2014 CFL Draft

For what it`s worth - usually not too much - these are the latest CFL Scouting Bureau draft ratings:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/cfl-scouting-bureau-releases-winter-rankings]http://www.cfl.ca/article/cfl-scouting- ... r-rankings[/url]

The good news from our bad season is that we draft 4th:


Unless one of the big three offensive linesmen drop in hour hands (I think Ottawa,Edmonton and Winnipeg will draf OL). I think we go with a LB. There are some really good ones in this draft. I've seen Bailey play a lot in High School and College, I can't see the Als taking him. I think we go LB with an outside chance at DL if we can't land Laurent.

I assume you mean you can’t see the Als drafting him because of their recent history with non-import WR. But if he is good, at 6’5" he might break that mold. It will also be interesting to see how “list jumpers” like Goosen, Gill and Coombs pan out at the combine. Another big factor is always NFL aspirations. Always a fun time.

If the Als go with a skilled offense player. I’d prefer they go with a guy like Coombs who reminds me a lot of Drurie and could chip in on Special teams.

Here is the list of Quebec Players invited to e-Camp in Toronto. 13 of the 50 players invited 26 percent are from the Q !

C Pierre Lavertu, Laval (2)
RB Pascal Lochard, Laval
CB Adam Thibault, Laval (13)
G David Foucault, Montreal (3)
LB Antoine Pruneau, Montreal
DE David Ménard, Montreal
DT Mathieu Girard, Montreal
T Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, McGill (1)
LB Max Caron, Concordia (10)
G/DT Quinn Smith, Condordia
R Kris Bastien, Concorida
QB R Quest, Concordia,
R Alexander Fox, Bishop

Not sure I concur there Hf. . .free agency permitting, we’re pretty set for both starters and quality backups in the linebacking corps, I think there’s other areas that require upgrading more.


Well we lost Verdone to expansion, Ridgeway retired. Dublanko was released So there are 3 NI LB right there.

Ça représente à peu près la proportion de la population du Québec dans le Canada. Est-ce si surprenant?

I think so. You have the top 3 ranked guys in the CIS from 3 different Q programs. and six ranked players, half the top ten.

Vu de cette façon, ca prend une autre perspective, en effet. Mais peut-être est-ce le fait d’un hasard. L’an dernier, on aurait dit que c’était les Dinos qui avaient rempli les listes de dépisteurs.

This story says that it will not be a very deep draft :

[url=http://www.calgarysun.com/2014/01/15/rule-changes-make-for-shallow-2014-cfl-draft-class]http://www.calgarysun.com/2014/01/15/ru ... raft-class[/url]

There are many guys that can crack CFL rosters but this is a year to take local guys that you can send back to their programs, some will have two years College eligibility left, look for the Als to pick from strong CIS programs where the coaching is strong.

Als scouting director Russell Lande`s pretty high opinion of Duvernay-Tardif and a few other players in the East-West Shrine game :

[url=http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/66785894/notable-nfl-prospects-at-the-east-west-shrine-game]http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/66 ... hrine-game[/url]

Yes, he may even be a late round NFL draft pick. So picking him up at #4 is a bit pricey but with the draft being shallow, he might not be there at 13. He would be the perfect guy to learn behind Bourke and Perret

As usual, the deepest spot is along the offensive line, where Duvernay-Tardif, Laval’s Pierre Lavertu, and David Foucault, out of Montreal, top the latest CFL Scouting Bureau rankings, which were released Tuesday.

I am old enough to remember finding a couple of Canadian O-linemean who deserved to start was a struggle at times.

Shallow draft could mean teams trade down, especially after the first, or trade up to get a player who unexpectedly drops. Could make things interesting.

I could see teams trying to flip their 2014 picks for 2015 picks. To bad with Ottawa coming online sucks for them the most.

Tricky and maybe not so tricky drafting top O Lineman recently. There has been a big trend of them going to the NFL recently and now the trend is they are beginning to return after a year or two on a practice roster. ie. O'Donnell, Holmes.
Now both came back in the last two seasons and both were almost instantly placed into the starting line ups.
Is this because they were that good to begin with and NFL options and intersest waned or because the year or two practicing and spending time in NFL trining camps got them to that level faster.

It is a huge gambit far more recently have made it down there then in the past. Pasztor, Blake, Mulumba, Watkins, Gaydosh, Watman, Charles, Lokombo,Bilukidi,Martin,Greenwood,Wilson. Some even if they don’t make it move on and never show like Petrus. So in a shallow draft class you drop your 1st. dime on a guy like that it can really hurt your team. Winnipeg really paid the price last year drafting Mulumba, while a team like Hamilton,Montreal,Calgary and Saskatchewan can take a chance on a guy like that. A team like Winnipeg really could not afford to pass on a guy like Edem or Jones for a lottery ticket. They are even trying to dummy proof the draft this year by holding it a couple weeks after the NFL. Very smart move, in addition agents will have roughly 10 days to get their kids a contract before camp opens, so there won’t be as many games being played by the agents.

With the NFL moving its draft to May 8-10 has the CFL officially announced the day of their draft yet?

No but expect it to be between the 15th and the 21st.