2013, Argos have no home

What happens when the Rogers Centre does not allow the Argos to sign another lease at the end of 2012. Which could very well happen. According to a number of sources in the media, Rogers want the Rogers Centre for baseball only, hence why yet again the Argos got no assistance from Rogers when making up the CFL schedule

This might happen in the future but it wont be for 5-10 years imo, in the meantime the Argos can start working on finding a new home

a thread discussing this topic already exists. :roll:

yeah, but if this one bothers you, then it is well worth it :twisted:

The issue is, the Argos lease is up at the end of this year. Rogers is being quite about resigning another lease due to the Grey Cup being in Toronto. Nothing Rogers have done in the past few years has indicated that they even want the Argos. in fact it is the opposite. This real grass thing, was just to test the responds. Rogers WIL NOT ALLOW the Argos to sign another lease at the end of this year. This was even discussed on the Fan 590 and big Phil, from Rogers responded with NO comment. Not even, yes we want the Argos and will work something out, it was NO comment. The Argos last year at the Rogers centre, could very well be this season. Then what

guess they could play at Ivor Wynne... oh wait, the Ticats are looking for somewhere to play as their home is undergoing renos. 2013 could be an interesting year for both Ontario teams if Rogers doesn't play ball... football I mean.

I guess Moncton will be seeing more use in the coming months/years...

Phil Lind has it in for the Argos and the CFL.
He was embarassed by the Bills fiasco.
The Jays have been a disaster.
And all the while the CFL has morphed into a solid number 1A when it comes to the Canadian sports scene.

IF this guy thinks he can do damage to the Argos by booting them out of the Skydome, he will.
But I think this could backfire big time.

First the public will be royally ticked off.
CFL fans across Canada will be royally ticked off.

And if the Argos do move to a new home, they can schedule prime dates at prime time
Instead of being forced to take whatever dates the hallowed Blue Jays dont use.

One problem will be playing a Grey Cup in Toronto.
Will there new stadium ever be big enough to hold a game again?
Disgraceful us Ontario taxpayers end up paying a billion dollars for a freakin' baseball stadium

by batkinson001 » Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:07 pm
I guess Moncton will be seeing more use in the coming months/years..

I can see the Ticats playing a game or 2 in 2013 in Moncton but the Argos will not be moving to the Maritimes on a permanent basis,No stadium that is big enough and no interested buyers for a CFL team

Agree benji Lind is pissed that he can't bring down the CFL single handedly, or so it seems, with all the money and power he has. We might be wrong on this assessment of Lind but I don't think so.

And yes, he is royally pissed about the Bills fiasco as you say and wants to blame anyone for it but himself. You see types like this, bullies, at the top of businesses and organizations all the time, control freaks who just blame, blame, blame. They only want to be accountable for the success in their life, not the mistakes even though all people make mistakes. Sad to see this from someone who should know better.

I'm sure he never thought he'd see the day of the 2012 100th Grey Cup in Toronto when he started the Bills in Toronto experiment. But thanks to people like Braley and the great Argo fans among others, it's going to happen. :thup:

I'll give Lind a bit of credit though for agreeing to speak with Bob McGown publicly.

This story has been made into a mountain when it’s really just a molehill. Paul Beeston of the jays has already stated (clarified) that they don’t have any intentions to installing grass in the near future. In other words, this is a total non-issue.

People in the rest of Canada don't realize the opposition the CFL has from certain groups in Toronto.
These people see the CFL as a nuisance that is getting in the way of their bigger dreams. ie an NFL team.
And probably hurting interest in baseball as well.

f they can hurt the league they will.
They've already isolated the Argos with this Rogers Bell partnership of all the other teams in the city.
MLSE build that BMO field so the Argos can't move there.
Now Rogers is threatening to kick the Argos out to the street knowing they have nowhere to play?

Whats sad is the Argos and Ticats are this close to making football matter again in Ontario.
The Grey Cup is on the way to being a sellout.

But we have the usual bunch doing their best to make sure it doesn't happen.
Its up to Cohon and Braley to fight back

Why would Beeston and Lind bring it up if it weren't true?
Then again Lind said last month he was looking to extend the Bills series.
So I guess with that guy what can you beleive eh?

Well then the last thing they want to do is put the Argos in a situation where Various gov. levels have to build them a purpose built brand spanking new stadium. The Argos are the oldest sports team in the country and have a right to exist as a cultural institution. You worry too much.

You are incorrect. In Paul Beeston's interview with the Fan590. When asked, whats the one thing you would change about the Rogers Centre tomorrow. He said Grass.

Not the slope of the 100 level
Not cover up concrete
Not find a way to make it more intimate.
Not remove the hotel and make it bigger.


The same interview with him saying no comments, and saying 'grass might not happen'

I don't know where you leave HC, but in ONtario there's no way the provincial government is going to spend money on any new stadiums for pro sports teams.
In fact spending is going to be cut back to the bare bones.

If Rogers boots out the Argos, what can the government do?
Rogers owns the stadium.
How they got it for peanuts is another thing.

But if a private owner of a stadium wants to boot out a tenant, they can.
Throw in the Ticats maybe needing a place to play for a year, and we could havea prolbem here.

If you don't think Rogers would do this, and that the Argos have nothing to fear, you're whistling past the grave yard

Grass is about the only main thing they can do to try and make the RC more baseball specific with the old bowl ie. you're far away from the field, design. The BJ are the main tenant with some 80 home games, even if the NFL had a team playing out of the RC the Blue Jays would still be the main tenant. They are desperate to keep the BJ alive in Toronto and I get that. They don't have a real nice baseball specific stadium which the fans want, and I get that also. Heck, I enjoyed Exhibition Stadium more for baseball than the Skydome, er RC and it's even what it was primarily designed for.

Do you think the Argos and Ticats could share a stadium?
Instead of rebuilding Ivor Wynne, why not build something half way between the two cities.
With the govermnment money, and some money from the two teams, they could build something pretty decent.

In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Braley and Yougn and Cohon are looking at this possibility right now.

This idea is certainly intriguing, albeit with both pros and cons.

Problem is, that is is far too late for such a proposition as target deadlines have come and gone in respect to the new Hamilton stadium location.
Pan Am officials were quite stringent about this and had already given Hamilton council an extension to sort out the internal disparity.

The city of Hamilton is contributing some $40 mill from what is called a Future Fund account and with that money, the city wants it in the city proper, which I can understand with this type of money being contributed.