2013 Hiatus from Hamilton Impact

With seating capacity at the Guelph's Alumni Stadium expected to be a very modest 13,000 to 14,000, what is the likelihood that the Ticats will be able to sell out their homes games in 2013? With the additional commute times to travel to Guelph, tickets surcharges/facility fee, etc...will we see any sellouts throughout the year?

When factoring the financial and brand impact of one year hiatus from Hamilton, contributing $2,000,000+ fees to the U of Guelph, and ostracizing 2012 season tickets owners by "miscommunicating" priority seating in new stadium, was contesting West Harbor Stadium location in favour of rebuilding Ivor Wynne and 1 year hiatus a sound business decision?

Disillusioned Tigercat Diehard Fan.

Yesterday, I had the quarterly visit with my dentist, who has been a Tiger cat season ticket holder for many years. He has a big autographed picture on the wall in his office and usually provides copies of the schedule for patient pickup.

I asked him if he was making the trek to Guelph this year and he said yes, grudgingly . He also commented that he has been surprised by the number of his patients, who are Tiger cat ticket buyers who have said to him that they would NOT be travelling to Guelph.

He believes that Bob Young is at least 50% responsible for this situation and should NOT be passing on the cost of his bad decision making to the ticket buyers (ticket surcharge, parking, shuttle).

For what it's worth.....

I think it is telling that they are still using promotions and giveaways for tickets to the home opener.

Hope I am wrong, but you would think it would be an easy sell out and there would be no need.

However, they may have kept a couple hundred tickets for giveaways and promotions as advertising, so it may be nothing.

It does seem like at the very least this will make a good impression on Guelph. Maybe some of those people become long term fans who otherwise wouldn't.