2013 Training Camp Pictures by Bruce13thMan

Hope you enjoy, Ill post more as camp continues!
Oskee Wee Wee!!

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Hey Bruce,

Thank you for all the information you gather and share with the rest of the Ti-Cats' nation. Are you posting the pics anywhere other than facebook? I refuse to join facebook and would still like to see your photos.

Take care,

Sorry only Facebook!

Thanks for us guys that can't be at camp, great pics as always Bruce. :thup:

Thanks for such absolutely great shots. Been trying to get out to Mac but always seem to be something come up. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

Beauty Bruce! Gridiron season right around the corner! :thup:

I don't have a facetube account but I can still see the pictures.

Noticed the yellow stripe is back on the helmets. And Eric Tillman is there. Is he on the team?

Here is a video picture montage I made also!


Hey Bruce,

That was great!!! Hinds and the American receiver battling were the highlight photos for me. Also, good to see Big Ange there.

Thank you again.

Hey you're right!! I shouldn't have been so anti-facebook and not even tried. It is still the root of all evil.

Thanks for that.

Great pictures Bruce, really like the one of Mosca with Coach Sal and Eric Tillman watching Ti-Cats camp!