2013 Pre-Season TurkeybendPower Rankings

Okay folks time to turn the page and start a new 2013 chapter of the CFL.
PRe - season undisputed Turkeybend Power Rankings are as follows:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Durrant will win MOP and lead the mighty Riders back to the promised land. Maybe even an undefeated season. Best coach in the CFL.

  2. Toronto Argos- Defending champs who sadly get complacent and arrogant which costs them.

  3. B.C. Lions- hard working Leos fall short again in the WEstern Final against the superior and more gutsy Riders.

  4. Calgary Stampeders- hampered again by injuries and the trading of Kevin Glenn. The Stamps falter down the stretch.

  5. Montreal Alouettes- A.C. starts to look his age and non-playing time for his longtime understudy McPherson comes back to haunt the Als as A.C. gets injured just before playoffs.

  6. Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Kevin Glenn returns and leads the Bombers to competitive mediocrioty.

  7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- Henry Burris throws for over 3000 yards but many of these yards are to opposition players.

  8. Edmonton Eskimos- No quarterback no playoffs. Hard working defence cannot do it alone as the CFL is a quarterback's league :stuck_out_tongue:

Rider Pride Nation Wide
Riders Rule Again

  1. Toronto Argos - Why not? Offense, Defense, Special teams, Coaching, all remain solid.

  2. B.C. Lions- Coaches learn from WDF mistakes.

  3. Calgary Stampeders- A healthy Tate is a Dangerous Tate....maybe.

  4. Edmonton Eskimos- New quarterbacks make a difference.

  5. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- Ticats remember to bring some D players to camp.

  6. Montreal Alouettes- A.C. cant get it done forever.

  7. Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Spin the wheel and see what QB it lands on.

  8. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Riders blow away the old league records for number of timecount penalties per game, due to durrants obsessive counting and recounting the players on the field, just to make sure. Defense gets caught a lot counting as well. Paranoia runs rampant during 2013. Everywhere they look, they see 13. Coaches have nightmares about the number 13. SASk govt in desparation tries to ban the number 13 from being spoken or displayed in the province.