2013 Roughriders

A great interview from one of the guys who solidified my love for the Riders

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Yeah, bring back taman, and company. We want sustained success.

Taman was the poison pill who started the whole decline

Well he was a hell of a lot better than what we have now, this is supposed to be sustained success, more like sustained failure.

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Actually, he wasn’t.

He inherited a good team which was built by Tillman, then sold the farm to win one cup, decimating the team for all following years.

Plus his little schemes to skirt the SMS by allegedly using side deals to get cash to players pissed off the league to a point where they were about to start an investigation if he wasn’t canned, and then pissed off the players, many of whom left when even Chris Jones wasn’t sketchy enough to pay out the shady deals.

Reynolds has been an epic failure. Four losing seasons in 8 years, season ticket holders on the decline, a half empty stadium for most of the year, and so on.

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Like I said before you need the right person in charge, to pick the right gm. I think I would have more faith that would be coming from a football mind. Like hopson, or someone who has the nards to stand up to the league once in a while. Like a Clyde Brock type.

I think we agree that Reynolds is not the guy.

Under the Riders’ structure, can he be fired? Or is he elected at the AGM? I’ve never really paid that much attention to the top echelon.

In a perfect world, I’d like to see the Riders poach Danny MacManus from his Asst GM role in Winnipeg and drop him in to replace ODay.

I’m not locked on Buck Pierce as HC, but I’d like to see him interviewed on the short list.

Yeah, I agree , but who will want the job, this doesn’t seem to be the place a lot want to flock to at. Gm, ceo, or hc… that’s another problem here. And always has been.