2013 Draft Choices

Can anyone help confirm what we have for picks.

What picks have we traded away and what picks did we pick up via trade?

I think we should have 1-2 more selections than last year?


Presently Saskatchewan has 3 picks,i.e. choice 4 in round 1,choice 20 in round 3 and choice 36 in round 5.


With the number 4 pick they will be able to most likely select a top Defensive Tackle that would be able to step in and be part of the Dline rotation. Gaydosh of Calgary or right in their back yard again with Charles out of Regina U Rams. Sholgo should be ready for the stating spot at Tackle full time and having a rookie like Gaydosh or Charles in the DLine interior rotation that will become a ratio spot.
They need a rush DE just like everyone else but I do not think that there will be one coming out of the draft that can contribute as a starting or rotational DE. Searching the Import circles will be the best place to uncover a Sack threat.

Zack Evans looks pretty promising as a NI DT, so I wouldn't be suprised if they skipped the DTs in the first round. There are some good DTs coming out of the CIS this year, so I wouldn't be shocked if they tried picking a guy up in a later round and picked up instead RB Steven Lumbala or DE Ben D'Aguilar in the 1st round. If LB Bo Lokombo should happen to be around by the 4th pick it will likwly be a no-brainer.

I could actually see them trading their 1st round pick for a 2nd and 3rd. Calgary has 2 2nd round picks, so who knows...if Ol Matt Sewell is still around for the 4th pick I could see the stamps wanting to trade up. Heck...maybe the Riders could even give the 4th overall for the 7th and 15th in that scenario (Kinda like the Riders did to move up and get Hurl). That would give the Stamps the young OL they likely want, and the Riders a respecatble shot at DE Jesse Joseph and LB Mike Edem or Rb Steven Lumbala.

I believe our offense is solidified with the additions to the oline last year and Simon now in our receiving core, Nefeuld steps in at Right Tackle, Fulton was a solid if not the best Left Tackle in the league although an import he was definitely worth it. I suppose non import depth at the wideout position wouldn't hurt but we did just cut Bamba many Among myself considered to be a steal In the draft. Our weakest position is Linebacker, he had to go out and sign Lobendahn and Emery (both undersized IMO) just to try and solidify the position, No idea if Brackenridge will be back (doesn't look like we're making an effor to resign him) Hurl can always step in but his experience worries me, so I think our 1st round pick has to be a Linebacker of starting material. Then we can attempt to find a DT after the NFL Draft

I would keep my eye on BC NI free agent MLB James Yurichuk. I do not think that the Lions are in any position to resign him now and all reports out of BC are that he could have been the starter at MLB this season easily if not for Bighill becoming a beast. It was Yurichuk and not Bighill in 2011 that did a starters job in filling in when elimimian was banged up. Unlike Lobendahn he has the ability to play every down. Lobendahn was often removed on 2nd and long passing situations the last 3rd of the season for a combo Hurl and Ferri. Also import Abraham Kromah that was on his way to rookie of the year voting before he was injured was used at MLB in the last game of the year. Starting a CIS rookie at LB could be a bit risky.
I am intersted to see how Yurichuk is perceived once free agency begins at the strike of noon on FEB 15th.

I asked my original question and I am dissapointed that we have 3 picks.

Three picks traded away. I am not aboyut to jump on Taman...................so far I am okay with his approach. But he has a tendancy to trade picks away. Sooner or later this is going to catchup.

I am not saying don;t trade away any draft choices..................last year we had 4. This year we have 3...............

Some teams enter the draft with 6-8 choices?

This draft is not deep in receiver.

We're stacked at O-line.

I think Charles will be high on their radar. Evans is all speculation. He palyed well in exhibition but we'll grade him when he actually plays. Added depth on the interior is great.

There is a good chance that Charles will be there at #4 and could step right into the Dline rotation with Sholo Making DT a ratio position and Butler at safety makes two on the defense and possibly 3 on defense should Williams re sign and find a home at Will LB. four Oline and getz at receiver could give them 8 ratio spots and not have to depend on Bagg Making it a bonus if he can come back in form. Anyway it goes they look to be in great shape with the ratio enabling them to use 4 import receivers if needed. McHenry did a stand up job filling in but he is not a starter and Sisco has yet to prove himself do to injury.

I agree it does suck losing drafts, but lets look at what we got out of those losses.

2013 2nd round – was essentially traded to acquire Sam Hurl. Tough to argue that move. Essentially a 2013 dick was traded so the Riders could get a 2012 2nd round pick and acquired Hurl. I chalk it up as a win.

