2013 CFL Draft

The league released the updated draft board after all the free agency trade period. Here is how we pick as of today.

#3 (Edmonton) McKnight trade
#30 (Edmonton) McKnight trade
#47 (Edmonton) Steenbergen trade

The CFL draft is sometimes as much about quantity of picks as draft position.

It can sometimes be a crapshoot, so it is good to have 3 picks in the top 14.

A reminder of the risky nature of it is McKnight (jury still out but so far a bust) and Steenbergen (bust). Both 1st round picks by Jim Popp who otherwise has built our Canadian content through the draft.

But the good news is they "busted" for other teams, not for us. We recouped them in picks, so we have the opportunity to try again.

Richard Yalowsky to this day is Jim's worst pick. Overall we have drafted well. Montreal and BC since Wally moved over there have been head and shoulders above the rest.

Out of curiosity I googled him and he seems to be doing well non-football wise.


Yeah he had zero plans of playing pro ball. Even his College coach was shocked when he heard his name called out in the first round. Seems like a pretty exceptional guy.

J'aimerais que les Alouettes mettent la patte sur un bon jeune joueur de ligne défensive ou un bon jeune receveur.

Voyant les gars qui ont été disponibles ou repêchés ces dernières saisons, il me semble que les Alouettes auraient plus besoin de renforts de ce côté cette saison, alors qu'ils ont manqué un ou deux joueurs à ces positions.

For the Als,Brody McKnight is definitely not a bust but gold; hence, the Als will select the third and thirtieth draft choices because of McKnight.

It is difficult to foresee the players the Als will or could select in this upcoming 2013 CFL draft. I,personally, think that the Als need help/depth at DT,LB and WR,although there are many good non-import players on the current roster. Taking into consideration the fact that Ottawa will join the League in 2014 and that all CFL Teams will lose non-imports players to Ottawa, I wonder if the Als will select more junior players from NCAA,knowing that these players won't have to be protected for the Ottawa draft in December,2013.

With the number 3 choice,here are the players that the Als could select:
Linden Gaydosh-DL-Calgary
Stefan Charles-DL-Regina
Ben D'Aguilar-DL/LB- McMaster
Andy Mulumba-DL-Eastern Michigan My preference as #3 choice.

With the number 5 choice, the Als could 1 of the players previously listed or:
Corey Watman-OL- Easter Michigan
Jesse Joseph-DL-Connecticut
Brent Urban-DL- Virginia- Junior My preference as #5 choice
Nolan MacMillan-OL- Iowa-Junior
Stephen Alli-WR-Florida-

With the number 14 choice,in round 2, the Als could select 1 of the players previously listed or:
Brett Jones-OL-Regina
Steven Lumbala RB-Calgary
Mike Edem-LB-Calgary My preference as #14,if still available.

I will not be surprised if, amongst their first 3 draft choices-#3,#5 and #14-the Als select 3 players amongst the ones listed above.In this upcoming 2013 CFL draft, Ottawa will select 4 Junior NCAA player, i.e. 1 at the end of rounds 1,2,3 and 4.Players such as Brent Urban,Nolan MacMillan and Stephen Alli could be amongst Ottawa's selections.


I would not be surprised to see the league tweak this draft because there is potential for a huge black eye to the league. There are 17 juniors listed for this draft and they could be all gone before Ottawa is able to collect their four picks and that would be terrible press for the league. I think the league should allow all teams to go through the first round and then let Ottawa claim their four juniors and then resume the draft as in previous years. This way all teams who have not traded away their picks get a crack at the junior they want most and Ottawa is sure to get its four prospects.

It seems extremely unlikely that all 17 juniors would be taken with the first 35 picks (Ottawa selects 36th). Nine red-shirts were selected with the first 35 last year and that was an NCAA-heavy draft. In the previous five drafts before that, no more than 17 NCAA players were selected in any draft.

I don't think anybody's worried.

Jim Popp will not do the expected. Look at Ridgeway being drafted. he didn't even play the previous year do to concussion.

At the time it looked like a blown pick, but turned out to be useful. I think you will find him taking more risks that you are in your picks.

I totally agree that Jim Popp will not/may not do the expected with regards to the upcoming 2013 CFL draft; nevertheless, I cannot imagine that amongst the 15 best rated players-presently- none will be drafted by the Als with their first 3 draft choices/selections. The ranking of players may change after the 2013 CFL combine. -March 22 to March 24-

I agree that it is unlikely that all 17 eligible NCAA players for the upcoming 2013 CFL draft will all be selected before the end of round 4. I expect that no more than 14 will be selected,before end of round 4. Unlike the Als, many teams don't have the luxury to wait a year for a draft choice. I will not be surprised if Jim Popp selects 2 Junior players with his first 3 draft choices/selections.


