2013 Alouettes wish list


  1. No Reinbold!

  2. No Deslauriers!

  3. No guy in a track suit coaching special teams!

  4. Jenkins AND Whitaker in the backfield
    4a. More of the running game

  5. Chip Cox and John Bowman being used properly on defense

  6. A full house for all 9 home games

  7. A perfect record at the Big O

  8. Calvillo plays and takes all the snaps

  9. Senior ah me goes to an Alouettes practice and Calvillo throws him a pass. Senior drops the perfectly thrown pass and blames Calvillo!

:cowboy: [/i]

I'd rather have Jennings and Whitaker in the backfield, actually... :wink:

Well you just got number 1 and as a result of that will probably get number 5 as well. Id love to see Deslauriers gone as well and replaced with someone tougher like one of those kids they get to do the war amps commercials at least theres video evidence of them taking a hit and holding on to a football and we know that they only get injured by things that can actually injure you as opposed to Deslauriers who gets injured by a long stretch of field turf

  1. Trade Sean Whyte. He doesn't have the range and he can't tackle. Realistically the Als gave up a first round pick for him, and they traded McKnight, so I don't expect anything here.

  2. Concessions at Molson stadium are allowed to sell Sleeman's. Won't happen either, but this is a wish list after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Bring back the opening act for the EF. Can't remember his name :oops: , but he was good.