2013 4th round – This was traded (along with a player who refused to sign in Regina) for Greg Carr, as well as picking up a 5th round in 2015. The Riders essentially gained a promising WR and pushed a 4th round pick back to a 5th. Can’t really overly criticize this move either.

2013 6th round – straight up for Fulton…this was a huge win. Who was our 6th round last year…Bamba, who is now cut. Truth is that by the time you get to the 6th round those players often don’t make it long term. This was perhaps the steal of a trade for the year in the CFL.

Again…I hate losing drafts, but I can’t fault any of the moves when it comes right down to it. What they need out of this draft is a DB and a LB, perhaps a DT. It is a rich DL year, and there are some good LBs as well. They are actually positioned pretty well to fill their CIS needs. If they had not scooped up Hargreaves or McHenry last year I would not feel that way, but clearly they had an impressive view of draft pick vs draft depth vs needs for it....they knew there were only a couple key draft picks they need to key in on this year.

Fulton and Hurl were well worth it as both were difference makers in there true rookie seasons. Fulton did spend 3 years on NFL practice rosters and Hurl was on of the Calgary Dinos who actually came to camp and was the star on coverage teams exactly what they needed form both players. Fulton should be a mainstay on that O Line for a while and even if Hurl does not become a full time starter at LB he will be a perfect NI special tams players.
With specials being so much more important in the CFL a draft pick and player like Hurl are needed to be a special teams starter filling a key NI spot on the roster

I posted this in the main CFL thread on the Geroy Simon trade, I was hoping for more of a backlash or someone trying to oppose it, it went un noticed so I figure I'll try it here haha It goes along the same lines of what you guys are saying

People are always crucifying Taman for trading picks away but I'm just gonna come out and say that outside of the first 2 maybe 3 rounds a lot of players drafted Dont make an impact. Yes their are exceptions and I look forward to being pelted with said examples of the exceptions but for example in the Riders 2012 draft outside of Heenan, Hurl our draft class was either cut or sent to the practice roster. Yes Draft picks will always be important and I understand the importance of having non imports on your team but as long as you keep your first and 2nd picks in each draft you'll be ok. I don't mind sending a 2014 3rd round pick away if this were to occur last offseason id be pissed but were not rebuilding anymore. The GC is in Regina for the first time in 10 years, Durant is 31 this August the time to win is now and if comes at the expense of a draft pick that probably wouldn't have cracked the active roster for his first 2 years as a pro I'm ok with it. Please try and convince me otherwise

Sorry to disappoint you but so far so good with trading the draft picks for what they got in return. Xavier Fulton, and Sam Hurl were results of these trades. Fulton straight up for a 6th round pick I beleive. He spen hi NFL career on practice rosters never breaking the 53 man and a brief stint in the UFL in a Brief UFL season in 2011. WINNER!
Hurl in a more round about way got a top NI special teamer for years to come if he becomes an all star LB that would be a plus.
Now Simon to plug an immediate need at receiver for Grey Cup 101 at home. Priceless.

Does Ottawa begin picking this year? or not until next ? ..................................


Ottawa will begin picking in the 2013 CFL draft which will be held on May 6,2013.

Ottawa will draft 4 players,i.e. numbers 9,18,27 and 36. These 2013 draft choices will be limited to NCAA underclassmen.


So now that we bulked our secondary and added Linebacker depth I believe we will draft a DT.

Charles may be the guy and could be there at #4

I still feel Evans has proven he can step in and play DT, but yes, Charles would be a great signing. Because of the Foley signing, I could see them going after Ben D’Aguilar as a NI backup to the spot. They have NI redundancy at DT, and a good one at that, they do not at DE, where they are now dressing a Canadian as a starter…unclear if they will use him as a ratio player or not, but having a NI to rotate in is pretty key, otherwise if Foley goes down mid-game they need to keep 1 designated imprt there for every snap or rotate a NI DT over to DE.

I like the idea of Charles, and would love to see him in green, but I think the need of a NI DE out ways that. I guess they need to decide if Wellman can fill that role if called upon, or if they want an extra body for it. The back-up NI DT is proven, the back-up NI DE is not. I don’t think they will go with 2 NI DT because they have Alford, George and Williams sitting then, and I don’t imaging they want to flag a DT as a designated import.

I don't think that the Riders are looking to go that route and make DE a ratio spot but rather keep it as an import spot with the ability to have that extra DE dress each game. If there was a top DE in the draft then they would go that way but right now there is not. D'aguilar where ever he goes he will be a special teamer for three years and only time will tell if he wil be able to be back p or starter for a team to make the DE spot a ratio position