2013-15 Free Agent/Draft picks return from NFL

A lot of top CFL free agents have been signed to NFL contracts. As well as Canadian Draft Picks who get NFL contracts as teams wait for there return or if they return.
Some return after TC cutdowns others a little long some not at all. Just some I could think of that have/are/ or still can make an impact coming back to Canada.

Sam Giguere WR (N) - Actually was 2012 for him after 4 years of PRs and TCs - Hamilton now Montreal
Lindon Gaydosh DT (N) Mid 2014 Hamilton
Justin Hickman DE (I) Mid 2014 Hamilton
Simoni Lawrence LB (I) NFL futures Feb '14 then Mini Camp Return Hamilton May 30 2014
Justin Medlock K (I) 2014 full season Hamilton

Rod Williams CB (I) Futures/TC return mid 2013 Sask now Montreal
Weston Dressler SB (I) Futures/TC return mid 2014 Sask
Alex Hall DE (I) 2015 Sask
John Chick DE (I) 2013 Sask

Philip Blake OL (N) 2015 Montreal
Stefan Logan RB/Ret (I) Mid 2013 BC now Montreal

Manny Arceneaux WR (I) 2013 BC

Matt O'Donnell OL (N) Mid 2013 through '14 Edmonton back to NFL Futures 2015

Jerome Messam RB (N) Mid 2012 Edmonton, 2013 Montreal, 2014- Sask

Jason Vega DE (I) 2014 Winnipeg

Tyler Holmes OL (N) Mid 2013- Toronto
Cory Greenwood LB (N) end 2014 - Toronto
Matt Sewell OL (N) Rookie Free Agent 2013, left NFL contract returned to School Signed Toronto 2014

Damaso Munoz LB (I) Futures/TC return Mid 2014 Ottawa