2013 Playoff Chances

Might be a little early for this ... but might as well get the thread started ...

So here are the TiCats playoff chances calculated mathematically ...


69.7% chance of making the playoffs.

The fact that Montreal & Winnipeg are weak within our division but more importantly Edmonton is weak and not poised for the crossover ...

A little early to talk playoffs, there are 15 more games. Why not just enjoy the season? After all the playoffs are only one or two games!!!! Personally I like the football season and don't care too much for playoffs. Too many people obsessed with winning and the playoffs.

Updated probabilities for Hamilton making the playoffs.


Briefly, Hamilton has a 99.6% chance of making the playoffs after 8 games of competition. Toronto is at 99.9% & Montreal is at 93.9%. Winnipeg is in dire straights at 6.6%.

I'd hate to say its almost a guarantee at this point, but it seems to be shaping up this way. Als and Bombers are tanking this year, although I will never count Montreal out of anything. As long as we can stay ahead of the Eskimos (and we should...seeing as we have a 3 game lead over them), playoffs are as good as a lock.

Edmonton has to finish with a better record than the Ticats to cross over, so in reality the Cats are already up 4 wins.

I think it would be almost impossible for Hamilton to miss the playoffs. As long as the Bummers are in the division and the Esks don't do a 180, they can print the playoff tix.

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Edmonton gets 2 free spaces on the bingo card when they play the Bombers, but they don't have any easy opponents left beyond that.

At Calgary
vs Calgary
vs Winnipeg
at Winnipeg
vs Toronto
at Montreal
at Saskatchewan
vs Calgary
at BC
vs Saskatchewan

Optimistically they win at most 5 games. They should be able to beat Winnipeg twice, and I could see them upsetting Montreal, and outside shot at Toronto and BC. I doubt a 6-12 team will cross over.

Cats will be in the Grey Cup this year and be coming home with the Cup. Make the parade route now, and it better be in Hamilton not Guelph!

Magic number for ham is only 7 to make the playoffs which makes it almost a guarantee