2013 EX-TICAT TEAM-redone

Just fer kicks,here is my 2013 X-CAT TEAM....Made up of Cats now playing elsewhere in the CFL or NFL,or recently released or f.a. unsigned from the team,no later than last yr.starters are in caps,reserves are bracketed







The X-CATS have 42 players same as a reg.game day roster only difference being only 2 q.b.

I know the team has flaws,but over-all I think it don't look too bad in comparison to what we have now....C.Williams was not included by the way as he is on suspended list not a f.a. or been released

That's actually kind of disappointing, when you see how many great names are on that list. Now some are no fault of the team. I mean Thigpen, Medlock & Hickman moved onto bigger and better things. Also Glenn got us Burris, which was well worth it.

However, McDaniel, Carter, R. Williams, and I can't help but think Colclough is going to be the next one we regret, I can't help but thing there are too many big fish that are getting away from us.

Tis true Hammer,Oh well,the X-CATS were just me having some fun,but I do know that I would take the X-CATS starting Defence over what we have right now.We would certainly not be avg. 31.5 pts agst. and would be probably near the top in q.b sacks,and a have a few int.s also.Oh well if the truth be known in an 8 team league,you could probably do this experiment with every team,as players bounce around from team to team,could most likely make up an entire X-Team division....It just seems like we lead the league in roster turnover,maybe we could open up a bake shop!! donuts and turnovers being our specialty :lol: :roll:

You could also add the coaches we have lost eg Corey Chamblin, George Cortez, Kavis Reed and Greg Marshall (the second). :frowning:
However...it's too soon to tell this season if their departure has turned out better or worse for us.

The DB's are terrible . No hope for this team .
3-15 at best

LOL the starting 5 aren't that bad...granted ya got two "hot heads" who are also kinda "hot dogs" (Dwight Anderson,Kyries Hebert) and the 4 reserves are totally mediocre to god awful,it was what I had to work with....3-15....NAY!!!!
I'm saying at the very least 9-9. :lol: :wink:

Interesting post! Don't forget Darian Durant's rights were acquired by Saskatchewan from Hamilton in the Kerry Joseph (dispersal draft) trade. We technically could have had Durant as a starter as well...

Wasn't aware of this trade ? Interesting!!! Don't recall it all,maybe you can refresh my memory? :?

“Durant was placed on the Ottawa Renegades negotiation list in 2003, by future Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman.[11] After the Renegades folded, his rights were obtained by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and later dealt to the Roughriders in a trade that included Corey Holmes.[11][12]”

Interesting!!! Thanx Fender!!!! :lol:

8) Another marvellous trade by the TiCats :roll:
   We trade the rights to Darian Durant  to Regina for Corey Holmes, who was a bust in Hamilton.

     The following season we trade Holmes back to Regina, along with NI Receiver Chris Getzlaf, for IMP Receiver Jason 
       Armstead.   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

       Imagine if we had just kept Durant !!

Good old Dejardin,remember this clown,also the guy who traded D.J.Flick,W.Smith for q.b Rocky Butler,who never made the team.IMO The worst G.M. in team history also traded away T.Davis,J.Montford released Hitchcock,Morreale brought in Maas at q.b. totally gutted the team!!! What a beauty this guy was!!! Were still recovering from having this clown totally destroy the team.Good luck to the REDBLACKS(aka...CheckerBoards) with this moron running the show!!!! :thdn:

And like when he was with Hamilton, Popp has kept his office and will welcome Dejardins back when he fails in Ottawa. The ownership and the fans there better have lots, and lots, and lots of patience, pack lots of anti-depressants too.

Theres a show on SPIKE TV,called deadliest warrior where they have two warriors of old go head to head in a simulation,were they project a 1000 battles and see who comes out on top victorious. Just wondering what the result would be for fun if we put the X-CAT squad up against the 2013 CAT squad!!! I bet the end results would be very interesting indeed.

The CFL is more about recycling players deemed not good enough to play for one team only to be picked up by another. Mostly I think it is because of the larger width of the field and the fact that it takes time to adjust to the Canadian game as opposed to these players being the best available. Coaches seem always to go to guys with experience even though they are not that good.

The key to winning is to recruit talented players and teach and give them an opportunity to succeed. I am tired of seeing players that are mediocre at best move from team to team.

Recruiting, and player development are the keys. Oh on a side note, you need a good QB to win.

How about the coaching team it's just as long HC & CO-Ordinators :lol: :lol: :roll:

No doubt about the X-CATS would've been well coached.......seems our organization is the farm system for the rest of the league.Both in players as well as coaches! :wink:

I can't prove this, but I just know deep down in my gut, that if we had retained the rights to Durant, he would be out of pro football by now.

Ya could be right on the money there ExPat,my guess would be that he would have been here 2-3 yrs.
max. and then run out of town ala Calvillo on to bigger and better things.

As I recall, ExPat, Durant was in the Tiger cats training camp at one point.