With Ottawa coming into the league IN 2014 , there will be an expansion draft IN december of next year :

So check out the rules and see who you might keep for the CATS :

The 2013 Canadian Football League Expansion Draft is a three-round CFL draft scheduled to take place in December, 2013.[1] It is designed to assign players from existing CFL teams to the expansion franchise in Ottawa, Ontario. The structure of the draft was announced on January 19, 2011, which described one round for selecting import players and two rounds for selecting non-import players.[2] Additionally, if the Ottawa franchise begins play in 2014, they will be given the last pick in each of the first four rounds of the 2013 CFL Draft and the first pick in every round of the 2014 CFL Draft. The draft is tentatively scheduled because Ottawa's status as a franchise in 2014 is still conditional upon the completion of Frank Clair Stadium.

Ottawa will select three players from each of the eight existing teams for a total of 24 players. Ottawa will select eight import players and 16 non-import players with quarterbacks, kickers and punters eligible within their respective import/non-import categories. Ottawa will be able to select a maximum of two quarterbacks and one kicker/punter, but they may not select any of these three players from the same team. The CFL Commissioner will resolve any dispute related to player eligibility for the Expansion Draft process

Round one: Import Draft

Existing teams may protect one quarterback and ten additional import players, while only being able to select, at maximum, two quarterbacks in the draft. If a quarterback is selected from a team, that team may protect an additional two non-import players in the first round of the Non-Import Draft. If a kicker or punter is selected from a team, that team may protect one additional non-import player in the first round of the Non-Import Draft. Ottawa will select one import player from each existing team in this round.

Who ticats would protect :


NOT KEPT : AVON Colburne, Brian Simmons , Marc Dile ,Rey Williams , Geoff Tisdale , Greg Peach , Onrea Jones, Bo Smith
DEE WEBB, JAMAL JOHNSON, Mcelveen , Carlos Thomas, Marcel Young, Murillo , Hennesy , Graham ,Aaron Kelly , Terry Grant , Porter, Lefevour

Round two: Non-Import Draft

Existing teams may protect six total non-import players, including the team's one protected quarterback and one protected kicker/punter. If a quarterback was selected in the Import Draft, eight total non-import players may be protected. If a kicker or punter was selected in the Import Draft, seven total non-import players may be protected. If a non-import kicker or punter is to be selected, it must be done in this round and, if so, that team will be able to protect an additional two non-import players in the second round of the Non-Import Draft. Ottawa will select one non-import player from each existing team in this round.

Andy Fantuz
Peter Dyakowski
Ryan Hinds
Samuel Giguere
Rwabukamba, Chris
Frédéric Plesius lb
Moe Petrus OL

Not Kept : Dave Stala , Eddie Steele, Marwan Hage, Pascal BAILLARGEON , Cody Husband , Nathan Kanya, KEVIN EIBEN,
Yannick Carter, Fortin , O.neill, Scott, Filer , Beswick ,Congi , Stephenson , Hood, Charbonneau-Campeau, Simon , Carson Rockhill

Ummmmmmm, that's 13 months from now. How can anyone predict what players will still be with the team at that time. You sir have way too much time on your hands. :roll:

OMG, thanks for that post, I thought I must have missed a season. :wink:
Let's do this NEXT November.

This is without question something the team has to think about and prepare for ..they have to look at each player and determine their long term value to the team and if Ottawa might pick then up or not based one age, salary , potential etc ...

70 % of the players will be here next NOV and most of the core players liek fantuz , burris , c. williams etc ...

I don't think it is too early to look at this to get some ideas flowing ...they have to be aware of this in the moves they make going forward ..for example if they can only protect 6 canadians and they have at least 6 quality canadians at this time they may be hesitant at stocking up with more too many quality canadians over and above that or they would be exposed in the draft ..

Say for example they acquire Foley form Toronto and say Emry from Montreal ..suddently they have more than 6 candians that a teram like ottawa would want as they woudl be in addition to Dyakowski , Petrus, Fantuz , Giguere , Plesius, Bartell, Hinds , Hage , Stala, Rwabukamb , BAILLARGEON. Husband , Charbonneau-Campeau, Carson Rockhill, Fortin

and they would only be able to protect 6 of these guys ...( Petrus , Plesius , Rockhill, Fortin and vanier cup LAVAL star D lineman Arnaud Gascon-Nadon )

Plesuis :

The native of Laval, Que., was honoured as winner of the Presidents’ Trophy as the CIS defensive player of the year.

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Wow! Gerbear bleeds black and gold. I love the passion and enthusiasm! Good on ya mate! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Guys whose contracts expire after the 2013 season (ie: C. Williams) don't need to be protected.
If Ottawa picked them, all they would be getting is the first right to negotiate a new contract with them, up until Feb 15, 2014.
So that might effect whether teams try to extend their option year players this year. There may be some "agreements" that don't get signed until after the expansion draft.

Would Burris, Williams be protected if they play out their options? Next year at this time the CFL's TV contract will be re-negotiated, I'm sure that more money for each team will also mean a substantial increase in the Salary Cap.
A big increase in the salary cap could persuade some players to stay in the CFL.
Ottawa has to go after an experienced QB this time through the option year thing or tampering. The disadvantage with Ottawa is that they can't trade for an experience QB the way Toronto did this year, they have nothing to trade with.

Sure they do - after each selection in the expansion draft they are building a stockpile of players to trade immediately. Then between Dec and May for the regular draft they can surely make some trades and then all the way to training camp keep making moves.