 weeks or less to sign with the CFL team that drafted them before camp starts.
That is unless they have already been signed to an NFL contract

If I was the CFL. I would go one further and hold the e-camp after the NFL draft and then do the draft on the following day. This way they could have all the players who get drafted there available to the media.

That is a very intersting idea the only fear would be that several of the top players would not show for E-Camp if they have already signed an NFL contract.

I do agree though that they should have a draft day televised live on TSN with many of the players to be drafted at the event. with some already signing in the NFL may not show there will still be many that would show. It may not start as a ig event but it could build into a bigger event each season.
Last years draft would most likley would of had most of the CIS players on hand and a few NCAA players who would not be going back to college
All three of the Laval receivers
Brett Jones

All who were highly talked about within the press before the draft after there CIS semis, Vanier Cup, E Camp and regional camp stories.

An intriguing idea, and one I like conceptually, but how would the league look if several of the players drafted in the first round didn’t bother to show up?

How about first holding a round only for CFL draft eligible players drafted by an NFL team, or signed to a NFL contract before the CFL draft? It would eliminate having to balance the best player vs. best player who will come to training camp, especially in the first round. Maybe give teams the option of passing in the “NFL round” and getting an extra pick at the end of the second/third round. Undrafted “NFL round” players would also be eligible for the main draft.

Oh I agree it will definitely have kinks to work out and may not go over so great with picks not eing there because they have singed NFL contracts via draft or rookie free agent.
TSN and the CFL would know by then who has signed with the NFL and who will not be there especially with the window now before TC being alot shorter.

I would suggest having a highlight package of such players that are not there and how there option to sign with the NFL may play out.
Flip it for plenty of attention for the many who will be there and make a huge deal out of them in the CFL comparing to last years rookie class that came right to the CFL and the potential impact that this group could make.
Last years group minus those who did go to the NFL made huge impacts all over the league.

This would be another big step for additional CFL programming.

Looking back over the past 5 drafts or so many of the 1st round picks did not sign with the NFL and Gaydosh I think was the only first round pick who signed with the NFL and he did not do so until after the draft.

TSN has the time now and more programing specials needed that they no longer have NHL TV rights to promote the CFL and even the MLS teams in Canada a lot more.
The football draft out of all sports along with the NBA draft are most suited for a draft day special even if some of the players would be missing from the draft green room due to NFL contracts.

Players who have already signed an NFL deal would not come to e-camp anyway. Those could be drafted at a later date through a supplemental draft then added to teams negotiation lists.

There was 4 last year. Andy Mulumba, Stephan Charles, Matt Sewell, Linden Gaydosh. Sewell has since returned.

At the time of the fraft there were realy 3 so Gaydosh would have been there. He was not originally drafted or signed as a rookie free gaent. Intead the weekend after the CFL draft he attended an NFL mini camp and they signed him on the spot.
So at the time of the Draft Gaydosh would have been at the live draft thinking that there was not any real NFL interest.
So really it was not that many but with no longer the drafting of the Rdshirt Juniors there would probably be more. We will find out this year Olineman Brander Graghead has already signed with Calgary. Ottawa is still yet to sign Mc Millian. There are some other redshirt Juniors from last season who could still get NFL drafted or sign a rookie free agent.
Ottawa also drafted Tyler Digby who is currently playing indoor Lacrosse and with the seasons not over lapping. Digby is a TE by trade but could be moved to DE or move to SB and would also be a key special teams player. Or he is playing Lacrosse with the stealth in BC so a trade with the Lions could also be a possibility

Ottawa also drafted DE conner Willims out of the NCAA Di who they have yet to sign so he could be projected to get to an NFL camp as well as another DE out of Eastern Michigan. So Ottawa has yet to sign any of their redshirt fresman from last year.
Good picks though with two being DE and another digby a two sport player and great althlete could end up at DE or atletic enough to play SB.
Another intersting Redshirt Junir last year was Florida's WR Stephan Alli. Although drafted in the late rounds by the Bombers never panned out as a receiver but is a great athlete at was key to coverage teams.
I think he graduated last year and did not return to Florida for his last year of eligibility but had Medical school plans.
So he would be eligible to sign with the Bombers but not sure what to make of him. defintely a kind of player with his coverage team back graund but Florida without a high flying attack never really got to show his potential at receiver.
Still would love to see a great athlete and football player land somewhere as a special teams gunner type while sharpening rec skills.
At the very least every team would love to have a Canadian that athletic to take one of the 20 Canadian posts that would be reserved for a stecial teams starter type

Possible person of interest because of his relationship to Thorpe:

[url=http://cfl.ca/article/combine-menards-stock-bound-to-skyrocket]http://cfl.ca/article/combine-menards-s ... -skyrocket[/url]

So far not too many redshirt NCAA Juniors have signed since last season and yes the CIS top lineman is passing on E Camp.
With no more drafting NCAA Junior redshirts will help as they will already be drafted or sign a NFL rookie FA contract.
Not sure there is much they can do to keep a CIS or NCAA players from not accepting an invitation to E Camp.

With no more NCAA Juniors being drafted and everyone from the NCAA will have no eligibility left it could be time for an All Star game between NCAA and CIS Canadians vs a group of US draft eligible imports.
US rules would most likley have to be used.

The two CIS players competing in the East West Shrine game have given some great insight on Tardiff who will be in an NFL camp and Gill who will not be.
Having a whole game roster of top Canadian players NFL scouts will be able to make some clearer decisions on a lot more players in January instead of just two players.

Nothing is perfect of course but if there is a 50 player Canadian roster scouts will see who is a Tardiff and who is a Gill before the draft and eliminate the possibility of a Lyndon Gyadosh who got really no NFL interest but it only took one invite to an NFL rookie mini camp a week after the CFL draft and Gaydosh suddenly has an NFL contract. In fact he was so good that he was the only one signed out of that rookie mini Camp

That Thorpe has direct knowledge of the player to offer in the Als draft evaluation, in addition to scouting reports, is surely an advantage.

Here`s a couple of Quebec prospects going through interviews including by the Als and Popp.

[url=http://www.rds.ca/vid%C3%A9os/faire-bonne-impression-3.950465]http://www.rds.ca/vid%C3%A9os/faire-bon ... n-3.950465[/url]

There are some interesting prospects again this year and the Als are lucky to draft right after 3 teams in dire need of Offensive Linesmen (provided one does not trade their pick away). This likely will give the Als their pick of any player at a position other than OL if they so choose to go that route. We should get at least 3 very good prospects out of this draft.