2013 draft picks Robertson/Alli/Pavlopoulos?


Just looking back at the 2013 draft with Mulumba in the NFL these three names stuck out to me and was wondering what their updates are in regards to signing with the Bombers for 2014.
All three cold make imedite impacts on special teams.

Kris Robertson: I know some hard luck struck him and the Bombers with a season ending injury. What is the update on his health. Potential to be a starting safety but also was an all Canadian returner. Seems like Will Ford has given the Bombers a threat to return Kick offs for TDs but still struggled with punt returners goin back and forth between two players. Also his speed and expereince as a DB always make for a great combo for a coverage team demon as well.
would be huge if he can return healthy and ease the loss of Mulumba for now.

Stephan Alli big 6'6" receiver but made his mark at Florida on coverage teams in the SEC. Very unique to have a receiver at his size to be a great special teams player. At 6'6" with his receiver speed could also be quite effective coming off the edge to block punts as well. That is one big body to lay out. Alli took off his last season of eligibilty for Florida in 2013 to rehab from a leg injury to prepare for the Bombers in 2014

Pavlopulos was brought in last season to push the incumbent Renaud who was ok but still could be upgrading. Now that Povlopulos has had a season to continue working on his 43 yard avg he had in CIS. Could be a dynamic duo of young kicking duo with rookie Lirum Hajrullahu

With O'Shea coming in from a special teams coordinator coach seeing the importance of having some big play makers on special teams can help win games as the offense with a new QB will take time to gell.

This could be a great 4some of young Canadian special teamers.

…You’re definitely right about O’Shea being an advocate for special teams play…When he was hired, he said that special teams can be a huge difference maker and that’s how he intends to turn this club around… I believe they will be heavily accentuated this year…I’m looking forward to see what he puts together in 14’ … :wink:

Robertson is the only one I expect in TC this year.

Alli was supposedly heading to graduate or medical school. I think he’s NFL draft eligible this year but not having played football this year having already graduated I don’t think he’ll get much interest there. He could be a good one but I think he’s done playing football.

Pavlopoulus was in camp last year, doubt he’ll be back. Renaud got the extension to punt, Hajrullahu will probably handle kicks. They liked Brody McKnight who was on the PR for a bit at the tail end of last year, there were some comments he could be brought back for camp. I don’t think Pavlopoulus is brought back.

I was hoping Christo Bilukidi would finally make his way up next year after the Raiders let him go but he’s signed on with the Cincy Bengals for the time being. Could be a good trading chip though as he hasn’t really stood out at the NFL level and could be in the CFL in the next 2-3 yrs. Could maybe pry a body from a team that can afford to wait.

Rnaud had his struggles pre 2013 but if he has got it under control now having a veteran punting specialist should make the Kid from Western's josb a bit easier.
Brody McNight has al kind of hpside and just has not found the right situation. I think he would also benefit with a veteran like Renaud locked in at punter and have him concentrate on just place kicking.
Pavlopoulos has a big leg and seems like he will be a punting specialist exclusively so if the Bombers are set than he should find a spot in a camp for sure and if not a job this year could be upgraded past a practice roster spot and hold a contract on the 9 game.
The Riders have already signed Cameron and Pavlopolos could also be brought in to compete with Schmidt having a great shot in an NFL camp.
Ottawa brought back a former successful CFL kicker who would most likley be looked at as jsust a place kicker so there should be some oppuritunities for Canadian punt specialists to go with the vet.
Medlock in Hamilton is assured as the place kicker but whether they want him to do double duties could leave the Aussie free to win a punting job with another team.
There are quite a few young kicker and punters who have appeared with some good upside the past few seasons making a choice to punt or Place kick may be more beneficial. Milo in Regina is the perfect example of how much better a young kicker can be doing just one of the duties. Lucky for the Riders, If they can resign him, he had broken out as a plade kicker last season.
Too Bad oris Bede is considered an import of a punting and kick off job could well be in his reach in his first season.
With his very little time in the NCAA and no formal gridiron football training before that the players Union should look for an exceptionin his case, For the CFL it would certainy benefit the league if he were considered a non import