2013 Ottawa Expansion Draft Update

Ottawa's new owners want access to EVERY teams backup QB'S and 7-8 Canucks per team, isn't that a little selfish on there part? The excuse is "for Ottawa to draw the fans, we need to be a contender right from day 1". That makes me sick to my stomach, the RR and Renegades have crap teams and fold because the fans don't want to support a losing franchise, please why should they get a team back in the first place? That is my take on the new Ottawa franchise!!

I'm not going to get freaked out or anything until they have actually decided something. I can understand why Ottawa would want access to more QBs on rosters since it very hard to find good ones. There will likely be a limit as to how many players Ottawa can take altogether and per team so they will also have to sign free agents to fill out their team.

if we have all of jyles brink and pierce in 2013, why not put them on the ir :stuck_out_tongue: i mean really, thats pretty stupid. groom a qb for the future only for ottawa to take them?

i mean if there big concern is fans in ottawa wont support a losing team, why bring a team back there again then?

like boo hoo.

id rather see a team somewhere where fans support them regardless of wins or loss's. moncton might be the better option.

You can't keep a player on IR for ever and the league and Ottawa wouldn't be as stupid to believe it's a real injury ! We need a strong Ottawa and they shouldn't be allowed to take anybody they want off rosters !Taking one second string QB out of 8 isn't bad ! We would protect Jyles over Buck for obvious reasons and I think they would look at Calgary's or Montreal's back up before gambling on Buck !

1- I think that is fair, every team get's to keep its starting QB and they get to keep their Canadian starters, players claimed go from backups to starters. Good for the players claimed... :thup:

2- The league needs to be credible and yes after folding twice and seeing their team's corpse get skinned, the fans in Ottawa are OWED. Good for the fans :thup:

3- As a Winnipeg fan might want to be more concerned with being back and competing in the West :smiley: :rockin:

There has to be some balance, Ottawa will be able to go after free agents as well as get their picks in the draft. Those selections and how they affect the other teams need to be taken into account. For every free agent and draft pick they acquire from another team, they should have to forfeit their expansion draft picks from that team, imo.

.....we all would like to see a team flourish in Ottawa but the formulae has to be worked out so as not to hinder a team in the the throws of a re-build....that does nothing to strengthen the league...Some teams are blessed with better ni talent ...We sure aren't because of bad dealings in the past but that should not compromise the work of the present regime...We are just finding our way back and looking forward to some decent draft years because we've kept them (or because the present policy of Mack and Lapolice is to do just that)....It would be a mistake to have that course of action snatched away...We have to face it that there are going to be self-sacrifices to ensure the new team in Ottawa gets off the ground but it cannot be at too deep a cost to other teams trying to find their own foothold... As far as qbs. go,If the argos can find a Lemon (sounds kind of funny but they now have one) then i don't see why another can't be found ...It's going to be tricky but i am with blueblood...Let's see what the final course of action, for the selection of players, for expansion looks like ,before we go off on a rant...We need some more info. :expressionless: