2012 Training camp

Unless there are last minute changes, when training camp begins 12 or 28.6% of the 42 dressed players in last year semi-final won't be in camp; 15 or 32.6% of the 46 active players won't be there. The major reduction has been on the defensive line; hence,4-including Hopkins- of the 5 dressed import defensive linemen and 5 of the 6 active import defensive linemen won't be in camp.

Three weeks from now,teams will have to declare their final rosters; from now until then and provided that there won't be major injuries to key players, I expect some of the 42 dressed/46 active players in last year semi-final will be released. Here are my expectations:
Ricky Santos.QB. Could be out. Though competition from Neiswander and Riddle.
Jeraill McCuller.OL. Will be out.
Bear Woods.LB. Could be out although I expect that he will be a pleasant surprise.
Bo Bowling. WR. Will be out.
Chima Ihekwoaba.DE. Make or break camp/season.
BRian Ridgeway.LB. Will be out.
Daryl Townsend.DB. Will be out.
Surprises! ?

Every training camp there are surprises,some positives,some negatives. 2012 will not be different.Who will surprise us/the fans? Nobody knows but I list a few that I expect will surprise us.
Daunte Akra.DE. We heard/read many positive comments on this player. Personnally, I expect a negative surprise.
Trent Guy. WR. Positive surprise.
Felton Huggins.WR. Positive surprise.
Aaron Hunt. DT. I could be 100% wrong,but I don't expect much from him; will be a negative surprise. If he comes to camp in top physical condition, I will be wrong.
Michael Montgomery.DE. Jim Popp was quite happy when he announced his signing. I think that he will be disappointed during camp. Will he be in top form? Will he be injured? I say no and yes.
Marques Murrell.DE. Positive surprise.
Garrett Wolfe. RB. Will perform beyond expectations. Will be on the 46 player active roster.

Before the beginning of training camp, I expect more additions.-no less than 5 and as many as 9- to the actual roster. Amongst these additions there will definitely be no less than 2 defensive linemen.

In the next days/week we will have a good idea on the positive and negative surprises of this 2012 training camp.I definitely hope for much more positive surprises than negative ones.


Interesting, Richard. Can you explain why you think Akra, Montgomery, and Hunt will be disappointments? Conversely, why do you think Murrell will be a positive surprise?

With respect to Trent Guy and Felton Huggins, do you see either or both earning starting receiver spots this season? I notice you didn't have Bratton on the list of players who could be out.

I can`t see Ricky Santos being cut with AC being 40 and Adrian playing out his contract. Jim said they are looking at keeping 4 QB maybe even a fifth.

Akra.DE. Given his size, I don't see him as a DE.Lemmens will do better. Akra was in training camp,last year. Was released. Went to Detroit and stayed there for 3 days or so.
Montgomery.DE. 6 years in the NFL. Always difficult to adjust to CFL,after so many years in NFL.Negatives on him: Lacks great agility.Not a refined,technically-sound pass rusher.Injuries are an issue.
Hunt.DT. Was not at mini-camp,in April. Not getting younger.Overweight.
Murrell.DE. In the NFL,because of his size, he was a LB/DE. Too small for DL and a little big for LB.Played only in 27 games,in NFL. CFL could be ideal for him. A solid tackler. Excellent athleticism and spped.
Guy.WR. I expect him to be our return specialist. He is also a good WR.Better KR and WR than Maypray and Bowling.
Huggins.WR. He will compete with Bratton and London. Could be on active roster and could dress for games,instead of Bratton or London.
Santos.QB. Definitely not a first rate QB. Back with Als,because of injuries. Previously cut by Winnipeg. Lacks arm strenght.Has small hands. 28 years old. Was a good holder last year,but a future number 1 QB has to be prepared. Easy to find a holder. In 2008, had a tryout with Carolina and lasted 1 day.



When asked yesterday, Patrick Lavoie said he had not yet seen the playbook, so I am puzzled why the Als did not hold a Rookie Camp like they have previous years and like other CFL teams did this year.

A Ray Lalonde budget cut?, although they had a 3 -day mini-camp in Florida.

