2013: The Guelph Year, ten years after

It is ten years since that wet and windy season when the TiCats dressed at Jarvis Street then bused up the highway to the University of Guelph. My memories are of a fast returner (#87 Brandon Banks), a new QB (to back up Burris and Lefevour) named Masoli. An aggressive LB with an attitude named Simoni Lawrence. Two members of the 2023 team were on the roster that year: Simoni Lawrence and Joel Figueroa.


Not sure what was more odd, driving 45 mins and walking through the campus to get to the Guelph stadium… Or the few games played at Mac.

I do recall a game at Guelph that was a torrential downpour like I’ve ever seen… And of course the Sean Whyte FG that went backwards.

Some good memories that year.


I still remember the downpour game against Edmonton early in the season. Brought the family, wife and kids hightailed out of there after halftime and waited in the car while I stayed and got drenched. Really annoying loud mouthed female Eskimo fan was driving everyone around me nuts (recall her at a game at Ivor Wynne in 2012 as well). The only time I think my wife was ready to get in a scrap lol.

I didn’t think leather sandals could absorb so much water. Still remember the pumping and sucking noises they made with each step as I walked out. I sat on a garbage bag on the ride home.


Here’s a question: How did Brandon Banks score his first touchdown in the CFL which was in a game played in Guelph?

I think it was something like a 110 yard missed FG return against the Als.

No, but that was his second touchdown in the same game.

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I know he got two in that game but I can’t recall how the other one happened.

Anybody else remember? :smile:

I remembered the missed field goal return, but had to hunt this down to figure out what the other TD was.


Seems every game at Guelph was either wet or windy or both.


During the rain/monsoon game I was eating a sausage on a bun and it rained so hard the bun 100% disintegrated in 5 minutes. So it ended up being a “Sausage in a box”

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“Sausage in a box” ( :thinking: okay, I’m not going there :rofl:)