2013 Camp Thread

2013 Camp completed it's first day of rookie camp today. Since there is no real camp related thread yet I thought I would start one.

To start off here is a video of some of the WR and DB competition happening today:


Thanks for posting and I feel your passion, just watch what video’s you post or your be in trouble. I post video’s on here and have been warned by Ti-Cat personal not to do it, especially video’s as other teams look at them and can see things. I know sounds crazy to the die hard fans like us, but ive even gotten in trouble more then once, “Right Scott” lol, for posting still pictures, as other team will see the different line ups and match ups!
OSKEE WEE WEE :rockin:

It's a Drew Edwards' video from his YouTube channel. If he is allowed to film and post it then we are allowed to see it.

I certainly didn't film it as I live in Vancouver. I think your perspective is a bit off.

Now back to camp talk...

Thats cool then, but has nothing to do with perspective, the people that know me on here in person know actually where im coming from. I was just letting you know brother, had no idea you got it of Drew Edwards. Like I said Ive been told, so maybe this will be heads up for others! Like I also said from the first sentence, "Thanks for posting and I feel your passion".

Good article on the Cats rookie camp by Kyle Myers:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/ticats-set-for-fresh-start-as-rookie-camp-gets-underway]http://www.cfl.ca/article/ticats-set-fo ... s-underway[/url]

Austin press scrum after day 2 of rookie camp today:

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oylYbSlBQ0&list=UUKMxicRxqZwciJF29Tt4k8g&index=1]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oylYbSl ... 8g&index=1[/url]

He mentions that the Cats would be interested in John Chick.

We could really use a guy like John Chick on our Dline . If the cats have the money under the cap I say go for it . I wonder if the cats are waiting to see what happens with Chris Williams to wee if thye might be giving him a bif increase to stay ?
i have the feeling the Ticats are leaning towards spenfing the money elsewhere .

I will be checking out training camp this Sunday . The first day for the veterans .

If anyone is interested in how a certian player might be looking etc then let me know by responding to this maeeage and i will keep an eye on the player with respect to the context . For example : Does Jamal and Markeit look fir , healthy ? who is getting the most reps . who looks fast , strong . How does Chevon look ?

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