2013 Tiger-Cat Schedule

2013 Tiger-Cats Schedule
(all home games in Guelph, all times Eastern)

Thursday June 13 - Hamilton @ Montreal, 7pm
Thursday, June 20 - Winnipeg @ Hamilton, 7pm

Regular Season
Friday June 28 - Hamilton @ Toronto, 7pm
Sunday July 7 - Edmonton @ Hamilton, 5pm
Saturday July 13 - Winnipeg @ Hamilton, 6:30pm
Sunday July 21 - Hamilton @ Saskatchewan, 7pm
Saturday July 27 - Saskatchewan @ Hamilton, 7:30pm
Friday August 2 - Hamilton @ Edmonton, 9pm
(bye week)
Friday August 16 - Hamilton @ Winnipeg, 8pm
Saturday August 24 - Winnipeg @ Hamilton, 1pm
Friday August 30 - Hamilton @ B.C., 10pm
Saturday September 7 - B.C. @ Hamilton, 4pm
Friday September 13 - Hamilton @ Calgary, 9pm
Saturday September 21 - Montreal @ Hamilton, 4pm (Moncton)
Saturday September 28 - Calgary @ Hamilton, 6pm
Friday October 4 - Hamilton @ Toronto, 7pm
Monday October 14 - Toronto @ Hamilton, 4:30pm
Sunday October 20 - Hamilton @ Montreal, 1pm
Saturday October 26 - Montreal @ Hamilton, 1pm
Saturday November 2 - Hamilton @ Winnipeg, 2pm

Really disliking all the back-to-backs.

By my count;

Hamilton: 5
Toronto: 3
Montreal: 4
Winnipeg: 5
B.C: 2
Edmonton: 3
Calgary: 2
Saskatchewan: 2

That's rough.

6 of the last 7 games are against teams from the east, that should make it interesting going into the playoffs.

The Thanksgiving game against the Argos should be a good replacement for Labour Day - especially that late in the season!!

Why is it rough???? and why do you dislike back to backs?
Is this going to be another one of them excuses that Tiger Cat fans use as an excuse not to attend games?
Should we add this to "I won't attend because............Thursday nights are terrible, weekend games in the summer are terrible, weeknight games when you have work or school the next day, 1PM too early at Labour Day, or 7PM too late for Labour Day game, Canada Day no good for football, no evening games in October it's too cold, half time shows are terrible therefore I won't go again, beer is too expensive, buns too big and weiner is too small.

This is why Hamilton was voted a City for its Chronic Complainers

I think you may have misunderstood what I meant. Maybe I should have used the term "home-and-home", when you play the same team two weeks in a row. I think it's "rough" because it's very difficult to win both games of a home-and-home.
With 5 different sets, that's over half our season (10 games), and it will be tough to string together a winning streak or good stretch when you're always playing the same team two weeks in a row.

Funny how 4 of 7 playoffs, same teams of course, in leagues that do this often make for some great hockey, baseball etc. Yup, back to backs. Oh, it doesn't work here. Some people. :roll: Excuses for anything. :roll:

im not a fan of the times as i live in dunnville i dont feel like being out all day and arriving home at 12 or 1 sunday morning i may make 2 games the one on oct 26th for sure as its my nephews b day in heaven but he will be there with us other then that u might see me at 1 maybe 2 others

Sorry for disliking one thing about the entire schedule. Next time I'll be sure to coat my post with candy canes and lollipops for you.

When did I say it wouldn't make for great football? I said that in my opinion, I would rather be playing a different team from week-to-week as opposed to playing the same team two weeks in a row.

Also, this isn't hockey, baseball, or basketball. Obviously playoffs are a different scenario as well.

Lighten up ... all he is saying is that is will be tough to put together a game plan when you see the same opponent in a span of 1 week ... it has to be a nightmare for Coordinators.

I'm happy with the schedule. It's not ideal, but I'm content our opponent will have just as much difficulty winning back to backs as we will. Perhaps even more so if Coach Austin has his way. The only small wieners I'm worried about this year are the ones who moderate this board sometimes. Go ahead and ban me. In my best Arnie voice, "I'll be back."

If it means anything, this was my first thought as well when looking at the schedule. It is very tough to beat a team back to back. But still its easily overcome by being the better prepared team both weeks. I can't believe the flak you got for posting this :lol:

Week 4 SSK, Week 5 SSK
Week 8 Peg, Week 9 Peg
Week 10 BC, week 11 BC
Week 12 CGY, Week 14 CGY (not back to back but still 2 outta 3 weeks)
Week 15 TOR, Week 16 TOR
Week 17 MTL, Week 18 MTL

I don't care what anyone says, that is very odd scheduling for an 18 game season in an 8 team league. I personally don't like it.

Seeing the Cats were 6 -12 last year maybe a schedule full of back to backs would ensure they get back to .500 :lol: