2013 Draft Picks Status

1. Nolan MacMillan IOWA OL - Macmillan was a starter at Iowa that played both OG and OT over his career. Injuries kept him off the field for parts of his career but when healthy was of starters quality in the Big 10

2. Conner Williams DE Utah ST.

3. Kalonji Kashama DE Eastern Mighigan

4. Tyler Digby TE Robert Morris - A two star athlete chose Robert Morris to be able to play both Lacrosse and Football. Just finished his pro indoor Lacross season with the Vancouver Stealth. Like Lavoi and Delahunt he is a true TE. Like both of them he is likley CFL ready to play his rookie season. If Digby should play in the CFL he would be ain a good position to play both sports for a while as there in no overlap in seasons and having an offseason job as a pro Lacrosse player would keep him in shape for sports all year round

All four are probably CFL roster ready. All four are likley waiting to see what NFL options they may have.

If MacMillan is signed before the CFL draft could that influence who they may take with the first overall pick. Lavertu a center and interior lineman very polished.
Or Quinn Smith who is being projected as making a possible move to the Oline in the CFL. IF Ottawa goes that route he would have to spend the season converting but could be a better overall player in the long run.

Both Williams and Kashama can sign with Ottawa at some point this season whether before Training camp or if find themselves in an NFL camp and don't make the cut either way both would likley be able to contribute on teams right away.
Does either have the ability to be a starter on defense at DE or Will LB? Or could either find a niche as a 3rd DE in a rotation?

A NFL scouting report I read a while back had McMillan rated 125th for OT's. Calgary has already signed their top pick from last year OT Craighead from UTEP, he was rated 65th on the same list. Apparently he realized he wasn't going to be drafted and decided to sign with Calgary instead of waiting around for a FA deal in the NFL.

Conner Williams was rated 106 for DE's and Kashama 114 also for DE's. They're not going to be drafted by those numbers, but maybe they will get a Camp invite

BC Lions have also signed Hunter steward who was the 6th pick overall.
Also think it is a little surprising that there has been little talk about MacMillan. Maybe now that Hage has retired and the draft getting closer there may be something in the works. Coming out of a career in the Big 10 able to be a starter his freshman year he could have a chance at hitting the starting lineup at LG if the REDBLACKS decide to go with 4 Canadians on the Oline with Krausnick at C, Eppelle at RG and Deane (who also started in the Big 10 for Mich ST at RT his sr year) at RT.
Being weak at Canadian Receiver could be the way to go when they need to go 5 wide can use 4 imports.
Strong already at TE with Lavoi and Delahunt could see alot of 4 wide and TE. Calgary heavy staff used similar with Cote at TE/h-Back.
I have not even seen Digby's name at all in the NFL circles. Now that MLL Digby and Ottawa can start talks. with lavoi and Delahunt already among the top CFL TEs Digby could ease his way into the CFL. Great athlete I could see the REDBLACKS placing him on the 9 game IR for the first half of the season and then spring him the second half when injuries hit.

I wonder if Tardif will ever play in the CFL? He was selected in the NFL draft and I'm sure that his medical career will be put on hold while he attends the Chiefs camp. If he doesn't make the NFL and returns to Canada, I don't think he could resume his medical training and play football.

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/05/10/canadian-med-school-student-drafted-by-chiefs-helped-bring-twins-into-world-in-emergency-c-section]http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/05/10/can ... -c-section[/url]

I tell you it will be intersting to see how it all plays out.
If he does make the roster and play through his rookie 3 year contract but never reach the level of starter we could very well see him in the CFL, especially if he does gain the ability to have a star status as a LT.

McGill University's President has already stated they will accomodate him. Ideal situation for him if he does play in the CFL would be Montreal. Kansas knows he's very, very raw, so you have to think they plan on investing at least two or years in him before expecting him to suit up. He's also very young.

It could mean 2 years on the Chiefs Practice roster. Being a draft pick and a raw project with a possible big payoff would likely get more than a regular practice roster player.
the Als would be ideal if he does come to the CFL but could play somewhere else if drafted and attend school during the off season. The CFL schedule sets up nicely for players to attend school in the second semester. Mcgill working with him would help also. While attending classes in the off season in the CFL would also have the training facilities at his disposal

Kashama is apparently going to the Detroit camp on an invite. Seeing he played in their back yard at Eastern Michigan the Lions should know all about him. Not like an unknown from the CIS.

Haven't heard anything on McMillan and Williams. The fact Ottawa didn't go after any of the top O Linemen in the draft may mean they have McMillan coming to camp.

Desjardins recently made a comment about how these guys are exhausting every single shred of NFL possibility that they have, which is fine, but he still expects to get them in camp.

I didn't know about Kashama though, and it may be that Desjardins wasn't either when he said it (because I'm not sure if the quote is very recent).

I was a little surprised that the trade with BC on Tuesday didn't include Digby's rights, since he plays lacrosse out there anyway.

With McMillan and Williams yet to sign a rookie FA contract means they will need to go to a rookie mini camp and try to win a TC roster camp there where there will be very few roster spots available since teams have already singed their top rookie FA interests.
If Lavertu is considered CFL ready then McMillan who had started many games during his time at Iowa also would be considered to be CFL ready. He was a full time starter his freshman season and injuries are what kept him out of the lineup at times during the rest of his career but healthy as i beleive he is now the Big 10 certainly will have him as CFL pro ready as possible to play one of the OG spots if needed for a 4/5 Canadian Oline. Deane RT, Eppelle RG, Gott C, McMillian LG, and Import at LT. Alexander krusnick as the 6th Olineman

Well a couple of these guys have been signed now. Was starting to wonder...

The REDBLACKS also signed four other draftees today, including two local players from the 2013 first-round pick and Ottawa Valley native [b]Nolan MacMillan[/b], a 6-foot-6, 294-pound offensive lineman, and Kanata native [b]Connor Williams[/b]; a 6-foot-3, 278-pound defensive end.

A South African kicker trying out and going head to head with Palardy

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/05/29/south-african-kicker-grateful-for-redblacks-opportunity]http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/05/29/sou ... pportunity[/url]

I will be curious to see if MacMillan gets a starting spot on the Oline.
Like Graighead in Calgary and Steward in BC may all be much more pro ready from the rookie Olineman from the 2014 draft.
Remeber these guys along with CIS Sewell but Sewell did get a rokkie FA contract right after the draft and not after a rookie mini camp.
Ottawa pretty smart picks in taking two DE in the 2013 draft. Not too many Canadian DEs have been able to have much success aside from Foley

Still have not heard anything on Digby. He is not in the MLL or on the Canadian National Lacrosse team