2012 Ti-Cat starting QB

The non Ti-Cats in the list will all be 2012 free agents.

Not too keen on that list for our full time starter...

If I had to choose one from the list it would be Brink, although not completely sold on him.
Jyles is a cautionary tale due to his duck taped shoulder issues.

Or possibly Burris short term while another prospect is developed?


How did I forhget to put him on the list. He was supposed to be first one listed after Porter even though he's not a free agent. :oops:

Oh well. Guess one could always use the "other" option.

Whoever the new coach is I have a feeling that he may keep Glenn as #1 until he is convinced that Glenn can't do
the job. This is typical of a new coach coming in with a Vet. QB already on staff. :thdn:

Voted for Brink but Joey Elliot is also a FA and I wouldn't mind seeing him here.

I thought Brink was solid with WPeg this year.

BURRIS should be brought in. He is a proven winner and league MOP and is more exciting to watch with his ability to run and throw the deep ball. He is also far from washed up like a very few people think and a change of scenery would benefit him like it did Arland Bruce.

Kyle Quinlin. What the heck, might as well start fresh !!

well you can take Jyles off the list now...


The Toronto Argonauts signed quarterback Steven Jyles to a two-year deal with an option for a third.

The contract could pay him up to $250,000 per season and includes $75,000 up front.

He was eligible to become a free agent in February.


Not doubting the quote, but I’m curious as to the source.

it was TSN CK


With Toronto's QB situation resolved, I assume we have no competition now if we want to take Burris off Calgary's hands. Given that there are no other bidders, and based on what we were able to get when we traded away a CFL all-star receiver ... I suspect Burris can be had for a mid-level draft pick. Just for fun, maybe it can be the one we got from BC. Then we can all feel better about effectively trading Bruce for Burris (i.e. two aging 2010 all-stars).

Dave Naylor seems to think Burris is coming here


As a long time season ticket holder I haven't been in a big hurry to renew my seasons tickets but as soon as we sign Burris I'll be racing to Jarvis St. to secure my 3 seats for 2012. New coach and QB and suddenly I'm starting to get pumped for the 2012 season.

Why trade anything?
If there's no other takers and Burris wants out, just wait for the Stamps to release him.

Mister Obvious says Henry Burris must have the inside track on the position.

Personally, I'd like to see Buck Pierce in Black and Gold if at all possible. Of course, this would make it mandatory that a couple stud o-linemen be brought in to protect him.

I wonder aloud if Glenn would accept a back-up role ? Provided he was beaten in training camp, of course. This would allow an outright jettison of Quinton "not quite up to the job" Porter.

Not sold on Burris. At this stage in his career I don't see him as a real upgrade on Glenn.

IF there is no proven younger QB we can build around THEN we go looking for the older mentor type. I'm not convinced Glenn OR Burris is that but what do I know?

I foresee pursuit of several young QB's from the south - PERHAPS a token inclusion of Quinlan - and letting the young guns - including Boltus who will have an inside track due to experience here - fighting it out for #2 with a bullet status under an older QB.

Burris would look super in black and gold IMHO.

Burris clearly has a superior skillset than Glenn.

Burris is mobile, a two time MOP(including last year) a Grey Cup MVP, a Grey Cup victor, has rushed for 55TD's, and over 400yds 7 times in the past 8 seasons, 257 TD's passing and 41,234 yds passing in 9 full seasons, and led the league in numerous passing categories during this period.

Glenn's accomplishments and stats literally pale in comparison.

I agree with you, but Burris’ age scares me.