2013 alternate jerseys

Has anyone else heard they might be coming out with a 2013 alternate jerseys!

I haven't heard, but if they do, I would think they would somehow pay homage to their 2013 temporary home with a badge or something else.

i wouldnt be surprised if they dont even have a jersey peroid management has made this off season a joke to fans and players im sure

How has it been a joke?

Do you have a source Bruce?

we havent been told what to expect this year as far as training camp practice etc im sure none of the players know either because i dont think mr mitchell and his group have a clue so lets just all sit in the dark and then run around like chickens hello camp is a lil over3 months away

Who says we have a right to know? Sure the process seems pretty disorganized and could've been done a lot better. However you aren't a player reporting to training camp so don't let it bother you.

havent the ticats got more important things to worry about this year?

Footballyoubet stated "havent the ticats got more important things to worry about this year? So, what do you base this comment on? Would you care to back up your comment with fact and provide proof?



What us Ticat fans worry about is none of your concern. Haven't you got better things to do than judge what the Cats fans are concerned with?

not judging anything. just saying with the stadium situation and having to play home games outside hamilton, etc, it seems there are more important issues for the ticats to worry about this yr than alternate jerseys. No judgement, no negative meant at all.

and I said ticats, not ticats fans.