2013 Als training camp

in the next 10 days or so,players will begin to arrive for the 2013 Als training camp which will officially begin on June 2,2013. Every training camp there are positive and negatives surprises/expectations and 2013 will not be different; quite often, injuries to key players derail our expectations. Based on the current off-season roster and 2013 CFL draft, I am listing the players who,I feel, are on the bubble/in jeopardy. I also include/list second year players and rookies who,I feel,should/will replace a veteran and have a great season.

Players on the bubble/in jeopardy:

Bo Bowling. I,WR/KR. Third season in Montreal. Never a starter,unless players were injured. Not a good KR.
Jerald Brown. I,DB. Did not have a great season. Had to accept a salary reduction.Will need an exceptional training camp to remain with the Als.
Dahrran Diedrick.N,FB.34 years old. Often injured. Will be replaced by Messam.
Curtis Dublanko. N,LB. Gone. Not a good special teams players. Will be replaced by rookie Mike Edem on roster.
Kyries Hebert.I,S. Not a good S against the pass.33 years old. Coluld be tried as LB. Very good special teams player.May save him.
Chima Ihekwoaba. N,DE.Time to produce or he is gone.
Ejiro Kuale. I,LB. Him or Hebert to be on roster. Good special teams player.
Mike Lockley.I,DE. Question mark. Tough competition for his position.
Brian Ridgeway. N,LB. Mainly a special teams player. 29 years old. Could be replaced by rookie Nicolas Boulay who is currently 24 years old.
Seth Williams.I,CB. Against tough competion. Will need an exceptional training camp.

My names don’t include Eric Deslauriers; I personally feel that he is a good WR and I expect him to have a good 2013 season. I definitely don’t expect all the players that I have listed as gone,but I am positive that some of the listed players won’t be with the Als in 2013.

Second year players and rookies to watch:

Cody Brown. I,DE. A bust,like in the NFL,or a player that will compete for the starting DE.
David Clowney.I,WR. Could replace Bo Bowling. A KR.
Noel Devine. I,RB/KR.Was the talk of the 2012 training camp,but was an early deception,once the regular season began. Was eventually transferred to 9 game injury list. I have great expectations from him in 2013,particularly as a KR. Depth to RB.
Eddie Elder.I,DB. Will compete for the starting S.
Kenny Ingram. I,LB.I expect a great season from him in 2013.Could be tried as DE.
Kenny Iwebema. I,DE.He could replace Mike lockley as starting DE,along with John Bowman.Provided he is not injured, I expect a great season from him,in 2013.
Chris Jennings, I,RB.Will have a great season in 2013.Very good runner and receiver. Him,Messam,Devine and rookie Lumbala will form an excellent backfield.
James Kirkendoll. I,WR.Could replace Bowling. A KR.
Jordan Mabin. I,CB.Could replace Seth Williams.
Steve Octavien. I,LB.Could be tried as DE.
Ollie Ogbu. I,DT.I have great expectations from him in 2013. Should be the starting DT alongside Alan-Michael Cash.
Winston Venable. I,LB.The player that could replace Kyries Hebert on the roster. He played S for the Bears a few years back. Will be tried as LB with the Als,but could be the starting S.Very good special teams player. Fierce competitor/tackler. Only 26 years old.

Presently,the players that I feel/I hope will have an exceptional training camp/season and be starters with the Als in 2013 are:
Noel Devine. I,RB/KR.
Kenny Iwebema. I,DE.
Ollie Ogbu. I,DT.
Winston Venable. I,LB/S.

Main answers will come in the next 40 days or so.


From the list, confident that Hebert will stay unless he has a poor TC. Based on his play last season, he should stick.

Deslauriers, as far as I am concerned should be gone. Has had plenty of opportunity over the years and in my opinion does not come up with the key play when required. The only thing that is saving him is that he is a NI.

Will be interesting TC and as every year, there will no doubt be some surprises.

No love for Rhodes or he just comes and goes like Ahman Greene?

