2013 Rebuild Starts NOW

Now that the season is over the Cats should get an early head start on building for next year. Immediately get a plan in place as to what the missing pieces were and start pursuing them with vigor. They need to get the early jump on the other teams right now before any quality personnel is snapped up. Last year the Argos were already securing Milanovich before the Grey Cup was even played. They need to keep an eye on potential high profile free agents that they actually need. Like DBs, O and D-linemen. If Cortez needs a vacation to clear his head then he should go home and relax for a few days, clean out the garage or something and then get right back in the office. There needs to be a sense of urgency this off-season and there shouldn't be any excuses that Cortez came in late and had to work with what was left over from Marcel. He has every opportunity in the world right now to correct this errant sailing ship.

I agree and remember making the same suggestion last year at this time. It appears that we're stuck with Cortez, but
that doesn't necessarily mean he needs to be the head coach. I think he is already the director of player personnel and
the offensive coordinator. I would negotiate with him on accepting those two tasks only, and of course, in view of his
dismal season, a substantial pay cut .

I would like to see a new head coach and defensive coordinator. It is likely too early to do anything about this situation
right now as most of the people that would be considered are currently under contracts. Some of these contracts will
be in their final year however; so management needs to get a bead on these people and nail down some intelligent

Haven't they said that every season for the past decade has been a rebuilding season? When are we going to be serious challengers? BC has been in the playoffs 19 seasons in a row!

That's a great suggestion about Cortez. I don't have a problem with his OC abilities but for game management he is a fish out of water. There's no need to fire him but a reassignment of his duties would be smart.

it will not happen. We are stuck with him as coach and the almighty boss of football ops.

Everything done for 2013 needs to be for 2014's team, so that the pieces for a winning team are in place for new stadium. That should mean immediate goodbyes to some bigger names; Hank (can't have a 40 QB in 2014), Hage (sorry but the injuries have added-up), Avon (this has to be Mallet or Walker's team, plus age), Stala (age), Johnston (age), Peach (injuries are a concern), Tisdale (age) and R. William (just not that stud middle-LB that this team needs).

NO need to fire Cortez, it was his rookie season and we all learn from our mistakes.
As for next year, you keep the Offense in tact, we are stuck with the "O" linemen, unless they can find a couple in the off season but just too few out there. Maybe get rid of Fantuz and his big contract and pick up two good Defensive players for the price of one.
It's the Defense where they have to make some changes. So no need to re-build.

IMO, The amount of changes that have happened over the past decade IS the problem. We need constancy. Starting fresh again will just produce the same results.

Keep Cortez, and lose Fantuz? Now that's insane....

Personally I don't believe for one second Cortez has any ability to learn from his mistakes. He has been in coaching too long to be let off the hook for him having a 'rookie season'.

He is a cancer that needs to be excised from this team now....