2013 Schedule

What do you guys think?
Nice breaks in August where we play only 3 games in 35 days, but it gets busy quick after that with 5 games in 27 days during September.
The season could well come down to the opening home & home with Montreal (we need to take advantage of their rookie coaches) and the Home & home with Hamilton in August.

The early home and home vs MTL is less important IMO. I think it's reasonable to believe they should at least split those games. They've had success vs the Als the last couple of years with Trestman at their helm and most of their core group of starters.

I think you've partially pinpointed the key area tough. That home and home vs the Tabbies in August will be big. The Ticats will have had some time to adapt and gel (or possibly implode one homes :wink: ) depending on how the Chris Williams saga turns out. Then the next pair of games is the labour day/banjo bowl home and home. The bombers have been swept in both of those Rider games the last 2 years and need to take at least one of those games this year. Then there's another home and home vs the Eskies. Some unimaginative scheduling by the CFL IMO. Regardless, the bombers need to come out of those 3 home-home series with no worse than a .500 record. If they do worse than that it'll be difficult to make up ground with 4 of the final 6 games including BC, MTL, and a Toronto home and home series.

The first 2 are very important to me because we can’t afford to get off on a bad start. Super important to win the first game - ride a high into Montreal and upset them, all of a sudden we’re 2-0. Lose the opener though and it might start to look like 2012 again.
Also, unlike everyone in the prediction thread on the main page, I think we’ll finish very close to Montreal, and these 2 games will be a big factor as far as who finishes higher.