This should be it for Deslaures as he was holding onto a roster spot as a Canadian Receiver that could do little else and was forced into a bigger role due to injuries and failed miserably.
The Emergence of Lavoi as a true style TE that can block on the line and receive the Als also have Jerod Zalewski back in camp who has turned into a Lavoi type player and can long snap.
They drafted an intersting receiver from Saint Mary's in the 7th round also in Damond Blackman who was converted to receiver from DB in '11 and '12 and is among the new generation of players coming out of the CIS that are fast great athletes and do to the Regional Combines are getting noticed. They tried to work Millington into the Canadian receiver spot but special teasm skills were suspect. not the case for Blackmon who was a top special teamer and great gunner with his speed. Between him and Zalewski along with Lavoi when healthy will take that receiver slot and be able to bring a variety of skills. Zalewski a great blocker and Blackman aside from his special teams play was also scouted as a great blocking receiver with SMU's run dominted offense. Lavoi having a back up in Zalewski will bring the FB/TE back into the CFL for offenses which should draw some headaches from opposing defenses as this is a new twist brought to the positon as not just an extra blocker but receiver as well. Blackman can earn his way onto the Canadian portion of the roster through special teams while he can work on his Receiver skills.
Deslaures was basically a wasted roster spot for the ALS

I'm hoping that at least one and hopefully two defensive linemen step up to the plate this training camp. However, I doubt that any of the ex-NFL names will amount to anything. Every year, we've got a Rhodes or Ahman Green or Jerry Porter or O.J. Santiago or Quincy Carter, and every year, these players either wash out in camp or get released after a handful of games.

I liked what I saw of Scooter Berry in his limited work and want to see what he can do. I am also curious what a healthy Bear Woods is capable of.

I think Ameet Pall and Bo Adebayo have to step up in their sophomore seasons, they really didn`t show anything as rookies.

I believe the team has high hopes in Noel Devine, hope he doesn`t disappoint.

I don't know that Pall can ever be anything more than a Special Teams player. He's too small to play on the line and he's too big to big and slow to play linebacker in the CFL. Adebayo is a three year project. Very rare a DT can contribute until he's been in the league a couple years.

very true. Although Robert Edwards had a couple of good seasons with the Als.

. . . and so did that other guy, his name escapes me, but I think I recall Rod Black mentioning once or twice that he was related to some NFL player. . .

Well I hope he's capable of getting a haircut. . .

Jarrett Payton

This season I can`t see Dominic Rhodes making the team with Jennings, Messam, and some of the younger backs. And I expect to see Brandon Whitaker back in the picture in the middle of the season once his knee (hopefuly) fully heals. It makes too much sense for both sides not to work things out.

Arland Bruce has been in Montreal for some time now taking the metro, going to the blood drive etc. Does this mean he is guarunteed a spot on the roster, unless he comes into camp and fails miserably?

With a proven veteran like Bruce, the spot is his to lose. Not saying he can't lose it but he'd have to drop the ball in a big way not to come out of camp as the fourth receiver.

To me, It means he's a pro and he's taking his preparation seriously.

For the 2nd year in a row it does not appear that the Als will hold a 3 day rookie camp like some teams do.

I always thought it was a beneficial thing, but I`m not going to argue with Jim Popp.

There are pros and cons. I don't like the idea of a rookie camp from a physiological standpoint. That's three days of energy spent and cortisol production that puts the rookies at a disadvantage when comparing athletes at the full camp. Athletes should be pre-screened anyway and now with the severe limitations imposed by the league on how many bodies you can bring to camp even less interesting. Its kind of the same concept as telling fighters not to have sex the night before a fight...

There are presently 84 players on Als off-season roster,i.e. 46 imports and 38 non-imports.

Rookies across the league will report to their respective camps this coming Wednesday. They will be joined by veteran QBs. All other veterans will report to camps this saturday and training camps will open Sunday,June 2.

Prior to 23:59 hoursET on Sunday,June 16, teams must reduce their roster to 65 players.

As of 22 hoursET on Saturday,June 22,teams must reduce their roster to 46 players,excluding players on 9 game and 1 game injury lists.


I read on the Hamilton forum that Kyle Quinlan won't report to the Als. He has,apparently, accepted a position at Mac. Could eventually coach.


If true, very bizarre, since everything coming out of the Als' camp suggested that he was going to get a legitimate shot at being the no. 3 QB and not converted to another position. It doesn't really affect us much, though, since Porter and Neiswander should push each other to win the backup and #3 spots.

I don't want to hear another word about Canadian quarterbacks not being given an opportunity. Kyle Quinlan had an opportunity to learn from one of the greatest QB's to ever play in this league and he listened to that selfish coach of his. He is way, way too young to be a College coach. I'd leave him on the suspended list just to make sure he does not show up on the Tiger-Cats roster.

Leaves us an arm short at training camp. Will be interesting to see who the Als invite.