2013 Alouettes Free Agency Thread.

Just a few days till free agency is Popp done? Will we resign Perrett? Will Popp pull a rabitt out of his hat like he did a few years ago by signing Anderson. Parker,Bruce and Porter already signed is Popp done??? Who is on your wishlist?? Stay tuned!

I'm hopping Jeff Perrett isn't signed because he was hopping for an NFL tryout. There isn't anyone really out there that I would want bad. I liked Shawn Gore but he signed. There are a couple Canadian DB's and maybe Jordan Sisco.

Im not greedy, I will be more than happy to just have Perrett and Anderson resigned. I dont think anything will happen with Whitaker until teams can determine his knee is 100%, and that might not be until May or June.

There is not really much quality left on other teams, other than some Canadian LBs, and we`re covered there. Most of the quality players have resigned with their own teams.

And that might be the problem with getting Perrett back. He is probably the biggest name still out there and the focus will be on him.

I'm pretty much with you sheldon; not really much out there that I'd break the bank for.

If I were to choose which F/A I would kick the tires on from each team, my list would be as follows, but many have NFL aspirations and/or re-sign where they are or are too expensive. . .that said, here goes:

BC: Solomon Elimimian;

Edmonton: Weldon Brown;

Calgary: nobody

Saskatchewan: Odell Willis (only because we could use help at DE; otherwise I'd rate Brackenridge here but we don't really need help at LB);

Winnipeg: Bryant Turner

Hamilton: nobody

Toronto: Ricky Foley.

Considering that list, I'll be surprised if we sign anyone from another team.

J’abonde dans votre sens, maintenant que Gore n’est plus disponible et que le Turd fait partie de l’équipe. J’aurais aimé que l’équipe mette la patte sur Denmark à sa place pour ajouter de l’efficacité sur les tracés intérieurs, mais ce ne sera pas lui.

Je trouve que Popp a tout de même assez bien couvert ses arrières et que mise à part du renfort sur la ligne défensive, il ne manque pas grand chose à l’équipe pour être compétitive, côté joueurs. Un peu de profondeur à ajouter dans la tertiaire ne serait pas déplacé non plus.

Je regarde aussi Willis depuis quelque temps et je me dis que si l’équipe peut se le permettre, il pourrait constituer un bon élément pour la ligne défensive. Avec Bowman d’un côté et Willis de l’autre, la ligne défensive des Alouettes prendrait du mordant.

Pour ce qui est de Perrett, j’aimerais bien qu’il revienne aussi et il ne semble pas rejeter revenir à Montréal, mais il me semble clair qu’il va tester le marché. Par contre, je ne suis pas si inquiet pour cette position. Matte est en apprentissage depuis 3 ans et je le crois mûr pour assumer un rôle plus actif sur la ligne défensive.

Le problème, c’est que s’il faut le mettre sur la ligne, il va falloir préparer un autre joueur comme centre. Matte est le substitut de Brodeur-Jourdain au centre.

While I could be wrong and as I wrote on many occasions, I am still confident that Jeff Perrett will re-sign with the Als; he will be 29 on March 23,2013,he lives in Montreal and likes it; I don't imagine him moving to another team. With regards to NFL,I would be even more surprised if he would try for a NFL team.

I expect that no less than 1,between Dwight Anderson and Seth Williams, will re-sign; both could re-signed. Dahrran Diedrick and Brandon Whitaker should become free agents this friday.

There are not too many potential free agents that I would like the Als to sign; the only one is Import LB Marcellus Bowman,now with Winnipeg. He is only 26 and also a good special teams player. Definitely him ahead of Rod Davis,who will be 32 on April 2,2013.


I think Bowman is going to the NFL or at least is trying out for some NFL teams.

Assuming that Dwight Anderson and Seth Williams don't return with the Als, I wonder if the Als will be interested in Evan McCollough,now with the Argos and a potential free agent. I am sure that Hamilton will try to sign him.

Another possible free agent that could interest the Als, is Brian Bulcke Non-import DT/DE with Calgary. If he does not re-sign with Calgary, I expect Toronto and Hamilton to show interest.


I remember that a couple of years ago Brian Bulckle was rated as the top candidate in the Canadian draft. If my memory serves me right, he was taken 5th in the first round. Did he try our for the NFL?

Brian Bulcke was taken 6 overall by Edmonton-Danny- in the 2010 draft. Returned to school.-Stanford- In 2011,was traded to Calgary,by Edmonton. Attended the San Francisco 49ers camp in 2011; released on September 3,2011 and signed with the Stampeders on September 9,2011.

Being from Windsor, I expect that he could end up with the Argos or Tiger-Cats,unless he re-sign with the Stampeders.


Popp telling Winnipeg Sun he is close to resigning Diedrick. We still need him for special teams.

And according to Toronto Sun, Argos will be going after Whitaker. I would like to see the Als take a run at Kackert.

According to Rick Moffat Als have reisigned Moton Hopkins listed on the Free Agent list as retired.

He was supposed to be a projected starter last season at DT, and great to hear he has recovered from his lung injury.

Yeah happened Monday. He's jacked !

Some of the credit for all the activity lately has to go to Marcel Desjardins who is still around:

From Slamsports:

The Ottawa CFL team’s first full-time football employee is still an Alouette — sort of.

Marcel Desjardins, who was named Ottawa’s GM two weeks ago, is winding up his days as the Montreal Alouettes assistant GM.

“Right now, I’m sitting in Olympic Stadium. I’m 3/4 (Montreal) and 1/4 (Ottawa),? said Desjardins. “I’ll be in Ottawa next week.?

Desjardins is looking to add to his football staff of one in the near future.

“We’ve got stuff in the works, but nothing’s finalized,? he said. “I hope to know within a week whether a certain person is an option or not.?

That person will not be from the Alouettes front office.

“When this whole process started, I told (Montreal GM) Jim Popp, ‘I don’t know where this is going, but I will not be taking anybody from Montreal with me.’ ?

Two pieces of depressing news:

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2013/02/13/gms-take-different-approaches-to-cfl-free-agents]http://www.torontosun.com/2013/02/13/gm ... ree-agents[/url]

[i]Popp said he is close to re-signing Canadian running back Dahrran Diedrick

The Alouettes and running back Brandon Whitaker, who had off-season knee surgery, are miles apart. “We put a big offer on the table early on,? Popp said. “It’s still there. It’s never been counter-offered or negotiated.? Popp said Whitaker won’t be cleared medically until just before training camp, but he also wants to pursue an NFL job.[/i]

We are really thin at Linebacker. If anyone gets hurt we have nobody. I guess Davis was asked to restructure his deal and turn it down... Yurichuk might be someone Popp makes an offer to ...Or maybe we are banking on moving Hebert if someone gets hurt at LB.

I think you have to play Hebert at linebacker at this point. We'll need fewer LBs in a traditional 4-3 alignment, anyway. And I still want to see Brouillette/Townsend at safety.

While no official announcement,yet, Winston Venebale,formerly of Boise State, has been signed as LB; he played S/LB for the Bears,in 2011.

A few more import LBs will be signed.


Should read: Venable.


As per website, Seth Williams, Diedrick, Hopkins resigned.

There`s no love for Diedrick here, but remember Special Teams, we need him for that.

I expect Anderson to go to Sask. and the Als to sign 1 or 2 of the free agent DBs out there - Weldon Brown, Beasley, etc.