2013 First Round draft Picks

  1. Lindon Gaydosh DT Hamilton - NFL
  2. Andy Mulamba DT Winnipeg - NFL
  3. Mike Edem S Montreal - signed 2013 all star safety
  4. Corey Watman C/G Saskatchewan - signed 2013 back up Olineman
    5 Steve Lumbala RB Montreal - singed 2013 back up RB/ special teams
  5. Hunter Steward OL BC - signed march 26 2014
  6. Brander Graighead OL Calgary singed for the 2014 season
  7. Matt Sewell OL Toronto - signed for 2014 season
    9 Nate McMillian OL Ottawa - unsigned as of yet

Gaydosh and Mulumba do not look to be coming to the CFL anytime soon.

For Hamilton it was a loss but have acquired a ton of Canadian talent through the draft.

Winnipeg losing Mulumba is a major blow to their rebuilding. Will be taking an Olineman first in 2014 draft and have addressed the need at safety by acquiring several Canadian safeties all with starting potential.

Huge signing for BC. With the top Canadian Olineman headed to the NFL and the next 3 most likley being selected before they draft in 2014 Steward will have a chance to start right away.

Ottawa McMillian would be a huge signing giving even ore Canadian Depth on the Oline and will likley take another Olineman.
with the top Pick in the 2014 draft. If Ottawa can sign both draft picks form the Oline they are well on their way to have the deepst group of Canadian Olineman and will most likley begin to build an Oline system of 4 Canadians and one import at LT.

His name's Nolan, not Nate.

I guess we won't hear from those guys (Ottawa's 2013 picks) until they see what the NFL draft and subsequent UFA signing period holds...

Most likely not. With the exception of Tyler Digby who is playing in the NLL indoor lacrosse league in Vancouver.
Nll regular season ends in April and Digby plans to play both for now. At 6'3"250 great size for a TE in the CFL and is a great athlete and could be moved to other positions.
I would guess with the NLL being a part time pro sport playing in the CFL first would be his best bet coming out of smaller Robert Morris and if he should excel could see NFL interest.
Fortunetly for Ottawa they used the expansion draft to iild some great depth of Canadian Olineman and will select one with the first pick in this draft so they have the luxury of waiting for McMillian