I agree, but the potential exists. It should not.

A lot can happen and usually does in the CFL draft's first round picks. I agree with you Richard that there will be some juniors in there as we don't have room on our roster right now to fit too many rookies.

I'm hoping for one improbable event to happen. It would be great if we draft a gem WR in the middle or late in the draw as happened with Dave Stala years back. I agree with you Hfx that our team does not have room for a bunch of rookies, but we do need a NI WR and someone to return kicks. Yes we are pretty set except for these two needs. Always having all receivers coming from the import group is impossible and, even foolish. Last season the receivers were initially expected to be all imports but, Richardson, Greene, London and Bratton were all down with injuries. I hope Popp has looked hard at last year's CIS receivers.

We don’t really need a NI receiver if we can get some production out of Brouillette or our NI defensive linesmen. I don’t see a receiver or a returner in this draft unless the Als want to convert one. One who might make a great receiver is Kyle Quinlan…

While a good NI WR would be a welcomed addition, I do agree that it is not a major need,presently. Personally, the Als future needs are a NI DT and NI depth at/in LBs. There are good players DL and LBs in this upcoming draft, to meet these future needs.

In the upcoming CFL draft, the best NI WR prospect,based on CFL scouts, is Junior Stephen Alli from Florida; I expect that he will be selected in the first 2 rounds-probably in round 2- of the CFL draft; either Ottawa or Montreal could/should select him.


I agree, depth at NI DT and NI LB are what we need at the moment.

I believe the CFL has discussed this in the past, but why can`t the draft be for graduating seniors only like the NFL draft?
Duane Forde wrote last year that this might change after the 2013 draft:

Last year around this time, I wrote a detailed article outlining the CFL's draft eligibility rules and those who read it may recall that the rules are…well…a little bit crazy. Here's how I'd fix them.

THE PROBLEM: In general, a player becomes eligible for the draft either four years after he begins his university career or the year after he turns 25, whichever comes first. If players attending American schools spend a year as redshirts or start college after age 21 then they'll still have eligibility remaining when they qualify for the CFL draft. When teams draft redshirt juniors and other players who become draft eligible with a year or more of U.S. college eligibility remaining, it can be a huge gamble because (a) the NFL stock of those players has yet to be established and (b) such players are at risk of suffering serious injuries while completing their college careers. As a result, teams are currently being forced to risk high picks on players whom they might never see.

SOLUTION: Make U.S. college players eligible for the CFL Draft upon completion of their NCAA or NAIA eligibility.

RATIONALE: It's no secret that quality Canadian talent is one of the key components of successful CFL franchises. With the salary cap now making it more difficult for a team to spend aggressively in free agency to make over its non-import talent base, the importance of successful drafting has never been greater. With that in mind, it doesn't make sense to have a rule that puts teams at risk of squandering high picks. If players qualified for the CFL Draft upon completion of U.S. college eligibility then the CFL clubs would know what the odds were of those players playing in the NFL and they wouldn't have to worry about prospects suffering serious football injuries after being drafted. In addition, the CFL Draft would become more fan friendly if every player drafted was turning pro in the same year that he was selected. Under the current rules, it can be difficult for fans to get excited about their team's first pick when they won't get to see him play for at least another year.

NOTE: I anticipate that the league will change this rule after the 2013 Draft. They can't change it before then because it is stipulated in the Expansion Agreement that the Ottawa franchise, slated to return in 2014, will participate in the 2013 Draft, selecting only redshirt juniors.


Je concours à cette analyse. Ce sont les besoins plus criants en termes de joueurs canadiens.

Mais je crois que l'équipe est aussi due pour amener du renfort canadien chez les receveurs. L'équipe a laissé passer plusieurs bons prospects ces dernières années (Gore, Watson, Watt, Foster, Charboneau-Campeau) et il ne serait pas mauvais qu'elle ait du renfort canadien à cette position pour lui donner de la marge de manoeuvre dans le ratio. Ce n'est pas une priorité absolue, j'en conviens, mais ce serait une bonne idée.

Cela dit, il ne semble pas que le prochain repêchage sera aussi riche en prospects intéressants, alors il faut s'attendre à ce que ceci se passe dans les années à venir, à moins que l'équipe n'embauche parmi des joueurs qui se libéreront.