2014 Bomber Coaching Staff


Gary Etchevarry officially named DC.

Nelson Martin is DB coach.

Mike Scheper DL coach.

No official announcement on Cory McDiarmid but he's been dropped form the Riders coaching staff.

Still no word on any more offensive coaches. I can't imagine we're standing pat with Marcel B and Markus Howell, and maybe an OL coach.

....Pretty much what we thought....There must be some serious haggling going on with Wylie for our o line coach??Very important to get this guy on board.. :wink: Can't be much longer... :roll:

Weird times. We have a HC but only 1/2 our assistants. MTL is loaded with assistants but no HC. And I have to wonder what happens if they hire a HC. I'm assuming he would have to keep all the assistants under contract and not be allowed to make his own staff? Unless Popp stays on I suppose but he certainly has been dragging his feet on a decision.

The defensive staff is pretty much what was rumored, no surprises, other than a couple names not official yet. The troubling part is that here are no names being associated with the offensive side with the exception of Wylie. If they get Wylie, him + Marcel B + Howell is not a sufficient staff IMO with a young QB and a team that has lost it's most experienced player on offense in Edwards and will have to rely on another 1-2 younger players.

Very glad to see the Etch back in the CFL. His zany schemes are much fun to watch -- especially those weirdo fronts where only two linemen are in a three-point stance and they're both off-centre.

....Expect the unexpected...Should keep the opposition off balance, as long as we don't confuse ourselves :lol: ..I know a few of our dbs. are going to luv this guy... Sears is going to be an Etch fan for sure...right up his alley :rockin: :lol:

New QB coach announced, short history with Marcel B in the UFL but has quite an extensive history working with QBs -

Bombers Hire Quarterbacks Coach Monday, February 24th, 2014

Head Coach Mike O’Shea today announced today the appointment of Gene Dahlquist as the club’s Quarterbacks Coach. Dahlquist joins the Bombers with more than 30 years of coaching experience, and brings with him a long resume of offensive expertise. His coaching career has including offensive coordinator positions at the University of Oregon, Boise State, Iowa State, Illinois, and the University of Texas. He was most recently the quarterbacks coach for the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL, working with current Bombers Offensive Coordinator Marcel Bellefeuille.

While at Boise State, Dahlquist helped the Broncos capture five Big Sky Conference titles, along with a Division I-AA national championship title in 1980.

As the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Illinois, Dahlquist twice saw his offense lead the Big Ten in passing. During Dahlquist's tenure, the team appeared in four bowl games in four years and earned a Big Ten co-championship title in 1989, while he groomed the first overall pick in 1990’s NFL Draft, quarterback Jeff George.

During his six-season stint as the offensive coordinator at the University of Texas, the Longhorns captured three conference titles and produced some of the best offenses in school history.

Other coaching stops include Idaho State, Utah and the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Since leaving the NCAA, Dahlquist spent three seasons as the head coach of the Scottish Claymores of NFL Europe from 2001-2003. Since then, he has worked at Football University, coaching quarterbacks prior to the NFL combine workouts, and has served as an NFL personnel consultant.


...Certainly has the credentials...I get a little uneasy when I see the connection to Marcel...Last guys he had a past with and brought in were duds...and I use the term loosely..Boltus and Bo were not anyone we should have bothered with...HOWEVER ..Dahlquist looks like a coach with a great amount of experience...Hopefully he's the guy we've been looking for to fill a position we've been wanting to fill for awhile now...Good to see... :thup:

Paul Friesen ?@friesensunmedia 15m

I agree 100%. Any QB coach is better than no QB coach. But wasn't someone like, say, Mike Kelly, available? #bombers

This is the quality of our reporters. Yes, Paul we should've hired Mike Kelly because our QBs were so successful during his one year tenure here -

Stefan Lefors, Bryan Randall, Richie Williams, Ricky Santos, Casey Bramlet, and finally, Michal Bishop. All in one season. None threw more TDs than picks (LeFors was at least even at 2:2). Two of those players had negative QB ratings. And Bishop had the best completion % at 50, when you need to be 65-70% range to be successful. Yep Friesen, we should've hired him as our QB coach. Idiot.

The Als just hired Tom Higgins to be their new Head Coach. Wonder if the Bombers ever considered him for a coordinator position?

For some reason I recall that he was being considered for the bombers HC job before they hired O’Shea but he wanted combo HC/GM job and wasn’t interested in working under Walters. I could be mistake about that though, might’ve been just rumor.

I thought the plan in MTL was to eventually promote Noel Thorpe to HC. Wonder if this indicates Popp may be closer than ever to jumping ship, opening the door for Higgins to take over as GM?

....wolverine...why??? do you read anything that dolt Friesen has to say...Why he writes up the Bombers and they print his crap is beyond me?...I'm hoping that his employer sends him to Sask. one day, so he can write about them for awhile...That should finish his career on a nice note and quickly:lol:

I looked at that Friesen quote and thought at first glance that it had to be joking sarcasm. If he was serious, hoo boy.

I took it as sarcasm.It would pretty well have to be.Now the real question should be , why are you being sarcastic about the Bombers finally hiring a QB coach? Crappy writing in my opinion and I am not usually one to rag on Winnipeg media. :thdn:

Dalhquist, definitely an oldie at 71, let's hope he's a goodie too.

I think Friesen was serious. And hey, why would a reporter not want a quote machine like Mike Kelly back in the fold? Hold up a mic to his mouth and you've got a weeks worth of articles.

Man, poor Paul Friesen's wish list takes a hit:

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 3m

Mike Kelly has been named head football coach at Widener University in Pennsylvania.