2013 Grey Cup already SOLD OUT

[b]REGINA -- The 2013 Grey Cup is a sellout.

The CFL and Grey Cup organizers made the announcement Wednesday, more than five months before the game is scheduled to be played.

This year's CFL championship game will be played Nov. 24 at Mosaic Stadium in Regina.[/b]


I don't think anyone is really surprised! :rockin:

I hear that if yer looking for a place to stay,you can sleep on Brents or Hanks couch in DOGRIVER!!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Not surprising, it's where the heart and soul of Canadian football is situated.

If the GREENIES are in it,WOW!!!!!! I'tll be the party of the century,you won't be able to buy a watermelon anywhere in the province!!! Hopefully mother-nature co-operates,could be a brisk day in the prairie.Looking forward to my CATS taking on the GREEN MACHINE!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :thup:

Plenty of tickets will be available when the Riders bow out. Just in case by some miracle the Riders do play on Nov. 24, I already have my tickets.

I wonder how many tickets have been sold to corporations like Costco for resale?

Gonna be really odd if Saskachewan doesn't make it, as you know the stands aren't going to be a rainbow like in Toronto, they are going to be green.

Toronto, what a joke, I saw "Argo fans" from Toronto, no Argo garb on them at all, quietly applauding the Argos (can't applaud the Argos too much but they somehow went to the GC because the Argos were there and they have an old affinity to them). Haven't been to a regular season game in years or decades. Joke.

Kind of cool that people like me wearing my TiCats stuff and other fans of other teams in the CFL wearing their garb outnumbered the poor Argo fans and their team was in the 100th! In droves. In Toronto and in "their" stadium. Too funny. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

There will be a good color selection no matter who plays, but yes, mainly home colors, same as any cup. I will wear the Jersey of whomever I elect to cheer for…which will likely be the underdog.

I will wear the colours of the team that represents the West. My personal pecking order as past on to me by my Dad.

Edmonton first, Alberta second, West third and the East when hell freezes over!

Although it’s not how well you play your first game, but your last, I think going into week 4 the Riders are the odds on favorite to win the Cup.

So as of today, writing that the Riders in the Cup would be a “miracle” would be an untrue statement.

no surprise , its SASK I remember in 1995 they sold out the grey cup months before the game , and the year before that, bc could not sell it out and bc was in it.

He just figures theyre long shots where the Esks are no shots..

And if the Riders are in it, it'll be 95% Rider fans in the stands

Yea, because no one can get hotel rooms.

Unfortunately the Grey Cup has outgrown Regina.

Lol - yes that happens every year. Don't forget that the ticket allocation is distributed to all teams and when teams get knocked out, there are fans that will return tickets. There are always tickets available in November.

Regina and surrounding area is in a building boom ( Stats Can ) , Grey Cup will never outgrow them Westerners

I'll admit, Earl has a point here. The 100th Grey Cup was a solid mixture of all types of fans, although I think the fewest in number were Als and BC fans when I was there. This one, I'm pretty sure Green is going to be the predominant color.

I was at the 100th grey cup and also took in the week of festivities. I saw plenty of argo fans wearing argo stuff. The teams with the least fan representation was the als, bombers, and eskimos. Plenty of BC fans were there. I guess they thought they would be in it. Earl please stop bashing argo fans this does a disservice to the argo organization and the cfl.

What sells out faster? The Buffalo Bills annual game in Toronto or the Grey Cup after the ticket window opens?

That would be the litmus test for determining if the 12-man game should be replaced with the 11-man game based on the will of the Canadian people and not their government.