Nevertheless this will be one of the most exciting training camps in some years, with about 7 defensive positions up for grabs as well as some others, including returner.

Jim Popp seems very cofident in his recruiting so it should be very competitive and interesting.

Are you ready for some football ??!!

Richard, your two columns were interesting. I was amazed, while reading both, of your knowledge concerning the prospects who will be fighting each over for jobs with the opening of training camp.

Kyries Hebert has tweeted that he "killed" the Als training camp conditioning test which apparently is a difficult one. We haven`t talked much about Hebert, but I definitely feel he will be a factor on the Als D because of his experience and versatility.

Als players also have to start camp with the Wonderlic test.


I liked the signing very much when he came back with the Ticats he was carrying too much weight. He worked it off and got his speed back,his attitued is good. He can play safety, OLB and halfback in a pinch and his a top notch special team tackler. He will make this team.

Il y a quelque chose qui m'intrigue, Richard.

Tu as écrit être confiant pour notre défensive, compte tenu des améliorations apportées.

Si on met Akra, Hunt, Montgomery dans les déceptions futures, cela voudrait dire que les améliorations consisteraient essentiellement en l'apport de Hebert, et des secondeurs avec Davis et possiblement Restelli (quoique je crois que Woods a de meilleures chances). À la limite,je comprends que tu considères que Lemmens sera la grosse amélioration de la ligne défensive, et non Hunt.

Alors suivant cette vision, en quoi est-ce que notre défensive serait tant améliorée autrement que par le retour de la tertiaire?

Herb reporting Mark Estelle and Fred Reid are at the camp but not practicing.

Good to see Estelle there. As has been discussed he will hopefully be resigned once cleared by the doctors.

But Reid there is surprising. Of the veteran running backs available I wanted to see Reynolds while others were possibly hoping to see Cobourne back. I would assume Reid like Estelle would have to get medical clearance before being signed as he had a pretty serious knee injury last year.

And Don Matthews is at the practice. Herb must be thrilled to see him. :slight_smile:

I don't know why Aaron Hunt would show up out of shape. If he did he would likely be cut and maybe even out of football. As for Moton he will end up on the nine game I would think. He's probably lost for the first half of the season. Still leaves


I am sure we can build a defensive line out of that.

Time flies pretty quick in football. The only players who would know Don are AC and Scott. When Don was interviewed last summer he looked like a mellow grandpa.

Pictures for those like Niagara who don't use Twitter...

Fans: http://instagr.am/p/LabkYQq74q/

Pat Meyer and his Oline: http://instagr.am/p/LaYxAxq73u/

Indoor walkthrough: http://instagr.am/p/LaV28-K724/

[url=https://twitter.com/DidierRDS/status/209254359102533634/photo/1/large]https://twitter.com/DidierRDS/status/20 ... to/1/large[/url] [url=http://d3j5vwomefv46c.cloudfront.net/photos/large/591891083.jpg?key=13441008&Expires=1338732180&Key-Pair-Id=APKAIYVGSUJFNRFZBBTA&Signature=DJqMj2aWRPVad7XwncZYcWEVezxND8LN-jQWVyPhWsGGv09SLQDSVXYp9MK0vrYpwXshdDqDLUebTbpDSISJp49iThi7HTfW~RI2it6WMPtbZw~Jy3CcLqh-SUV9BHSK59HCG-yVAqhG9ao~oyc5d6GgZ5hhUxRmwgxsHKW1WHg_]http://d3j5vwomefv46c.cloudfront.net/ph ... xsHKW1WHg_[/url]

Looks like the rookie QB's are all wearing Baby Blue.


Oh definitely, even with Hopkins out we've got more than enough talent to field a strong defensive line. The ratio issue is going to be interesting. I'm also very curious to see who wins their starting positions. Only Bowman is a lock IMO. The other three spots are still in flux.

I also want to see how Adebayo grades out at this camp.


Where you can find videos from TC


Interesting to watch the d-line drill. Lemmens really hustled through it. Hunt pretty agile but just going through the motions. Didn`t see Bekasiak participating.

Did you notice TheDon to the right of the screen near the end ?

I see him now. Looks like he could use a drill or two. :smiley: