2013 Draft Order

The CFL Website has the order with the Cats picking #1, #15, #19, #35, #37, #43, and #45. I guess I had a senior moment but I thought that BC owed us another pick in the Arland Bruce trade. :roll:

I think I just answered my own question. It looks like we traded BC's third rounder to the Esks. There are some interesting stories that may develop in the draft. Sask has 4 picks, the same as Ottawa. The Als have 8 picks with two first rounders, #3 and #5. If the Als wanted to move up to #1, would they give up their #3 and #14 to the Cats? I'm just spitballing here but finally we get to talk about the draft. YES! :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Cats need to throw up ome confusion so that The Als might think that they will not get their guy at 3. Then maybe we can extract extra picks from them.
I would like to think there is a CLEAR cut #1 on the Cats board and they just take him!
If there is 3 guys of equal value in the Cats opinion then trade down.

I personally would like to see the Cats take Gaydosh at #1. He is a 300 pound force. He would give us a nice Canadian to go with big man Torrey Davis in the middle. We have lacked true size and power in the middle of our D-Line ever since the duo of Mike Walker and Michell Price packed it in, in my opinion.

But I have also heard through a very reliable source that the Cats have inquired at length (via coaches at Mac) about Sewell. So this path might be Austin's preference.

I think the Als are sitting pretty at 3 and 5. We already start two NI tackles so have no need for a starting offensive tackle like Sewell (Top prospect IMO) so we will get pretty much our pick of two of the top defensive guys in the draft. We can even spend a pick on Lokombo if the Als feel like gambling. But I'd be happy with Any of Gaydosh,Charles,Mulumba, Aguillar and we are sure to get two of these four guys.

Brian Bulcke is probably going to get that DT spot, so i'd rather see the pick used on Sewell and a later pick used on a back up DT.My logic behind this is we can plug Sewell in at RT in place of the sub par import Marc Dile and either sign or draft a couple guys to back him up if need be.That'd be another off the required ratio.

Hi 15_champoionships :slight_smile:

If indeed Brian Bulcke is slated to be our starting non import DT thern who would you think is going to be the other DT ? Torrey Davis or Terrence Moore . From what I saw last year those two guys were our best tow Dlinemen and bets DT's .
Austin has stated that Non Import Shomari Williams has been brought in to play DE . Does this mean we have two non imports to start on our DLINE ? Would Peguese and Peach then be our tow other Import DE's ?
Where is our pass Rush coming from ? I also botice that Bulcke has not started much in the CFL . What is the book on him ? is he more a run stuffer or does he provide some pass rush in the middle .
I don't see how adding 2 non imports improves our Dline ..just saying

I agree that the cats should draft Sewell as he is a monster and a local guy tha could start at OT in this league . The only question is will he get NFL interest and Greg Wojt can play OT as well. So we could start 1 import on the OLINE .

This is just me but right now I would go with 4 -3 defence with Torrey Davis( on running downs ) and Terrence Moore (On passing downs ) splitting time at Nose Tackle with Peguesse at one end position and Shomari Williams at the other end .
the Linebackers would be Knowlton , Lawrence, Johnson and Bowman )
the other option would be bring on another decent pass rusher instead of Shomari and have Shamari in the linebacker mix as maybe a stand up rush linebacker .

I think our Defensive back situation looks alot better now but I am still quite confused about the Defensive Line and where the pass rush will come from and where Bulcke and Shomari fit in .

Has anyone heard who looks to our backup QB ? LeFevour ?
How about Mallet's health ?

Anyone have any idea if these guys will be cming to camp and where their NFl asperations are at ?

: Fred Plesius ,Courtney Stephen, and Moe Petrus

I know Laval boy Arnaud Gascon-Nadon grad will look to join fellow Laval grad Marc-Antoine Fortin to add non import depth
to the Dline and specialty teams

I get the impression too that Chris Williams may get an NFL SHOT SOON in reading his tweets etc ..The tapes of his kickoff returns must look pretty good to NFL scouts much like Thigpens did .

our D is probably going to look something like this:

DE - Brandon Peguese/Greg Peach
DT - Torrey Davis
DT - Brian Bulcke
DE - Shomari Williams

OLB - Jamall Johnson
MLB - Marcellus Bowman
OLB - Markeith Knowlton

DB - Evan McCollough
DB - Bo Smith
DB - Deon Beasley
DB - Matt Bucknor/Ryan Hinds
S - James Patrick

That's just my take as of right now.

I can see our OL looking like:

LT - Brian Simmons
LG - Peter Dyakowski
C - Marwan Hage
RG - Greg Wojt
RT - Matt Sewell (possibly flip Wojt and Sewell just based on the experience factor)

Plesius and Stephen should be there. Petrus ? Does the man even exist ? Lots of youth coming to cam this year for the Ticats. Trading down for extra picks not needed.

Hmm ?

I Imagine that your projected lineup is not far off at this point in time .

I am not so sure Bowman is a true middle linebacker but more of a Jamal Johnson clone so it should be interesting to see what unfolds there with Lawrence and Shomari possibly in the picture and Plesius and whoever else is invited to camp vets , CFL cuts , rookies or ex NFL ers or gusy found in free agent camps ..
I have heard rumblings that Bowman could be Jamal's replacement due to age, salary , injuries
Shall I assume Bowman can clog up the middle like a true Middle linebacker should ?
I have also hear that Knwoton may be injured still and myabe even considering retiring
Overall , I hope Johnson and Knowlton are back and that Bowman being there has Jamal punping iron and running as wel speak and ready for healthy strong year and then Bowman can compete with Lawrence in the middle when he is healthy.

Do you think Shomari provides much pass rush ? How about Bulcke ? I am not so sure. I know that Terrence Moore looked gret last year and provided pass rush . Right now I;d take Moore over Davis as he more atletic and still stuffs the run and provides more pass rush and atleticism.
Why have 3 non imports start on a defence that we are looking to improve when we only had one non import starting last year ?
I don't see Orlando and Austin starting a canadaian DB ..just my opinion :slight_smile:
I see them using Hinds / Bucknor . Stepthen as backups at least initially and giving Colclough and Webb the halback spots with Smith being the extra DB and Mcculough and Beasley as the corners and Patrick at safety
This would be ourt best defensive backfield sinc ethe bests from the east days of Jerry Anderson , Howard Fields, Lance Shilds , Leroy Paul , Paul Bennet to name a few
i agree wiih you on the OLINE
would be nice to Petrus in here and he can learn from Peter D and Hage

what about reveivers ? status qouo ? I think it will be a make or break year for Giguerre ..hopefully he gets more touches ...I think we se emore Onre Jones after showing what hands he has on a few ocasions( on side kick ) and how he held on to a few a passes after getting rocked ...Aron Kelly should get a a bit more of a look too to see if he can break out like Bkari did.

we might see more of Charbooneau too

I prefer Moore. He played very well in the few games he started last year. Davis has a ton of talent, but only chooses to use it half the time. For instance, the game in Calgary playing against the team that traded him, he dominated. Not even Dmitri Tsoumpas could block him. However, two weeks later in Toronto with a playoff spot on the line, he looked completely uninterested.

I'm sure they'll be given the opportunity to battle it out in camp. You can't be sure with either guy right now. Robert Rose looked great the latter part of 2011, then was awful in 2012 and was subsequently released.