2013 Grey Cup contenders?

I was reading one of the other threads and the topic shifted to Grey Cup contenders for this year and who would likely win the GC. Some of the comments were excellent and I didn't want fans to miss seeing those comments. I hope the posters who posted there post similar comments here.

Most agree that we'll be watching a re-match of Calgary vs Toronto. This will be cool because Calgary lost last year and its pay back time. Some believe that Toronto could be upset by Montreal or Hamilton and not make it to the Grey Cup. I agree. Of course I'd love to see the Lions in the Grey Cup this year but I'm sure it's only a dream. The Lions can be very good but I cannot see the Lions beating both SSK and Calgary in away games in the playoffs. I don't think the Lions can pull that off...even with Travis Lulay back at the helm.

Both Montreal and Hamilton have a shot at taking out Toronto but in all likelihood the Argos will prevail. Most of us know that any CFL team can be beaten. The weakest teams like Edmonton and Winnipeg have surprised the opposition and the fans. However, putting fluke wins, bad refereeing, off days, key player injuries aside, I agree that we should be seeing a Calgary/Toronto rematch in Regina this year... and deservedly so.

If both of these teams are in, who will most likely win? I think the safest bet would be Calgary but it is not written in stone. Yes, this team is about as solid as any team I've seen for quite some time. The coaching staff is excellent. Cornish plays like he is possessed. Paredes, their field goal kicker, holds the CFL's most consecutive field goals record and has only missed 2 FGs all season. Calgary has some excellent receivers. The D is 2nd in allowing fewest points against. On paper the Stamps should be hoisting the Grey Cup this year. However, this is the CFL and we all know what can happen in the CFL. Re-matches do not necessarily translate into victories.

SSK had a chance for retribution against Montreal in 2010 after blowing their chance in the 2009 Grey Cup. We all know what happened in 2009. In 2010 Montreal beat SSK again!

A Calgary Grey Cup victory is not inevitable. Statistically Calgary should have won last year's Grey Cup but lost to a team that lost half of its regular season games. In fact Calgary did not just lose last year, they were whooped! Why did that happen? Statistically, if Calgary makes it into the Grey Cup, the team should win but I would not be surprised if they don't. Why did they not win last year? Who knows?

We might be seeing a re-match of last year and a repeat outcome with Toronto prevailing once again OR.......... we just might all be surprised and not see either of these teams entertaining us in the Grey Cup.

Weather will be a big factor. Chances are late november it will be real cold and windy in the prairies. Calgary has more tools to play in cold weather than Ricky Ray does. I remember Montreal going into a cold Edmonton stadium for the GC and beating Ray, the following year Ray came and played iniside at the Big O and played much better. He knocked us out last year indoors too. Now they could always pull Ray and give the ball to Collaros but I really don't see that happening. Toronto even with TheKack is still at a significant disadvantage against Calgary.

All teams who make it to the playoffs are contenders. Personally I think Hamilton will beat out Toronto in the East Final because Toronto has been playing horrible at home this season.

The West is still very much up for grabs as well as all three teams have shown they can beat each other. The West final will come down to who has the ball last.

I agree that in the CFL, any team can win on any given day...

The team that wins the Grey Cup is the team that comes together and plays as a team, not individuals. It is the team that is mentally tough, and is the team that has the best execution of their game plan and plays.

All the talent in the world does not guarantee a championship!

At this stage of the season, I believe the Stamps have the edge and are front runners right now. They are the strongest mentally. And they are the club that is playing like a "team" right now. They have overcome the adversity of all their injuries, and everyone has stepped up to achieve one goal... To win


"All teams who make it to the playoffs are contenders."

I understand where you're coming from but you may as well say that all 8 teams are "contenders"throughout the season until mathematically eliminated. After all they are all still trying to compete for the same thing.
When I use the phrase Grey Cup contenders it is in the context of who will actually make it to the Grey Cup. At that point there can only be two and those two are the teams actually playing for the Grey Cup.

"The West is still very much up for grabs"

If by the West you mean who will represent the west is up for grabs I agree. It is possible that the Lions, Stamps or Roughriders could be the Grey Cup contenders but the way Calgary has been dominating the opposition I think it is improbable they will not finish in 1st and win the Western Final.

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Logic says Calgary is the team to beat in the West and hard to argue against all of their attributes particularly if they host the western final. But, two other factors have come to play time and time again in the western playoffs: weather and underdogs.
Eliminate the Lions if they have to play on the road for either playoff game as they melt in cold weather like the wicked witch of the east in Somewhere Over the Rainbow when thrown a bucket of water at her.
However, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are the only team capable and have done so many times, of going into Calgary and beating the Stamps on their home turf. The Riders relish being underdogs and love the nothing to lose everything to gain attitude that so often leads to victory for lower seeded teams in the playoffs particularly in the wild West. Furthermore, The Riders are the ONLY TEAM THAT SEEM TO HAVE HOME GAMES ON THE ROAD AS THE STANDS ARE ALWAYS FILLED WITH MANY RIDER FANS! :rockin: 8) :smiley: :smiley:
THIS IS DIFFICULT FOR HOME TEAMS TO HANDLE ESPECIALLY IF THE RIDERS TAKE AN EARLY LEAD OR HANG AROUND. CALGARY'S WORST NIGHTMARE IS TO PLAY THE RIDERS IN THE WESTERN FINAL AT HOME. To be honest, I think Calgary would have a better chance beating the Riders is the roles were reversed and Calgary had to play Saskatchewan in Regina for the Western final to take the pressure off themselves. In any case, the Riders will prevail!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
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I think who hosts the west final is even uncertain. If the Riders beat BC next week, then Calgary the following week then it comes down to the final week of the season to determine who gets the bye. BC may rest starters in that final game or they may not. Still alot of football to be played.

This is true! Unexpected injuries could take their toll.

Right now one thing is certain…6 teams have a 1 in 6 shot at winning it all,and a 1 in 3 chance to be in the game,not bad odds when you think about it.For what it’s worth,I’ll take a Cats vs Stamps game in the Grey Cup…but it could easily end up Al’s vs Lions or Riders vs Argos or any other combination you can make up at this point,this is the CFL after all and as we all know or should know in this league…anything can and usually does happen…at this point only the shadow knows… :cowboy:





Calgary is the team to beat at this point. They've won games with 3 different quarterbacks in there, and losing a big part of their offense in Nik Lewis. I think on any given day they can be beaten by Sask or BC to represent the West, but they would have to be the favourite. In the East, with a healthy Ricky Ray, I think it's the Argo's. Hamilton has improved as the season has gone by, and I wouldn't call it a big upset to see them represent the East either. Montreal to me is a longshot, they're horrific offensively, but fantastic on D.

Good point about Lewis being out of the Calgary line-up Dust. I totally forgot about him. He was a big part of the Calgary offence and even without him Calgary's offence is still potent.

Normally I would agree but not this year - "any team can win on any given day.." not if it's the Bombers or Esks, they can't win on any day.
The Riders look pretty ordinary ,if they continue to play the way they have been they will go out in the first round. If Toronto play the way they did against the Ticats last week they would be knocked out of the East final or maybe the semi.