2013 Expansion Draft question..

ok so in 2013 there's gonna be a draft.

this will be a huge question for us as far as protection.

now, assuming that we're allowed to protect 2 receivers..

who do we protect?

we have a great group of receivers...

so out of Dressler, Fantuz, Bagg, Getzlaf, Sisco, who at this point are our future..

who do we protect and who do we give Ottawa a chance to draft?

Will there be like a couple of wild card type protections?

really hard to say.

I don't see us being able to protect very many receivers.

There'll likely be a rule that once the Team selects a receiver that we'll no longer have to worry about it.

cause I can't see them going after them all.

it was like the last draft. once a player from a position was taken, the rest of them were not available.

if Calvillo is still around by 2013 (which I don't see..) the Als will protect him. BUT if he retires by then, McPherson will be protected and the rest will be free.

so for the Riders, obviously Durant protected and the rest free.

our strength is in our Receivers and our Linebackers. but 3 seasons from now is quite far away and who knows what we will look like by then.

Well, Id wanna keep as many Canadian receivers as possible as long as they are still productive, but keeping Dressler (who is obv an import is key). Rob Bagg is my favorite though lol

Dressler and either Fantuz,or depending on how he pans outs, Sisco. Obviously by 2013 Fantuz will only have about 3-5 good years left, and Sisco could have a few more than that, I say protect future.

I agree. protecting the future is imperative.
You can see that our LB's are already getting older and outdated. If they need to go then go.
Future is always the way to go.

2013 is a long long way away. we may only have half of the players you are worried about. Keep the Canadians and let more imports be available. With the probable exception of quarterbacks. Age injuries, Salary and recent production will all factor in to that decission. Lets worry about this year, a defensive end that sacks qb's and younger quicker middle line baker and help on the O line.

I agree with every thing you said but the underlined. What possible reason could you have for not liking Simpson? He leads the league in tackles, shows nothing but heart and determination, and can rely on his vast experience to lead the other guys on the field. If you go to the games, watch Simpson before and after the game when they play the "This is our House" song, he is really pumped up to play(or he just really likes the song), it's hilarious. This guy breathes football, and while he has not been perfect out there, he has certainly been great for us in at least the last three games. I would guess that he has next year in the tank too, and after that we have Kye Stewart, Renauld Williams, Jerrell Freeman, Brian Bullock, and possibly even Mike McCullough (baring their contracts of course) to possibly be our next Middle Linebacker. Plus another training camp to bring one in.
Or maybe you are pissed off about Old Gertrude at Timmies who just can't handle that middle baker position.

But like I said I agreed on the first part.

Keep in mind right now Bagg is 25, Clermont is 31, Dressler is 25, Fantuz is 27, and Getzlaf is 27 and the oldest of the "Air Force". Sisco is only 22. I'm only taking the year into account, my ages might be slightly off but they are close.

Right now if you had to let someone go, obviously it'd be Clermont as he's not a starter right now, but after him to me anyways it's Getzlaf they'd let go, despite being fairly productive and a local guy. He's actually almost a full year older than Fantuz which is hard to believe. I often forget how old Getzlaf is, even though he's played less games than Fantuz and Bagg.

does anyone know the status of their contracts btw?

like we know Fantuz signed so he's safe

but what about Bagg and Getzlaf, Dressler, ?

ok I did some research

apparently they're all signed for a while..

Bagg, Dressler, Fantuz and Getzlaf all signed extensions in 2010 and are here to stay, so that means Tillman won't be able to sign any of them..

phew!!.. :cry:

Dressler signed a one and one just before they closed the nfl option window, so if he wants (and someone will take him) next year he can go to the states.

well, I guess we'll have to see what Dressler wants..

Dressler has the speed and the cast iron Balls to make it in the NFL but he doesn't have the size

Dressler is too small for the NFL. No team will even look at him. If for some reason they do, he will not make the cut. Great receiver...has the technical skills, just too small.
Fantuz is obvious, see what happens between now and then though. I would anticipate Sisco. There is a major point that must be looked at though...a few are Regina/Sask guys. If things are still looking good then, you would leave open whomever has a single year on contract, because they might come back as a free agent at season end. GMs will consider this in draft, and might avoid them.