2013 Season Ticket Prices

So, I'm happy that Guelph is in close proximity to Hamilton, but, got my GREAT NEWS email from Bob Young today, and the early bird special to renew for 2013 by December 14 is the same price as 2012. Hmmm, we have to drive approx 30-40 minutes out of town to attend Cats "home" games, and that is a deal?? Since renewing for 2012 guaranteed your seat in the new stadium, I suspect you may lose a good portion of your season ticket base for the 2013 season. I'm not sure I can commit to trekking to Guelph for every "home" game, so, I'm undecided as to whether I'm going to renew for this season. Be interested to see what other season ticket holders have to say. :cowboy:

Jeff Campy

Once I talk to my brother-in-law (who lives in St. Catharines) we probably will renew for 2013. Sure there is the extra drive but it is only for one season. The stadium in Guelph will not have a large enough capacity for all existing season ticket holders so if some are unable or unwilling to do the comute the team should likely play in front of capacity crowds at each game. At least that is my (and Bob Young's bank account's) wish for 2013.

Time to eat em raw in Guelph. :rockin: :rockin:

I suppose it will be somewhat of a inconvienience to drive from Hamilton and I assume a fair number won't do it on a regular basis . I do not think it should be a show stopper though as it is not really that far , I had seasons for a number of years and drove from up here on the Lake Huron shoreline, (about 2.75 hours each way) it was worth every minute of the drive to see the team I love. For me, Guelph reduces the time on the road by at least 3/4 of an hour each way but still it will be pretty close to two hours. Getting tickets may be a challenge as I suspect the 15000 seats will sellout fairly quickly , which is a good thing I suppose . It is nice though that The Cats finally have a temporary home, which is relatively close to Hamilton .

After the way they played last summer, I swore up and down I wasn't going to renew for 2013, maybe just attend a few games depending on where they were, then renew in 2014. Now I'm now so sure and depending on my football buddy, we might just go for it, if for no other reason but to get good seats. (if there is such a thing).

Considering the facility only holds 7500 (expendable to 12000), the majority of which will be Hamilton fans, I guess the possibility of chartering buses out of Hamilton is out of the question.

Lets see if I got this right. if you renewed in 2012 you were guarnteed same price for 2014. Now i'm supposed to make a deposit by dec 14 for 2013 to keep same price. What happens if i/you don't renew for 2013 do you lose 2014 ticket and price. i"m not going to guelph as i don't own a car and plus i've got to get up for work everyday at 4am, not getting home after midnight and waking up in 4 hours to go to work.

Not sure why everybody is in an uproar over the fact they have to drive to Guelph for one season, everyone should be happy thta they didnt go to London which we all thought they were going to do. No one was complaining then. It was never going to be Mac for the longest time so we’ve had several months to digest the fact we might have to commute to wherever they will be playing. Last year I lived in Cambridge so I commuted to Ivor Wynne which was about 45mins. Its an Easy drive down 8 through dundas. Getting to guelph is just as easy. Go down 6 and keep on hwy 6.

This year I live Guelph so Im pretty happy about this but when the new stadium opens after the one year they’re in Guelph I’ll have no problem switching back to my commute.

You know the ticats will do some type of shuttle service as well. so relax.

Since I drive from Brockville for my Ticat fix, I've just renewed my season tickets for Guelph.
Look out Guelphites, I'm coming to park on your lawn this season!


8) I agree with you "campyjeff". I will not be renewing my season tickets for 2013 in Guelph, mainly because I definitely need
   a break from all this incompetence, year after year !!!

   I may attend 1 or 2 games in Guelph, but that is it !!  

   I will renew for the 2014 season in the new stadium, but I have had enough of all this nonsence, and need a break !!!

Good for you! just think about most Packers fans that drive 200km for every home game.

If I remember right, season ticket holders are guaranteed the same prices for 2014 regardless if they renew for 2013. This is because there was uncertainty where they would play next year and it was anticipated that a great number of fans would not commit to season seats if they had to travel some distance. Based on your schedule, you might catch some afternoon games, otherwise, the TV might be your best friend.

Im more concern, as we where promised our 2014 season tickets at the same price we paid in 2012, so does that mean its changed, and we have to order 2013 Season tickets to Guelph! As nothing was said until today about Guelph. #ImConfused
I still be renewing for this season, but i thought they promised season ticket holders the same prices as we paid in 2012 for the first season in the new stadium!

Prior to your post one person said it might be a slight inconvenience and one said they don’t own a car so with no announcement yet on shuttles it sounds like a legit concern. Where are these ‘everybody’s complaining about driving’ you speak of? I think people being concerned about retaining their prices for renewing in 2012 is pretty fair since that’s what they were promised.
I don’t really see anyone, let alone everyone caring about driving there.

:rockin: What the heck is this crap, season ticket holders getting AMBUSHED into season seats at a unknown stadium in unknown seats at what price?? At my box k price?! This is not fair at all Mr young promised last year if we renew that our price guarantee for the new stadium would be honoured ?? What I am being ambushed nothing was mentioned about renewing my season seats for 2013 Guelph this is not right And a slap in the face to all of us :thdn:

Wo!!! Slow Down everyone, As long as you revnewed in 2012 your garanteed the same price in 2014. This is how rumours start !!! Jumping the gun before knowing exactly what going on !!

Does anybody know what the seating plan is at Alumia stadium in Guelph?

Works out great for me!! only a 15 min drive!!! :cowboy:

It’s simple for me. I watch the HAMILTON Tiger Cats in HAMILTON.
Outside of that, it’s TSN, simple really.


Hmmm.... I had inexpensive Family Zone seats in Ivor Wynne (sound of weeping). Does this mean that I get the grassy hillside in the stadium in Guelph? :smiley:

As well I have learned there is an extra $56 charge for a "stadium fee" for 2013 seats to help fund the development and additon of temporary seating at Guelph. Not to sure how this will go over, as we the fans now have to travel to see them, and they want us to pay extra now!
Asking a little to much if you personally ask me!

[sarcasm]That reduced seating will drive up demand for tickets![/sarcasm]

Just wait for the the 2015 STH price increase.