2012 Vanier Cup Play-by-Play Game Thread: 11/23/2012

2012 Vanier Cup: November 23, 2012

The Ticats season may be over, but there is a team in this town that is playing in a championship game tonight. And that team consists of some future CFLers, and perhaps some future Ticats. Their opponents also have some future CFLers, and possibly some future Ticats. After what was a disappointing season for Ticat fans, there are many football fans in Hamilton who would like to at least see the McMaster Marauders succeed, and win this Vanier Cup game tonight. And if you want to post about the game as it's happening, this is the place to do so. You can think of this thread as being like a virtual living room where fans discuss the game with each other. You can think of it as being like a virtual broadcast booth where what happens in the game is mentioned and commented on while it's happening. You can also think of it as being like Twitter but without the character limit. There may not be many posts here during the game, as those who post here and want to see it will likely be at the game. In any case, here we go.

WHAT – The 2012 Vanier Cup. McMaster vs. Laval. Marauders vs. Rouge et Or.

WHO - The defending champion McMaster Marauders and the Laval Rouge et Or.

WHY – Why? To see which of these teams that appear to have some future CFLers (and quite possibly, some future Ticats) will win the Vanier Cup, that's why!

WHERE - The stadium still often called the SkyDome, which tonight may be called the Maroon Lagoon, or the Ron Joyce Centre (that's as close as I'll get to referring to it by it's offical name) in Toronto, Ontario.

WHEN - Friday, November 23rd, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. EDT.

HOW - Radio: CHML (900 kHz AM) broadcasting from Hamilton.

Television: TSN/RDS.

Internet: Visit http://www.900chml.com and click the “listen live? link, or simply click here to listen to CHML now.

Click here to view last year's Vanier Cup game thread. It was there where a classic game was documented.

Well, here we are. After last year's Vanier Cup game was considered one of the best games of football ever played, the two teams that entertained as much as they did meet in a rematch that many fans wanted to see. Anyone who saw last year's Vanier Cup game can tell you that football games don't get much more entertaining than that one. McMaster did pull off the upset against a powerful Laval team in a very memorable game. And now this year, it appears that roles have reversed. McMaster is the favourite to win this one, being undefeated this year and on a 21 game win streak. But if there is a team that can end that win streak, it's a Laval team that is looking for the Vanier Cup win they almost had last year. Both teams have many talented players, players who will be watched closely by CFL scouts in this championship game. These players will be trying to impress the scouts in addition to trying to win a championship. Having "Vanier Cup Winner" on a resume may look impressive, but having "Two-Time Vanier Cup Winner" on it looks even better. And for those who won't make it, this is their moment in the spotlight, in front over 30,000 fans in a nationally televised game. Some players will be playing their last CIS game tonight, but every player should give their absolute best effort. And if this game turns out even close to being as good as last year's Vanier Cup game, it should be a great one. And so now all I have to say is...


I'm glad you got this up early. I'm going to be heading out for the game around 3:30 this afternoon. I figure between the traffic and the parking, I'm going to need as much lead time as possible.

Anyway, I don't normally do this (as in I never do this) but I've been reading almost nothing but Vanier Cup news this past week so I now present for the first time (and probably last time)...

Evil's Keys to the Game

Things to look for to get an idea of where this game is heading.

Crowd noise: As Scott Radley says 'what sound does maroon make?' It will be a packed partisan crowd cheering for McMaster. Will Laval be able to handle the noise? Will it lift McMaster to a championship?

Laval swagger: Last year Laval came out and openly taunted McMaster before the opening kick-off. As you know Mac then proceeded to roar out to 23-0 lead. Are we going to see a more business like Laval team this year?

Run, run, run: Like almost every team in the CIS, Laval lives and dies by the run, but they also do it better than anybody else. Mac has the best run defense in the CIS, if they shut down Laval like they did Calgary last week, this could become the worse defeat in Laval history.

Air raid: Unlike every team in the CIS, Mac is primarily a passing team. Laval was weak against the pass this year in the RSEQ. If they can't find a way to shut down Mac's passing attack, they have no hope of victory.

The Quinlan show: This is the biggest game of his life on the biggest stage. The bigger the game, the better he seems to get.
He's the best passer ever to play in the CIS and arguably the best player to play at that level. Laval needs to contain him, get to him if they want a shot at winning.

Punch, counter-punch: Laval is going to have to match Mac big play for big play, long drive for long drive for them to have a shot at winning.

I can't wait to be there...

900 CHML is not carrying the game :cry:

Any other sources or statiosn I can listen to?

tsn radio


Thank you :thup:

About 58 seconds after I turned on the Radio, Laval red & gold scores,

7-0 Laval :thdn:

Well designed football play .. and well executed ... 7 - 0 Red and Gold ...

Mac not very sharp so far ... not getting any pressure on the QB ... gonna have to dig deep ...

Quinlan drivedthe Mac O to center field, after starting hte drive on his 15,

Laval forces a punt, Laval returner almost breaks it to the house, but only returns in to the Laval ~45.


Just announced the attendance of 37,098, new Vanier Cup Record!!!!! :thup:

Safety given ... 9 - 0 ...

Mac needs to hold here ... and get to half without any more damage done ...

Be looking for some major adjustments at the half.

Laval P/U 32 on the ground on the first play after the safety, Laval has had great field position to start with all game :o

12 - 0 ... gotta get some momentum before half ...

6 play 60 yard drive for the Red & Gold and they P/U 3 pts.

12-0 Laval, with the two minute warning coming up.....

About to be 12- 7 ... that's the momentum Mac needed ...

Nice drive .. Quinlan looking like Quinlan ...

Big stop and get to half ...

Mac starting to find their legs ... Big stop ... still some time before half.

HUGE completion from Quinlan ... looking for more points before half ...



TD Mac ... TD Mac ... TD Mac ...


14-12 Mac :rockin:

Great comeback from Mac at the end of this quarter. But you have to love the Laval kicker.

Also, the Mac lines look overmatched for the first time that I've seen this year

I just got here in time to see Quinlan throw that to Brooks for the TD. How long was that drive? It was late in the half and I was thinking Mac just might get a field goal, but...

And now Laval got themselves to the Mac 2 with 13 seconds left in the half after a 75 yard completion.

Unexpected screw-up by Laval (should have called timeout) led to all 13 seconds being used up then incomplete pass. Laval gets nothing when they should have had at least three.

14-12 Mac at the end of the half. So Mac has a two point lead at the half rather than a twenty-three point lead at the half this Vanier Cup.

Should be a very entertaining second half.